Dragon Ball volume 10 summary and personae list. New Characters: Tenshinhan: 3-eyed student of Tsurusennin. Tall, muscular, very strong fast, and nasty. In the TV series, he is shown, with Chao-zu, to be a thief and fraud (he brings a certain monster into town, the monster causes damage, and Tenshinhan then gets paid money for chasing the monster away.) Tsurusennin: Crane Master, and Kamesennin's arch-rival. Rather Chinese- looking, with a crane's head hat. Very vicious, and intent on getting his students to win the 22nd Tenkaichi-Budoukai. Is also the older brother of a certain assassin. Chao-zu: White-faced dwarf, and one of the few fighters who are shorter than Kuririn. Uses the Dodon attack, and has ESP powers that allow him to fly, freeze opponents in place, and manipulate objects. Shuu: Pilaf's dog-bodyguard. Dressed up like a ninja, but has no real special skills. First given a name in volume 10. Mei: Pilaf's female bodyguard. Very loyal, and attractive, but not really brave, lucky, or sexually experienced. (Blushed easily when Pilaf threatened to torture Buruma by making kissing sounds at her.) Fighting styles: Other notes: Kamesennin originally said that it had taken him 50 years to master Kamehame-ha, but Gokuu picked it up right after seeing it used. There are 4 people in the world who are known to be able to use this attack -- Kamesennin, Jackie Chun, Son Gohan, and Gokuu. However, 4-5 years after meeting Kamesennin, two others have also picked it up, as does one more at the Tenkaichi-Budoukai. Story: Volume 10 Gokuu calls for Kintoen, but the rest of the group is worried about attacking the car that Baba says has the last Dragon Ball. Buruma still can't find the Ball with the Radar. Upa is given the other Balls, and Gokuu rushes off. In the car, Pilaf is gloating about knowing Gokuu's weakness -- if you hold his tail, he loses his strength. Shuu asks what Pilaf will do as ruler of the world, and he stutters out that it's a secret (actually, he hasn't thought his plan that far out, yet.) Sighting the car, Gokuu lands on the roof, and asks for the Ball. Both sides recognize each other (Pilaf wants to know how Gokuu's Radar picked up the Ball's presence within it's Radar-proof box,) and they face each other to fight. (Pilaf wants to get Gokuu in a position to grab his tail. Gokuu wants to know how Pilaf knows that he has the other six Balls.) Pilaf's group uses capsules to give themselves giant mecha, and Gokuu tries to figure out what happened. Pilaf brags of the power of his mecha, but Gokuu isn't impressed. So, to demonstrate, Pilaf tells Mei to attack the boy. While Mei argues about her being the one to volunteer, Gokuu kicks Pilaf's mecha into a rock outcropping. (Notice that on the next page, Pilaf's mecha has moved out away from the rocks for some unexplained reason.) Mei and Shuu ask if he's ok, and Pilaf asks if Gokuu is really human. Gokuu complains that he thought that these mecha were strong. Pilaf swears and orders his people to encircle the boy. He counts down for his attack, but Shuu yells out that he can't find the boy's tail. Telling Gokuu to not move, they confer, and try again. Pilaf points and yells "AH!" Gokuu looks, and Mei grabs him. Shuu burns off Gokuu's pants, and Pilaf leaps in to grab the tail. Which is missing. Mei yells at Pilaf to hurry, but the boy breaks free and complains about his clothes being damaged. They ask what happened to his tail, and Gokuu says it had been pulled off. Because they have to keep fighting, the three combine their mecha into one big robot. While Pilaf is laughing insanely, Gokuu starts his Kamehame-ha (which Pilaf doesn't recognize. Note, since Pilaf had been watching the fight between Gokuu and Gohan, he should have seen both people using Kamehame-ha during the combat.) The blast damages mecha #2, so Mei is ordered to escape, and the robot reconfigures for "running away" mode. As Gokuu chases them, Mei and Shuu scream for Pilaf to fire their missile (cute missile.) But, Gokuu catches it, and throws it back at the retreating mecha. The boy asks for the Ball, and Pilaf hands it over. Then