Filler Ok, shut up and sit down. It's time for a little cultural background. Drink it in -- it's good for you. You'll be a better person for it. Back near the end of Spring 1996, there were several DBZ fanboys that were more than a bit pissed off at the existence of Dragonball GT. These snivelers would sit around and gripe about how bad they thought DBGT was. And, when an unfounded rumor met their ears, they went apeshit over the possibility that DBGT would end at the end of Sept. 1996, and would then be replaced a little later on with new episodes of DBZ to be created by Akira Toriyama. Of course, eventually, someone went back to the source of the rumor, and discovered that in a magazine interview, Toriyama had JOKED about possibly resurrecting DBZ if DBGT did not do as well as its producers wanted it to. That is -- DBZ is NOT coming back any time in the near future -- it was a JOKE. However, the DBGT TV episodes did go into hibernation right around the end of September. But, this was more a matter of how TV works in Japan, than for any other reason. Basically, the major TV "season" starts in September, with some shows ending at the end of Summer, and the new series beginning between September and October (there are minor "seasons" starting in January and March.) An on-going show may then be put on hold for a few weeks while a few movies are played in its place. And, during the course of the year, various shows will be pre-empted by a baseball game, or a seasonal variety special. So it is with Dragonball GT. Instead of showing another DBGT episode, Fuji TV aired several DBZ movies on Sept. 25 and Oct. 2nd. The titles of those movies appear below. If you want summaries of the movies, I suggest that you grab a copy of the DBZ Movies listings available on my website . The TV series itself resumed on Oct. 9th. The summary for episode 25 follows the movie titles. Sept. 25, 1996, had the airing of two older DBZ theatrical releases: Ginga Girigiri!! Butchi-giri no Sugoi Yatsu -- The Strongest Guy in the Universe!! Suupaa Senshi Gekiha!! Katsu no Ore da -- Super Fighter Shootout!! I'm the One Who Will Win. ----- Oct. 2, 1996, had one theatrical release on TV: Suupaa Saiya-jin da Son Gokuu -- This is the Super Saiya-jin, Son Gokuu. ----- Dragonball GT Episode 25 (Aired 10/9/96) Taihen da!! Chikyuu ni Bebii ga Arawareta Oh no!! Baby Has Appeared on Earth [New character: Paris-chan: A teenaged redhead girl that Goten asks out on a date. She is very naive, but seems sincerely interested in Goten as a boyfriend.] We are back on Earth, inside Capsule Corp. Chichi is embarrassed over the fact that, while she had dragged Goten along from their home in the countryside to spend time with Bulma, Goten is actually concentrating on his love talk with his girlfriend over his cell phone. And, Vejiita is shaving off his mustache, anticipating some kind of reaction from his visitors. Goten sets up a date with Paris-chan in Satan City, and leaves the room, with Bulma wishing him luck, and Chichi telling him to be careful out there. Vejiita wants Goten's reaction to his new look, but Goten is in a hurry and doesn't notice anything unusual. Bulma notices, and says that he looks better without the mustache. This embarrasses him in front of Chichi. Chichi hadn't known that he'd had a mustache, and Bulma tells her of a time long ago when Vejiita had tried to grow a 'stache, and Bulma's response to give up on it. The girls laugh over this (in Japan, facial hair is not considered fashionable) and Vejiita pledges to kill them both. Chichi and Bulma then get wistful, thinking that Gokuu and friends only have four more months to find the Dragon Balls and save Earth. Chichi hopes that Pan is ok, and Bulma says not to worry, with Gokuu around. Elsewhere, Gokuu finds the next Dragon Ball, but disturbs the giant cat-creature guarding it by tripping and pulling off the cat's whisker. There is a short chase up a cliff, and a beautiful Bug's Bunny-style "look below you" gag. The cat hits the ground below, sees tweeting birds, and tries to attack the birds. The heroes now have the #7 Ball, and only need two more. On Earth, a blond-haired bodybuilder type is causing severe destruction, disrupting a bank robbery while asking the robbers if they know where the Saiya-jin are. Anyone that doesn't give the right answer is killed (the bank explodes.) Goten has gotten an ice cream cone (AKA - soft cream in Japan) for Paris-chan. Paris-chan is a very cute, well-coifed redhead that is apparently from the countryside. She's never seen ice cream before, and thinks that she needs a spoon to eat it. When she first starts to lick the ice cream, Goten thinks that she is really cute. But, the exploding bank nearby distracts them, and Paris-chan wonders if this is a holiday fireworks. Goten replies that it is not a festival, but it's nothing to be concerned over. (Paris-chan is using VERY polite "women's" language.) [Commercial Message] The blond guy is causing more damage and panic until Mr. Satan yells out over this disruption to his city. Satan is getting really bald. He jumps down from the roof that he is on, and wrenches his ankle at the landing. His citizens think that this is a very lame act, until Satan pretends to have been hit by a punch that was too fast for anyone else to see. One guy comments that if the punch was that fast, Satan is in trouble, so Our Savior yells at the blond for damaging the city that he protects. The blond asks if Satan is a Saiya-jin, and Satan repeats the question "you mean, a blond-haired super powerful Saiya-jin?" The blond says "you're not it" and prepares to blow up Satan with his laser vision. Satan evades the blast, but just barely. There is now a big hole in the street. Meanwhile, Paris-chan says that the ice cream was delicious, and Goten tries to decide on what to buy next. Goten finds Satan, and Our Savior quickly recovers, claiming that he will give his student -- Goten -- a chance to demonstrate how well he understands the training Satan has given him. Goten wants the police to handle the problem, since he is in the middle of a date. Unfortunately, Paris-chan is now talking to the blond hunk. Paris-chan gives the wrong answer, and Goten rushes to save her from the laser attack. Paris-chan is ok, and she mentions that the guy was asking about "Saiya-jin." She's impressed by Goten's strength, while the boy wonders over who could know about Saiya-jin. Two people in the crowd suddenly step out and try to attack Goten. They laugh stupidly, and rush in -- Goten throws his date into the air, defeats the attackers, and catches Paris-chan. She thinks that the boy is just imitating something that her father used to do when she was a child. The police arrive to take the prisoners, and Satan takes the credit, telling the citizens that the city is safe while he is protecting it. However, another guy in the crowd is suddenly, violently possessed. Goten wants to continue the date, but feels another enemy's ki. He gets smashed, and says "so, you have a bit of power, eh." But, he fails to stand up when he senses a very strong ki. The new attacker collapses as Baby leaves his body and shows his current new form. Baby has been collecting peoples' energy, and now looks like a silver-skinned teenager with blue eyeballs. Baby comments that Goten's energy feels just like Gokuu's. Paris-chan faints, and is caught by the suddenly gallant Mr. Satan (funny scene.) Goten wants to know who Baby is, and the neo-mutant realizes that the boy is the offspring of little Gokuu -- "How interesting". Baby declares that he wants Goten's power, and the boy tells Satan to run with the unconscious Paris-chan to a safer place. Satan splits. Goten asks if Baby thinks this is going to be easy, and the mutant powers up a bit. A large part of the city gets smashed, Satan panics and runs faster, and Goten (now floating over the city) is angry at the extensive damage. ---------------------------- This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, November 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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