Dragon Ball Manga Volume #8. New Characters: Senpyou: The short, squat cat holding a staff, that lives at the top of Karin Tower. He guards the Chousei water, and is initially faster and stronger than Gokuu. Bora: Correction to the last chapter's guide. Bora is the big Indian protecting the Seichi Karin holy grounds, and is the father of Upa. Violet Taisa -- One of the few women working for Red Ribbon (showing that Blue Shogun lied to Buruma in the last volume, about women not being accepted as RR soldiers. She uses Gokuu's Dragon Radar to recover one of the other Balls, but is seen for only 3 panels. Another RR commander. Fighting styles: Dodon -- This actually a mimetic adjective used to describe something that is very powerful (eg. -- That bull is dodon strong.) This is the name Tao-pie pie uses for his finger-blast, which is more powerful than Gokuu's Kamehame-ha. Dodon can also be used as a sound effect for an explosion (kind of like calling your bomb a "ka-whump".) Other notes: Seichi Karin -- The holy grounds surrounding the base of the tower leading up to Senpyou-sama. Chouseisui -- Or, the holy "chou" water. Rumored to bestow great strength and speed on the person who drinks it. Gokuu climbs the Karin Tower to reach the home of Senpyou-sama, to drink this water in the hopes of becoming strong enough to defeat Tao-pie pie after the assassin had killed Bora. Senzu -- An edible seed. Just one can help you recover from fatigue and physical damage. First appears at the top of Karin Tower. Story: Volume 8 As Bora is thanking Gokuu for rescuing his son, Upa, our hero notices that the Indian is holding his grandfather's Dragon Ball in one hand. Gokuu goes crazy celebrating, and Bora demands to know why people want the thing so badly. At the same time, Blue Shogun is returning to Red Ribbon HQ. One guard doesn't recognize him, and dies for his mistake. Inside, Tao-pie pie is introducing himself to Red Sousui as the world's greatest assassin. He demands 1 billion zenii for his services, and Black wants to know if he's really the great Tao-pie pie. However, since the assassin wants to set up a special assassins' "campaign," he's willing to shave off half the cost if Red will help him. Black is still dubious. Then, Blue rushes in. Red isn't impressed with Blue's performance, even after Blue turns over Buruma's Dragon Radar. Although the radar is better than anything that RR has, the only way Red will be mollified is if Tao-pie pie uses Blue to prove if the assassin is as good as he claims. Tao tells Blue to attack any way he wants, while the assassin will limit himself to just using his tongue. Blue says that this will be fun, attacks, missing the other guy, and then falls dead on the ground after Tao pokes a hole in his temple. Tao slurps off his tongue, Red and Black admit that he is what he claims, and then show him a photo of his target. Tao is surprised that it's just a kid, but Red warns him that Gokuu had already defeated a number of other talent. (Note: On page 18, we get to see for the first time just exactly how short Red really is.) Black offers Tao the use of a helicopter, but Tao declines, saying that would take too long. He breaks off a section of pillar, calculates the distance to Gokuu's current location, says he'll be there in 30 mintes, throws the pillar, and then leaps on it for the ride. Black is stunned, and Red is ecstatic in the knowledge that Gokuu will soon be dead. Bora comments on the nature of the Balls, and Gokuu says that he doesn't want them to make a wish, he just wanted the one that has his grandfather's soul. Then, he asks about the Tower, which leads into the heavens. At the top, it's rumored that there's a magical water that can give you great strength and speed. Gokuu is impressed, because even Kintoen can't fly that high. As they remark on the water's ability, Upa sees something approaching. Tao-pie pie lands ("Aloha,") announcing that he's the world's greatest assassin. Bora tells him to leave, but Tao says that he has business with Gokuu, and is working for Red Ribbon. Upa asks his father to help, and Bora ignores Gokuu's pleas to stay out of this. Tao calls Bora a fool, then shows Bora just how weak the Indian really is. When Bora lands, with the spear through his chest, he's dead. Gokuu attacks, and Tao is surprised that the boy can survive his kick into the tower. Gokuu swears, uses Kamehame-ha, and just manages to rip up Tao's clothing. This pisses off Tao, who answers back with Dodon, and kills Gokuu. Tao finds the Dragon Balls, and says that his job is done. In anger, Upa throws a rock, which Tao blows back, says that the boy is lucky he's not dead. Then Tao leaves on his pillar. Back at RR HQ, Red is still gloating, but this turns to anger when the Radar board shows Gokuu's three balls leaving the Seichi Karin (Note: the board indicates that RR has one ball, and one is still in Seichi Karin.) In a small town, Tao has found a tailor that will make him a copy of his old uniform. The man says it'll take 1 week, Tao insists that it only take 3 days. Tao then asks to use a phone, and calls in to tell Red that he has all of the Balls. Red corrects him, saying one is still back at the tower. However, the news that Gokuu is dead keeps Red from getting too angry, and Tao promises to get the remaining ball. After