he requests Shuu for a new set of clothes. Gokuu returns with the Ball (Kuririn asks about the funny outfit, but Gokuu just laughs in reply,) and Gokuu tells Upa to climb onto Kintoen. People say goodbye to Upa, he thanks them, and the two fly off. The rest of the group comment on having, or not having, seen Shenlon (the Dragon King) before, and Baba says that she has a premonition that Gokuu will go on to do something great (I can't find the critical kanji in my dictionary.) Gokuu and Upa get to Karin Tower and set up the Balls, then Gokuu calls out for Shenlon. The Dragon God appears, (this is the first time Gokuu's seen him, and Gokuu is impressed.) Our hero tells Upa to make his wish -- "Give my dead father life." Gokuu asks if this is possible, and Shenlon says yes. Bora is confused after standing from his grave, but in good shape. Upa tells him what happened, Shenlon says "farewell" and disappears. As the Balls fly in opposite directions, Gokuu leaps to grab #4. Upa wants to see it, but it doesn't look like much (had taken Gokuu a year to find, though.) Bora thanks Gokuu, and the boy is just happy that the Indian is alive. They chat a bit (about Gokuu's having climbed the Tower,) then it is time for him to leave. Gokuu arrives back at Baba's estate, and everyone is happy that Upa's father is alive again. However, when Gokuu has to take a leak, they question Baba's premonition. Buruma asks if Gokuu is going to spend another year searching for the #4 Ball, and Gokuu shows that he already has it. This is when Gokuu announces that he wants to enter the next Tenkaichi-Budoukai -- as does Yamcha (who wants to train under Kamesennin.) Buruma doesn't want her boyfriend to associate with that "sukebe" and the old man objects to being called that. Gokuu is happy at training with Yamcha and Kuririn, but Kamesennin says that the boy has to train on his own -- by running around the globe. The old man thinks that he's just set a task beyond Gokuu's limits. Gokuu replies that he desn't understand, but it sounds like fun. So, he says goodbye, and is about to ride Kintoen when he's told that he has to do this on foot. So, he sets off running, and the others are stunned at this situation. Baba asks if her little brother wants to lose to Gokuu, and he responds by having the rest rush out and run, too. (Buruma objects to having to do this.) Three years have passed. People have changed and grown. Inside the Air Panic flight, bound for the Tenkaichi-Budoukai site, Yamcha, Kamesennin, Kuririn, Pool, and Buruma are looking forward to the fight, and back on the last 3 years. Kushami wants to know why they have to ride in the plane, and can't hijack it. Kamesennin needs to use the toilet, but they're about to land, and the stewardess makes him wait (the others hope that they land really soon.) Outside the airport, the others are impatiently waiting for the old man to return from the toilet. Then they take a cab to the Budoukai site. They sign up for the competition, and check whether Gokuu has arrived yet -- he hasn't. They wait for the boy (Kushami wants the 50,000 zenii prize money too, but is told that weapons aren't allowed) and there's only 5 minutes left before the deadline expires for entering the competition. Kamesennin signs in as Jackie Chun, but has to take his glasses off to show that it's really him. Three minutes left (the old man said he'd run off to go to the toilet again.) Then, three people show up, the older one calling out to Kamesennin. The old man is surprised that Tsurusennin is still alive. They argue over who's going to win the Budoukai, before the three walk off. The others complain, and Kamesennin says that Tsurusennin is his main rival. There's one minute left, and Pool is about to fly off to search for Gokuu, when Kushami tells them to wait. Gokuu runs up. Yamcha and Buruma exchange greetings with the boy, and Kamesennin signs him up at the table. Buruma gives him a hard time, and Gokuu finally recognizes her. Kamesennin asks how Kintoen is, and Gokuu doesn't know -- yes, he did cross the globe on foot. Three years have passed. People have