Dragon Ball Manga Volume #9. New Characters: Uranai Baba: The little old crone who floats around atop her crystal ball. She has a very elaborate estate/fighting complex where she will answer any question for a fee. Either you pay 10 million zenii, or fight her five warriors. Apparently, no one has ever had a question answered by winning the combats. Is Kamesennin's older sister. Son Gohan: Gokuu's dead grandfather. (Also the name of the son of Gokuu and Chichi, who appears much later on in the series.) Fighting styles: Rouga Fuufuu Ken: Yamcha's "Wolf Wind Attack." Other notes: Story: Volume 9 Gokuu starts clicking the Radar, looking for the next Ball. But the Radar is busted again. In the flyer, Gokuu's friends prepare for battle against RR's hordes. They land some distance away, and argue over Oolong's faked stomache ache. But before they can walk very far, Kuririn sees an approaching enemy. They hide in the bushes, but realize that their flyer is still visible. So, Pool is sent out to retrieve the flyer in capsule form. Gokuu is complaining about having to return to the big city to find Buruma and get the Radar fixed again. Below him, the group recognizes their friend and yell out to him. He wants to know what they're doing out here, and they have the same question for him. Yamcha says Gokuu is lucky they'd found him before the fighting started, and Gokuu dumbfounds them by replying that the fight is already over. Pool is set out to confirm this, and the group starts wondering about this little boy who can single-handedly defeat an entire, well-equipt, army. Gokuu replies that he'd been to the top of Karin Tower (and that he also knows the secret of the Chousei water,) which makes Kamesennin wonder even more about a boy that could do something that had taken him 3 years to do. Kuririn wants to know what Kamesennin and Gokuu are talking about, and Gokuu suddenly realizes that Buruma is with them. They return to the island so that Buruma can get her tools. Along the way, everyone comments on how much Gokuu has improved. But, Buruma can't find anything wrong with the Radar. Gokuu is grousing about only having the 6 Balls, and not being able to find the last one, when Kamesennin says that if they find Uranai Baba, she can tell them where the last Ball is. The old man shows them where to go on a map (Gokuu can't understand the concept of "maps.") But, Oolong and Buruma refuse to go along on the trip. So, Pool, Yamcha, Kuririn, and Gokuu head off by themselves. Kushami wonders about Kamesennin's comment, "I wonder if Gokuu is strong enough for this...") Along the way, the group stops to get Gokuu a new set of clothes to replace the damaged ones he's wearing. [Notice that Groucho Marx lives in this town.] Yamcha is paying, so he wants to the clothes to be very cheap. The first outfit isn't quite right, so they ask the tailor to make a copy of the old outfit, with a hole in the back for the boy's tail. Since it'll take an hour to finish, Gokuu rushes off on Kintoen to get Upa, so that the young boy watch them find the last Ball. Upa is introduced to everyone, and Kuririn comments on the "cute girl." This earns him some ribbing for having Gokuu's problem of not being able to tell the difference between the sexes. Gokuu changes on the street (Yamcha tells him to not play with himself.) Gokuu is happy with the new shoes, too. When they finally locate Baba's house, they wonder about the tough guys standing outside the door. The ghost-butler asks if they're there to ask a question (Gokuu gets Baba's name wrong,) and Yamcha thinks that there's something wrong here. A rich couple comes out, happy with their answer. The toughs go in, there's a lot of screaming, and they come out looking beaten-up. So, the group of friends are a little concerned when it's their turn. But, the ghost won't answer any questions. Inside, Gokuu asks if the old woman is really Baba, again getting her name wrong. He asks if she can answer any question, and she says, "Yes, for 10 million zenii." But, since they can't pay, she gives them a chance to face her 5 warriors. Since Yamcha, Kuririn, and Gokuu had done so well in the Tenkaichi-Budoukai, they are all over-confident. Yamcha asks about the rules, and Baba says that the only rules are: one-on-one combat, and "if you quit, you lose." Pool and Upa don't want to fight, and Baba is surprised that it'll be three against five. Kuririn goes first. The fighters are brought out one at a time: Dracula-man The Invisible Man The Mummy Akku-man (A devil) A mysterious ghost (wearing a cat mask, and a halo.) Dracula-man starts out, and is very fast. All Kuririn has to do is surrender and he'll receive a transfusion. Because of the halo-shape puncture wounds on his head, Yamcha gets Kuririn to start