Dragonball GT Episode 26 (Aired 10/16/96) Gohan to Goten... Sai-aku no kyoudai Genka!? Gohan and Goten... The Worst Brotherly Spat!? Goten comments that Baby's abilities are not bad, as an insult. Then, he is interrupted when his cell phone rings. Paris-chan asks if he is ok, and Goten reverts to his normal telephone chat style, which makes Baby even more pissed. Paris-chan asks about the roaring sound she hears, and Goten evades Baby's bodyslam attack. The phone flies up into the air. Baby hopes to enter Goten's body and get the "Saiya Power". Goten bashes Baby up a bit, comments on how Baby was probably defeated by Gokuu, and catches the falling cell phone behind his back. Paris-chan thinks that Goten is just super, and he says that he's doing this all for her. Satan shouts out more encouragement to his "student". Baby, hiding in his crater below, fires off a bolt-cutter attack that slices open Goten's biceps. Paris-chan asks if he is ok, Goten replies "I'm fine, don't worry about me", and he hangs up. Goten becomes angry at getting injured in front of his date, and goes SSJ. This pleases Baby (who gets to see the extent of Goten's abilities) and impresses Paris-chan (who thinks that her friend looks pretty.) Goten blows up the city (the shockwave causes Paris-chan's skirt to billow and almost exposes her panties for an instant. Her panties may be orange like her hair and part of the rest of her outfit.) The explosion can be seen from space. Goten thinks that the battle is over, but Baby asks if this is the boy's full ability. Goten fires off a Kamehame-ha. Baby considers this his chance, and he shoots down THROUGH the Kamehame-ha, to Goten's fully exposed wound. The Kamehame-ha flies out into space, and Baby glories over the strength that Trunks had denied him. Bay-ten powers up further, buffeting Mr. Satan with the shockwave. Satan holds on to Paris-chan's waist. Goten approaches them from a cloud of dust. Paris-chan is happy; Satan asks where the "doll-guy" is. Goten frowns, and Satan jumps away from the girl, apologizing. Paris-chan bandages up her friend's arm, asking to continue the date. But, the boy removes the kerchief and throws it on her head as he walks away. Baby could not read Trunks' mind, but he can easily scan Goten's. The neo-mutant realizes that there are several Saiya-jin, and the strongest one is -- Vejiita. Satan tries to butter up to the boy, but is tossed away. Goten flies off. Our Savior thinks that the boy has changed somehow. Paris-chan misunderstands this to mean that her kerchief had caused the boy's wound to be healed. She is happy, and Satan is stunned at her incredible naivete. Baby thinks that with Vejiita's power, he will be able to take over Trunks, and then ultimately conquer Gokuu. And, on yet another planet, the three heroes and Gill search for the next Dragon Ball. The Ball appears to be located deep in a big lake. A lake occupied by a huge dinosaur. Gokuu crawls under the beast while Pan tells it to spit the Ball out of its mouth. Gokuu is then inside the beast (guess how ;-) ) and he finds the Ball. He pushes his way out through the dinosaur's belly, causing the monster to deflate like a balloon. Later, Pan apologizes to the dinosaur, which now stands 4 inches tall, and puts a Band-Aid on its tummy. The heroes laugh over this turn of events, and they now have the #3 Ball. Back on the ship, Pan is celebrating in a Mexican dancer's outfit and recording her party on a video tape labeled "Pan's Diary". Trunks happily says "just one more." But Gokuu is depressed, thinking that they should have run into Baby again by this time. Trunks agrees, while Pan believes that Trunks should be happy to never see the body-snatching mutant again. (A close-up of the Dragon Balls shows that they are still missing the #2 Ball.) On Earth, Piccolo is meditating next to a giant waterfall. He becomes alert on noticing a strange ki. [Commercial Message] Chichi is staring at a bunch of clocks, impatient that Goten is slow on reporting in. Bulma replies that this is after all a date, but Chichi is worried that Goten's girlfriend might be doing something bad to her precious boy. Bulma gets a call, telling her that there are guests at the front door. When Bulma turns to talk to her friend, Chichi has vanished. The frantic mother rushes to the lobby (this time, the inside of Capsule Corp. looks like a big hotel or company HQ building) repeating "Goten, Goten". But, the guests are Gohan and his wife Beederu. Chichi smashes into some furniture. Beederu had gotten a call from her father, Mr. Satan, and she and Gohan had decided to come to Capsule Corp. Gohan mentions that Goten might have gotten roughed up, which causes Chichi to go ballistic. Before running off to find his little brother, Gohan asks for a room to put his luggage in. Chichi is still angry, and gets hit in the back of the head when Goten enters the room. Chichi is relieved, but Goten pushes her away and asks where "Vejiita is". Chichi slaps Goten for not saying "Vejiita-san". Baby contemplates devouring all of these no-power Earthlings, but decides to hold off until he can find his target. Baby follows Earth protocol, and asks where "Vejiita-san" is. Chichi slaps him again for not using the more polite form "Vejiita-san wa dochira desu ka?" Goten shouts out the question again, fully expecting to get slapped once more. Bulma answers that Vejiita had left some time ago, and Baby almost loses his patience. Gohan returns, and Baby thinks that Goten's brother's power would help him take over Vejiita. He sucker punches Gohan, taunting the other man into fighting back, and Chichi tells them that if they are going to bicker that they have to take it outside. Bulma and Beederu both think something is wrong, but Chichi comments that it's ok for brothers to fight each other occasionally. Gohan assures his wife that everything will be fine and he'll be back soon. Out in the wilds, Gohan says that he held off saying anything to avoid worrying Chichi, but this isn't really Goten. Baby answers in the affirmative, powers up, and attacks. He thinks that maybe Gohan is not so strong after all. Then, when Gohan appears uninjured from the blast, Baby realizes that the man would make a great housing for him. Gohan guesses that something has possessed his brother's body. They fight a little, and Baby wonders why his enemy isn't powering up. Gohan, however, doesn't want to mess up Goten's body to reach the real enemy. Baby challenges him to show his true power, and starts powering up past SSJ level. The resulting energy ball does great damage to the plate tectonics, and Gohan yells out to Goten to stop this. Gohan is forced by the shockwave to go SSJ, and while he is vulnerable during the power-up, Baby switches bodies with him. Baby triumphs. Then, Piccolo's trademark magic attack zips by Baby-han, and Piccolo (holding Goten's limp body) demands that whatever has entered Gohan's body come back out and fight him. Baby comments on the Namek's low-level energy, and dismisses the Namek as ignorable. Bay-han fires a Kamehame-ha that cuts an "X" into the crater, and seemingly wipes out Piccolo and Goten. Baby decides that Piccolo is out of the picture, and the only challenge left on Earth to face is Vejiita. He bids Vejiita to come to him. ---------------------------- Note: With the new DB movie that came out last March, I am forced to acknowledge that "Buruma" is supposed to be spelled "Bulma". Bulma went through the whole movie wearing clothing with her name spelled on it in English. Oh well. I will go back through the older DBGT summaries and update them. ---------------------------- This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, November 1996. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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