changed and grown. Except for Gokuu. Then the announcer states that the Tenkaichi-budoukai is about to start, and they go inside. Gokuu is happy to wear his old outfit. Doesn't look like he's gotten any stronger in the last 3 years, though. As Yamcha, Kuririn, and Gokuu head for the rings, they're told to win all their matches. At ring side, Kuririn is surprised at how much stronger people look, and a couple people recognize them as being impressive in the last competition. Outside, Pool wonders where Kamesennin is, and Buruma repies "in the toilet." Inside, people recognize Jackie Chun, and Gokuu brags that he'll win this time (Jackie's not so sure about that.) Then, the announcer welcomes the fighters to the 22nd Tenkaichi-budoukai. The rules: If you leave the ring, you lose. If you are knocked down, the fight will pause for a 10-count. People will be given numbers and divided up into blocks. The last 8 people will advance to the final round. (Implied rule: No weapons.) (Gokuu eats during this, getting odd looks from his friends.) Kuririn gets #71, block 2. Yamcha and Gokuu are in separate halves of block 1 (Yamcha was worried about facing Gokuu early on.) Jackie is 178, in block 4. Kuririn is happy that they won't be facing each other right away. People go to their blocks, and Gokuu gives Kuririn encouragement. The ring judge gets started with fighters 1 & 2. Yamcha wins with a knock-out. Gokuu is impressed, Yamcha tells him to watch Kuririn. Kuririn bows, and behaves politely as the giant laughs (calls himself Tako-chan.) Kuririn easily wins. Gokuu says that Kuririn had improved alot in 3 years, and Kuririn says it's nothing. Tenshinhan comes up and bad mouths them. Gokuu has to be told who the guy is. Tenshin tells them that they're lucky they don't have to face him, and get humiliated by his hands. Yamcha isn't impressed, and Tenshin looks forward to fighting him. Then it's Tenshin's turn. Kuririn expects the man to lose fast, but Gokuu realizes that the man is very good. Tenshin wins. No one can believe how fast he is (Yamcha and Kuririn make fun of him.) Then Gokuu faces Chapa Ou, an Iron Man that did well in previous years. Yamcha is very worried, because he knows that Chapa is so good. Chapa says he'll kill Gokuu fast, and Gokuu thanks him for that. Jackie comes up, and he's also concerned that Gokuu hasn't changed much in 3 years. But, he's still fast. Chapa gets serious, and Jackie predicts that the man will use his 8-hand technique (hasshu ken. Yamcha replies that this means Chapa moves so fast it looks like he has 8 hands.) Chapa does this, but people are more impressed with Gokuu, who reminds the man that you can use feet, too. Chapa yells, "shit-brat," and attacks. Gokuu has to tell him to look up. Chapa is pleased, because when Gokuu comes back down, he'll be killed. Chapa attacks, Gokuu exhales, and wins. (Jackie calls this counter-technique "explosive wind.") Gokuu is happy, Kuririn says he had an easy opponent, but Gokuu disagrees. Gokuu says that the other three should also be fast when facing strong opponents, and Jackie is afraid of facing Gokuu. Later, Jackie apologizes to his own unconscious partner about using too much power. Gokuu is impressed, and Yamcha comments that this is a tougher budoukai this time. The following narration simply states that Kamesennin's 3 students have advanced to the final round. With the last elimination fight, they go out to meet the others. Kuririn asks about Kamesennin, and Buruma says he's out behaving like a pervert. The old man appears, asking "who's a pervert?" He claims to have been watching from elsewhere, and congratulates the three fighters. The PA announces the start of the next rounds. Kuririn wonders how their friends can get good seats, and Kushami shows him (firing a pistol and threatening to kill people.) Inside the building, the good guys banter with each other, and bluster with Tenshin. Chao-zu calls Kuririn bald, and when Kuririn yells that he's bald too, Chao-zu takes his hat off. Kuririn says that one hair does not make that much of a difference. Tenshin tries to get Chao-zu