burying his father, Upa promises to grow up strong like him, and starts burying Gokuu. But, the boy is still alive, and the Dragon Ball that falls out of his ripped jersey shows why. His grandfather saved him. But, he sees Bora's grave, and vows to get all of the Balls to make a wish to bring Bora back. Upa is surprised that this is possible, and Gokuu explains about the Dragon. However, he's not strong enough to face Tao-pie pie by himself. That's when Upa tells him to climb the Tower. Gokuu decides to do this, and rushes up the pillar, leaving Upa behind in amazement. However, it takes him a full 24 hours, and as he's about to give up, he sees the top. He starts searching for the water, and a voice tells him to go up one more floor (where "the master" lives.) There, he finds a big house cat, holding a staff. Gokuu asks for the water, the cat gives him a hard time, and when Gokuu asks where the master is, he's shocked to hear that he's talking to him. The cat introduces himself as Senpyou (cat master)-sama, and points out where the Chousei water is. He also knows why Gokuu wants it. So, when Gokuu tries to take the water, he's very surprised that Senpyou hits him with the staff. Turns out that Gokuu must take the water away from Senpyou, first. After a while, Gokuu gets tired, and Senpyou tosses him lunch -- a senzu seed. Gokuu is disgusted at first, then very happy at being completely recharged. They continue fighting for the water. Eventually, exhausted again, Gokuu asks questions: No, he's not the first person to come for the water; there was another 300 years ago. And, Senpyou-sama is 800 years old. The other person was Mutenroushi Kamesennin. Took Kamesennin "3" to get the water. ("3 minutes??!!" "No, 3 years.") Gokuu panics at first, then renews his attack. He uses everything, including "One pattern" on a massive scale. Senpyou attacks the wrong pattern by mistake, but Gokuu still misses when he lunges for the water. Senpyou then escalates matters by stealing Gokuu's Dragon Ball and throwing it over the railing. Furiously, the boy rushes down the pillar, gets the ball, and rushes back up. He demands to know why the cat did that, and Senpyou replies that Gokuu is already improving -- the first time, it had taken 1 day to climb the tower, and now he's just gone down and back up in 3 only hours. So, they get back to fighting until finally breaking to sleep. Gokuu almost steals the water while the cat is sleeping, but decides against it. The cat was just faking sleep, and is happy with the boy's honesty, thinking that Kamesennin had tried the same trick, too. The next day, Gokuu lunges forward, and tickles Senpyou, making the cat drop the staff and water. Gokuu also fakes a falling-to-his-death scream, having grabbed the railing with his tail. Gokuu is happy, the cat is stunned that it had only taken 3 days to get the water, including the time to climb the tower. But, the Chousei water is just plain ordinary tap water -- the true secret is that all of the fighting is what makes you faster and stronger. Happy, Gokuu leaves. At the base of the Tower, Upa is expecting visitors, and hopes that his friend is ok, since three days have already passed. In town, Tao-pie pie is pleased with the fit of his clothes, but annoyed that the tailor doesn't recognize him as the world's greatest assassin, and has demanded payment for the clothes. So Tao kills the tailor and returns via his pillar to Seichi Karin. Arriving at the Tower, he demands to know where the other Ball is, and when Upa attacks, Tao throws the child at the Tower. Gokuu arrives just in time, yelling for Kintoen, to save Upa and surprise Tao. Gokuu faces the assassin, saying that he's the one with the Dragon Ball, and he wants the other 3 back. They banter with each other, then fight. Tao can't believe that Gokuu has changed so much in just three days, and is further shocked to hear that Gokuu had been at the top of the Tower (Tao knows the rumors, himself.) He prepares to have some fun with a real challenge. They fight some more, until Tao's clothes get trashed again and he loses his temper. However, when he unleashes his Dodon attack, Gokuu catches it in his hands. Tao can't believe this, and Gokuu refuses to waste a Kamehame-ha attack on him. Then the assassin gets mad, pulls out a capsule, and starts using his sword to dismember Gokuu. Upa runs to the teepee and throws Gokuu's bo to his friend. After breaking the sword, he discards the bo to continue fighting hand-to-hand. They banter some more (Tao repeats his claim as the world's greatest assassin,) then Tao gets in a really good attack (Upa wants to know what's gone wrong.) Convinced that he's finally won, Tao gloats about keeping his title. Then Gokuu stands up and says it's his turn. Tao calls him a monster. Gokuu beats up Tao some more, and Tao realizes that the boy is faster and stronger then him. When Gokuu takes a stork-pose (ala Karate Kid,) Tao admits that he's a bad man and surrenders. This takes Gokuu by surprise, which gives Tao the chance to pull out a canister, throw it, leap up, and yell out "Die!!!" Upa recognizes the thing as a bomb, and Gokuu kicks it out of the way. Up beside Tao-pie pie. Where it explodes. Killing him. This ends the combat on a high note, and Gokuu promises to get the remaining Balls and bring