praying (looks like a monk) and everyone laughs at him. Then Dracula-man knocks Kuririn out of the ring and wins the first round. Gokuu wants to know why his friend lost so fast, and Baba asks who'll fight her man next. Yamcha asks if it would be ok if Upa and Pool can fight as one person, since they're so small. Baba lets them. Upa eats some garlic, and Pool does some shapechanging -- they win this match. Baba is amused, and Yamcha (still over-confident) goes next. The teenager is waiting for his opponent to arrive, but he's already in the ring and we now learn that he's The Invisible Man. Gokuu wants to know why Yamcha is acting so funny, and Kuririn has to explain the concept of invisibility to him. Then, Kuririn yells at Gokuu to rush off to get Buruma and Kamesennin. As they wait, Yamcha starts listening for his opponent's footsteps, and gets in a few good shots before Baba catches on and starts singing about how cute she is. Baba then asks if Yamcha is going to give up. But, Gokuu arrives first, and Buruma yells at Kuririn for having been dragged to the shiai (fight.) Buruma and Kamesennin are a little slow in noticing Yamcha getting beaten up. Kirin positions the two with great care, awaits his moment, and then pulls down Buruma's tank top, causing Kamesennin to suffer a nosebleed so great as to coat the Invisible Man. This gives Yamcha his chance, and he uses Rouga Fuufuu to get in a few shots before the Visible Man surrenders. Yamcha wins, Buruma yells at Kuririn for showing off her breasts, Kuririn says he did it to save her boyfriend, and Kamesennin berates Kuririn for trying to kill him by hemmorage. However, Kamesennin also thinks it was a nice move, and is happy with the boy. Baba reminds them that they have 3 more fighters to face. Buruma asks if the old crone is Baba, and Kuririn fills in the background details. Then, Kamesennin says it's been a long time since he's seen his older sister -- Uranai Baba. Baba replies in kind, and asks if Kamesennin is still a sukebe. Kuririn thinks that since the two old folks are related, that the fights will be called off, but Baba disagrees, and Yamcha replies that he's up for the next contest. However, they have to go inside to find the next guy (and Buruma now gets introduced to Upa.) In the building, Yamcha is told that this is a place of bad magic, and when he asks Kamesennin for advice, is told "Don't die." Baba points Yamcha to a door, and takes the rest up to the observation deck. When everyone is in place, Baba shows that the pool below Yamcha is not filled with plain water. Yamcha agrees that this is a "bad magic" place. Here, if you die, you lose. Then, Mirai-kun (The Mummy) appears. The fight starts, and Yamcha thinks that since the Mummy is someone that does a lot of pushing, and the footing is bad, he'll have to rely on speed. Pool yells to his friend to not die. However, the Mummy is too fast (Kamesennin is surprised to notice that Gokuu isn't shocked at the Mummy's speed.) When Yamcha is almost knocked off the tongue, the Mummy asks him to surrender. Instead, the group yells encouragement as the boy tries Rouga Fuufuu. But, it fails and he's again asked if he wants to surrender. Baba gloats until Yamcha seemingly wins by pulling the Mummy off the tongue. Then the Mummy recovers again and they fight some more. Eventually, Yamcha has to surrender to avoid being dropped into the pool. Baba is happy. Buruma is pissed because Yamcha failed. Yamcha apologizes, and Baba asks who the last fighter will be. After Gokuu cheerfully volunteers, Upa tells him to please not die. Then, they banter before Baba tells them to start. The Mummy is concerned when he realizes that Gokuu LIKES fighting. After getting in a few blows, the Mummy thinks he's won. Then Gokuu stands up and says it's his turn now. Pool and Kamesennin are shocked at Gokuu's stamina and lack of visible damage. With one punch, he drops the Mummy, and asks if this means that he's won. Baba grudgingly says it does. The rest are having trouble realizing that this is their friend, and the old man reminds them that the boy had single-handedly defeated Red Ribbon. Gokuu then asks if he needs to beat 2 more people, and Baba angrily says "yes." Akku-man wonders what the deal is with the kid, and the ghost laughs to himself. Gokuu wonders at the weird-looking devil, and Kamesennin is concerned (if Akku-man is number 4, then fighter #5 has to be REALLY good.) They start, the demon surprises people at being able to fly, but Gokuu is still too fast. They fight. Kamesennin says that Akku-man shouldn't be underestimated, having won the Tenkaichi-budokai twice in the past. Finally Akku-man unleashes his secret weapon -- his power is to cause the least bit of evil in a person's heart to expand and