Dragonball GT Episode 31 (Aired 12/11/96) Atto odoroku!? Suguroku kuukan dai houkai What the...!? The Sky of Suguro-ku Studio is Collapsing Gokuu evades more lava by jumping up to a higher section of the game route, and Suguro asks him what he's doing there. The blue-skinned one reminds the boy of where the goal is, and Gokuu returns to throw the die again. This time, the die falls down to the lava by accident. It stops just above the molten rock and screams back up to where Gokuu is. Gokuu heard the die say "it's hot", while Suguro claims that dice can't talk. The boy prepares to throw the die at the lava again, and it yells "stop this!", while turning into a green raccoon with a pointy head. It runs back to the blue guy, calling him "father". Suguro tells the raccoon to become a dice again so he can reach the goal. Suguro panics and reverts to his true shape as a larger green raccoon (tanuki == "Japanese raccoon." Tanuki are famous in Japanese folk tales as being shape-changing tricksters.) Gokuu calls Suguro a fake, and all of the board's game pieces start chanting "fake, fake." One voice calls out that it hates fakes, and the building begins breaking up as a form of punishment. Gokuu rescues the two tanuki and heads for the goal. Suguro asks why the boy is rescuing them, adding that they (the two frauds) are "Space Tanuki." Gokuu doesn't care who they are -- and he nearly makes it to the goal before it also collapses. Gokuu discovers that he can power up now, and he flies after the two tanuki as they fall to some distant "floor" below. The boy catches them, and prepares Kamehame-ha while Suguro wonders how such a small body can hold so much power. Suguro panics over the upcoming "showdown", then tells Gokuu to go for it. The boy fires away, blowing a hole in the black dome surrounding the disintegrating playing field. Kaiou-bit senses Gokuu's ki again, as falling rock threatens the boy. Kaiou-bit teleports in and then back to Dai Kaiou-shin's planet, carrying all three passengers. Gokuu notices that Dai Kaiou-shin hasn't changed since they last met, while Kaiou-bit comments that Gokuu has changed a lot recently. Suguro thanks them for saving him and his son. Gokuu asks why they are on Dai Kaiou-shin's planet. [Commercial Break] Satan and Buu watch on as the new Tsufuru-jin start boarding the big Capsule Corp. ship. Satan almost gives them away as he complains about Videl's having been possessed as well. Pan discovers Gill's broken body, and cries over the robot's crushed shell. She puts it in her pack and put her scarf back on her head (she'd given it to Gill as a present.) Pan returns to Satan, and says that they're going to go rescue her parents. Satan loves the idea, but he has no idea how to do this without being discovered. Pan smiles. On Dai Kaiou-shin's planet, Kaiou-bit looks in the old coot's crystal ball, telling Gokuu what has been happening on Earth. Gokuu is surprised to hear that Dende had been controlled by Baby, and Dai Kaiou-shin tries making a joke about "God" being possessed. Kaiou-bit misses the punchline. Gokuu wants to go to Earth to fight, but Dai Kaiou-shin tells him that he's too weak to beat Baby right now, not being able to hold SSJ-3. Gokuu objects until Kaiou-bit suggests that they might be able to train the boy. While on Earth, a handsome Buu admires Itself in a mirror. It jumps in line, and entrances the girl ahead of It. The guy behind them complains, and turns out to be Kuririn. The old runt doesn't recognize Buu, and dismisses It's statement that It is carrying 2 people inside It (Pan and Satan are safely encysted) as just being strange. Kuririn acts gallant, allowing Buu to stay in line. Bulma comes along, counting out 100 people. Buu is the final one allowed onto the ship to go to Planet Plant. Kuririn yells out that he wants to get onboard, too. #18 and Marron also get stranded on Earth. The ship lifts off, and #18 insults Kuririn as really being "a Kuririn." Gokuu's training consists of turning a giant coffee grinder with one arm. The boy thinks that the old coot is just doing this to get some ground coffee. He complains that his butt itches, which is all part of the old coot's plan. Gokuu starts grinding coffee really fast, with the coot telling him to go faster. The Capsule Corp. ship lands on Plant, and the travellers see Baby and start cheering for him. Buu slips away, changes his face back to normal, and lets Pan and Satan back out. Pan has medicine that she thinks will make Baby's egg leave her mother's body. She gives a vial each to Buu and Satan, and runs off. Satan would rather wait and do more planning. The Tsufuru-jin spot Pan and yell "kill Baby's enemy!" Pan throws pills at the Tsufuru-jin until Videl flies in and kicks Pan to the ground. Pan wants her mother to take one of the pills, but gets slapped away. Pan's parents berate her for not accepting Baby's egg; calling Pan a problem child. Baby floats down, saying that a problem child like this should be killed, and Videl and Gohan agree. Gokuu wonders how much more coffee has to be ground, as Dai Kaiou-shin looks at porno mags. Gokuu sees via the crystal ball that Pan is about to die, and he wants to rescue her. The old coot can't help them yet. And, Gohan takes his daughter by the throat and prepares to blast her to death. Suddenly, Gohan is knocked away and Pan is saved. The narrator asks who it was that did this, adding that it was Uubu. ---------------------------- Note: V-Jump confirms that the Perfect Vejiita/Baby combination is called "Vejiita-Baby". ---------------------------- This summary is the copyright of Curtis H. Hoffmann, April 1997. Permission is granted to copy this file as-is. Permission is NOT granted to reprint this summary in a for-profit magazine or publication. If you want to print this summary, in part or whole, in a fan magazine, please contact me first.
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