Bora back to life. But, two of the Balls are in RR HQ, so Upa tries to talk Gokuu out of his quest. Gokuu won't be swayed, and calls Kintoen before rushing off. Black announces that Violet has arrived. The woman hands over a Dragon Ball, commenting on the usefulness of the little Radar. Red is happy. Then, a soldier announces that the 4 Balls are moving, and everyone thinks that Tao-pie pie is returning to the HQ. Meanwhile, Gokuu catches up to a strange little aircraft. It's a remote camera that Buruma is controlling from Kamesennin's house. The people in the house are surprised to see Gokuu, and wonder if the boy is coming back home. But, their Radar screen shows that 4 Balls are moving away from the island. Kushami realizes that the other 2 Balls are sitting at the site of RR HQ, and Buruma sends the camera out to confirm this (Gokuu tried asking the camera to accompany him on their flight, but is surprised at being rebuffed. That, and the camera is faster than Kintoen.) Flier 84 reports that he's shot down a UFO, and the radio operator thinks that it may have been Tao-pie pie. But, the 4 Balls are still moving. The pilot says that he sees Tao approaching, then yells that it's not the assassin after all. On the island, everyone is panicking over the idea of Gokuu single-handedly attacking RR HQ. Buruma has to be reminded that she has the equipment to call up Capsule Corp. Her father answers, and wants to chat. She yells at him to have Yamcha put on the line. When she says that Gokuu needs help in fighting Red Ribbon, Yamcha hesitantly voices his support, but Oolong is caught trying to sneak out of the room. The radio operator unsuccessfully tries to raise flier 84. Then a camera is turned on to show Gokuu approaching. This causes some more panic. Black realizes that Gokuu is too strong to face, but Red orders out his men. Gokuu trashes everyone in his way, occasionally checking the Radar to locate the 2 Balls. Once, he uses Kamehame-ha. In the control room, Gokuu is being tracked, and Red realizes that his enemy is after the Balls. Black wants Red to retreat to safety, but Red claims that he has the best soldiers in the world, and orders out more men to be trashed. One sniper shoots Gokuu in the face, but that just stings the boy, and the sniper then cowers in fear. The control panel operator says that Gokuu has entered sector 8, and Red and Black run to sector 8 to protect the Dragon Balls. On the island, Yamcha, Oolong, and Pool are telling the others to board the jet quickly. Buruma and Oolong complain about being dragged along, but Kushami gleefully looks forward to a fight. They stop along the way to pick up Kuririn, who had been out for a swim. Red and Black have reached the room with the 2 Balls. Gokuu keeps coming. Since he doesn't know what an elevator is, and he can't find the stairs, he busts through the ceiling and ruins the trap that had been waiting for him if he'd taken the elevator (Red complains about this.) The bazooka missile explodes in Gokuu's face, but this just makes him mad. He kills the two behind the table, and keeps advancing. The remaining soldiers yell "monster" and run away. Black comments on the other soldiers escaping too, and Red gripes about the loss of his dream. Turns out that he'd really wanted the Balls to make a wish to become taller. All his life, Red had been derided for being short. Black is stunned that Red wasn't going to wish for world domination (like he'd promised to.) Since he now realizes that Red isn't the leader he'd thought, Black shoots Red in the forehead and declares himself the new RR Sousui. This is when Gokuu busts in, demanding the Dragon Balls. He asks who's in charge, and Black says he is. Black wants to make a deal with Gokuu -- they can rule the world together. Gokuu just wants to bring Bora back, and Black says that can happen after they take over the world. Gokuu's not interested, so Black gets ready to fight. When he realizes how strong Gokuu is, Black uses a capsule to make a combat robot (called a "Battle Jacket.") Gokuu gets pounded a bit, and Yamcha says that they'll reach the HQ shortly. [Notice that when Gokuu is first hit by the robot, he's up against a wall, but in the next scene he's in the middle of the room.] Black gloats, saying that he's going to kill the boy. They do some damage to the buildings, and Black thinks that his fist blast has killed Gokuu (who'd leapt up to a tower to safety.) Black celebrates his victory, until Gokuu leaps onto the robot (saying that Black is acting like an idiot.) Black over-reacts and punches himself in the head, causing Gokuu to insult him some more. Black launches himself upward, shaking off his opponent. Then he fires his biggest missile. Gokuu assumes that this is a bomb, like the one Tao-pie pie had used, so he kicks it again. This hurts his foot. The missile destroys a mountain, and Gokuu is impressed. Black decides to run away, and Gokuu launches himself through the battle jacket. Saying that he can't believe this, Black dies as the robot explodes. Gokuu gets the two Balls, saying that only one remains. In their jet, Yamcha and friends yell out "Hold on, Gokuu!! We're coming to rescue you!!" End of book 8. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann June 19, 1993
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