under control. Then the announcer calls them over. Gokuu greets him, and the announcer says "ah, you're back again this time." The guy tells the fighters that they're each to take a number, and starts with last time's winner, Jackie. Tenshin doesn't want to face Jackie, and notices that the wolfman does (the wolfman tells him to shut up when he asks about this.) So, Tenshin tells Chao-zu to force all of the pairings. Yamcha goes next, and Tenshin wants him. It's then Panputto, Tenshin, (announcer comments that Tenshin will fight Yamcha, and they bluster some more,) then Kuririn, and the wolfman (who angrily states that he's a man-wolf. He's normally a wolf, but turns into a man during the full moon. Kuririn comments on how it's all the same thing.) The man-wolf growls at Jackie; Jackie doesn't know why. The man-wolf is happy at being matched up with the old man. Then Chao-zu (the announcer pronounces it Gyou-za, meaning a kind of food, written with the same kanji.) This leaves Gokuu, who is very surprised at finding out that the announcer has predicted that he'll pull out the number 8. Tenshim makes fun of Kamesennin's training. Chao-zu asks where "fun" is (thinking it's a place.) The announcer gives the rules again (same as before.) When they are told to go outside, the announcer asks if Gokuu wants to eat first, like he did before. Gokuu replies "eat, eat!!" There's a bit more blustering, with Kuririn claiming that they'll all four win. Outside, the crowd is cheering, but the heros' friends complain about the lousy seating -- Ranchi asks if this is really her fault (Kushami must have sneezed earlier.) The announcer comes out and welcomes everyone to the 22nd Tenkaichi-budoukai (recaps that the 182 contests have been narrowed down to 8, and that the winner gets 50,000 zenii.) He then announces the first match. The fighters are: 1) Yamcha vs 2) Tenshinhan 3) Man-wolf 4) Jackie Chun 5) Chao-zu 6) Kuririn 7) Panputto 8) Gokuu Yamcha and Tenshin bluster some more. The announcer introduces Yamcha (veteran fighter, and Kamesennin's student,) and Tenshinhan (student of Kamesennin's rival, Tsurusennin.) The two old men glare at, and insult, each other. One audience member realizes that this is an impressive situation. Yamcha's friends cheer him on, and Yamcha wants them to watch him. Then the two fighters say that this will be fun. The fight starts. Yamcha says it's ok to try to escape, and Tenshin laughs. Kuririn calls the enemy a wimpy dancer, Gokuu thinks that Tenshin is really strong, and Buruma and Pool expect the boy to win. After the first exchange, the crowd is speachless, Kuririn is impressed, and Gokuu likes both of them. Tenshin wasn't expecting Yamcha to be this good -- it's been a long time since he's fought someone this fast. This is when Yamcha announces Shin-Rouga-Fuufuu Ken (Tenshin says "interesting!") They attack again. When Yamcha gets knocked down, Kuririn and Gokuu are concerned, Tsurusennin gloats. Yamcha gets serious, Kuririn wants to know what he's doing, and Gokuu replies "Kamehame-ha" (Jackie calls Yamcha a fool for trying this.) The Kamehame-ha attack works, but Tenshin merely focusses, and blows the blast back at him. None of Kamesennin's group can believe this. Yamcha leaps up, but as he curses Tenshin, and Gokuu yells out his warning, Tenshin appears. When Yamcha lands, unconcious, Gokuu yells out "stop!" However, Tenshin continues his attack and fractures the boy's leg. The announcer needs some prompting to declare Yamcha out of the competition, and Tenshinhan the winner. The announcer then tells a man to call the hospital, but Pool says he'll take care of Yamcha himself (then chants out his change into a flying carpet.) Buruma and Ranchi state that they're going along, as well. Gokuu asks why the other guy made such a vicious attack, knowing that Yamcha was already helpless. "He's lucky I didn't kill him." Gokuu announces that he'll avenge Yamcha, and Tenshin laughs at this. Tsurusennin continues to gloat at Kamesennin's humiliation. Next, the announcer introduces the reigning champion, Jackie Chun, and the man-wolf. The man-wolf