cause the victim to explode. Baba tells Akku-man to stop, but it's too late. Akku-man laughs -- "Explode!" Gokuu wants to know where the strange light came from. The magic has no effect, and Gokuu is shown to have a pure heart. Then, Akku-man uses his pitchfork, and Gokuu has to get serious. Which appears to have been a bit more serious than he'd thought. Kamesennin can't believe the boy's speed. Since Gokuu has won, he needs to face the final fighter. But, the ghost asks Baba to move the combat back outside to the fighting circle. She asks if he can win, and the ghost reassures her. Kuririn wants to know why Gokuu is suddenly looking so strange, and the boy replies that there's something comfortable about the ghost's smell. At the ring, the ghost has to tell Baba something that makes her very amused (the ghost has met Gokuu before.) Kamesennin also thinks that the ghost seems familiar. Then, the last fight starts, but the ghost wants them to bow to each other first. Gokuu still doesn't know what he recognizes about the ghost, but the two of them seem to be evenly matched. Everyone else is impressed. Gokuu gets thrown up into the air, then kicked to the ground. The ghost plummets after the boy, laughing. But, he stops laughing when Gokuu leaps back up. Then, Gokuu takes the full power of the ghost's kick without moving. Gokuu is having fun, and the ghost is getting worried enough to use Kamehame-ha (a technique that only Gokuu, Kamesennin, and Gokuu's dead grandfather know how to use.) So, Gokuu uses "One Pattern" to evade the shot and leap upwards. The ghost thinks he's vaporized the boy, Kamesennin finally understands, and Gokuu issues a challenge to the ghost. The ghost laughs, preparing to use Kamehame-ha again, but Gokuu gets in his Kamehame-ha first. It looks like Gokuu has won, and Baba is upset. But, the ghost starts laughing, and then grabs Gokuu's tail. Yamcha has to tell everyone else that this is Gokuu's single weakness (when his tail is grabbed, Gokuu loses his strength and collapses.) Somewhere else, Pilaf and his two assistants are watching the fight via satellite dish. Pilaf now know's Gokuu's flaw, and plans on exploiting it to get the other 6 Dragon Balls. Pilaf has the last ball in a box that is lined with a material that renders it invisible to Dragon Radar. So, Pilaf orders his crew to drive out to Baba's estate. Back at the estate, the ghost is flailing Gokuu around, and asks the boy to surrender. This is when Kamesennin realizes that the ghost is actually Son Gohan -- Gokuu's dead grandfather. Gohan is about to kill Gokuu, when the boy's tail snaps off. The group reacts to the idea of Gohan trying to kill Gokuu. Realizing that he's blown it, and seeing how mad Gokuu has become, Gohan gives up. Baba takes this gracefully ("Oh well, can't be helped.") The ghost says that Gokuu is strong, and the boy is puzzled that the ghost knows his name. The ghost says he also knows that grabbing the boy's tail is his one weakness. Gokuu starts to realize who the ghost is when it removes it's mask to reveal Son Gohan. Gokuu greets his grandfather (who really is dead, hence the halo.) Gohan had been working for Baba as a talent scout for getting fighters for her, and had one day left on his contract with her. Baba knew that Gokuu would come in time to meet the ghost, because she can see into the future. Gohan thanks Kamesennin for taking care of the boy for him, and asks about him. But they're interrupted (neither old man wants to give away how much they care about the boy,) when Gokuu wants to show him something -- Gokuu has Gohan's Dragon Ball. The ghost marvels over the other Balls, and Buruma has to tell the ghost about the properties of the Balls. Now that the Balls are about to be brought together, Kuririn tells Upa that Bora can now be brought back. But, Upa thinks that since Gohan is here, and is also dead, that Gohan should be brought back, instead. But, the ghost is happy remaining a ghost, having found his own stash of pichi-pichi girls (Yamcha uses the opportunity to heckle the old sukebe, Kamesennin.) Upa thanks Gohan, Baba thanks Gohan, Gohan thanks Baba. Everyone says their goodbye's, and then Gohan is gone. (In the TV series, this is a much more emotional sequence.) Apparently, Gohan still has Gokuu's tail, and the boy promises to grow up strong (which makes Kamesennin a bit concerned.) Baba uses her crystal ball (which can change sizes, as well as float,) to locate the last Dragon Ball -- it's in an approaching car, 200 km away. This confuses Buruma, who still can't locate the Ball with the Radar. Gokuu is happy with knowing where the Ball is. End of book 9. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann June 20, 1993
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