explains that he's mad at Jackie for having destroyed the moon in the last Tenkaichi-budoukai. The guy had fallen in love with a beautiful human female, but since he can't turn into human form, he's had to stop seeing her. Jackie asks about beautiful wolf-women, and apparently those are all ugly. The announcer asks if he can start the next round. Jackie isn't interested in fighting the guy, which makes the man-wolf angrier. Tenshin talks about wanting to win the competition, and Kuririn and Gokuu comment on how their opponents can float in the air. Then, while the man-wolf says he's going to kill Jackie, the old man merely comments on the beautiful women in the audience. The first time that the man-wolf gets dropped, the count starts. (In the audience, the turtle and Oolong notice that Jackie acts just like Kamesennin.) Pulling out a knife, the man-wolf attacks, and the announcer says that this isn't allowed (the man-wolf tells him to shut up.) But, the knife attack fails, and Jackie says he can turn the guy human through the power of suggestion. The man-wolf doesn't believe this, and Jackie starts treating him like a dog (which makes the guy furious, because he's not a dog, he's a wolf. But, he keeps falling for it.) After shaking hands and sitting up, the guy chases after the bone. And loses the match. In a rage, the guy re-enters the ring to kill Jackie, but is paralyzed so that the older man can show him the moon. Kuririn sees where this trick is going, and is insulted by it. Jackie tells the wolf to look at the full moon, and when he sees it, he turns into a man. He goes running out to find beautiful women, but is so ugly as a human that Jackie and Kuririn don't know why he'd bothered to change. The announcer then states that the next match is between Tsurusennin's student -- Chao-zu, and Kamesennin's student -- Full-Moon Head Kuririn. The third match starts, but Chao-zu doesn't seem to notice or show any fighting spirit. He then suddenly zips forward, and knocks Kuririn around. Kuririn disappears, and Tenshin yells out "On your left!" Chao-zu responds with "I eat with chopsticks in my right hand, the tea cup in my left, so he's... here!" But, he's too slow and Kuririn hits him. By flying out of the ring, Chao-zo reaches safety -- if Kuririn leaps after the other boy, he'll fall outside of the ring and be disqualified. Jackie fumes over the effectiveness of Tsurusennin's techniques. Gloating, Tenshinhan calls Jackie a bastard, and Gokuu replies that it's not "bastard," it's "Jiichan" (old man.) Then, Chao-zu announces his "surprise attack. He uses Dodon. Kuririn doesn't know what's happening, but Gokuu says it's the same thing Tao-pie pie used. This gets Tenshinhan's attention, and he wants Gokuu to repeat that last sentence. Gokuu says he'd fought Tai-pie pie, and asks why Tenshin knows the assassin. But, Tenshin just walks off (Gokuu calls him a weird guy.) After this, Jackie asks if Gokuu really had defeated Tao-pie pie, and is stunned when Gokuu says he doesn't lie about things like that ("He beat the world's greatest assassin...") Jackie tells Gokuu that Tao-pie pie is Tsurusennin's younger brother. Back in the ring, Kuririn is getting frustrated, and Chao-zu expects to win. Tenshin rushes up to his teacher and wants to say something important, but the other man doesn't like being interrupted when he's having fun. Kuririn wishes that he could do Kamehame-ha, too, then realizes that if Yamcha could do it, he should be able to as well. His first attempt is very feeble, as he tries to remember the hand actions. Tsurusennin is furious at hearing about what happened to his little brother, and tells Chao-zu to get serious. Jackie is worried, but Gokuu doesn't know what this means. Then, Kuririn prepares to use Kamehame-ha as Chao-zu announces one last Dodon attack. Gokuu thinks this is great, but Jackie knows that Dodon will overpower Kamehame-ha everytime. The two fighters are about to unleash their powers... End of book 10. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann June 24, 1993
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