Dragon Ball volume 11 summary and personae list. New Characters: Fighting styles: Shin-tsurusen-ryuu Taiyou-ken: This is a blinding attack used by Tenshinhan during the Tenkaichi-budoukai. His entire body can glow with a very intense light. Haikyuu-ken: Tenshinhan's "volleyball" attack. Kikou-hou: Another of Tenshinhan's techniques. Requires a lot of concentration, and can be very devastating as all of the energy in his body is channelled into a power blast. But, it has one major drawback. Other notes: Story: Volume 11 Jackie repeats the statement that Dodon will always win as the two fighters set up their attacks, and yells that Kuririn will be killed. However, Kuririn has gotten smarter in the last 3 years, and shouts out "Now" when he leaps. It looks like he's won, but Chao-zu wobbles back into the ring (Jackie is very proud of his boy.) Tenshin is just pissed. But, as Kuririn starts getting in some good punches, Chao-zu paralyzes his heart. Telepathically, Tsurusennin praises his student, and tells him to kill Kuririn (which the boy happily proceeds to do.) Chao-zu says "Die!" and Kuririn replies that his head isn't a soccerball. Kuririn assumes that Chao-zu has to concentrate on the paralysis, and if he has to use his hands for something else, the control will be broken. So, he spits out "What's 3+4?" The control breaks, and he gets in one good punch before it's restored. Tenshin is relieved, but Tsurusennin calls the boy an idiot. Chao-zu thinks the trick will work in reverse and asks for 16+27. Kuririn gets it right and wants to know 9-1. Chao-zu falls for it again, and panics as he counts on his fingers. Kuririn wins (and tells the crowd that the answer is "8".) Gokuu is happy, Jackie thinks that Kuririn has finally learned to reason in battle, and Tsurusennin is just angry. The next round starts, with Panputto making a flashy entry. He's a multiple-time world fighting champion, and is well-known. However, when he first punches at Gokuu, he asks if the punch was too fast for him to follow. Gokuu says it wasn't much of a punch, so Panputto demonstrates his great speed and power. But, when he attacks Gokuu again, the boy's light tap to the chest completely knocks the man out. The announcer goes ape over the single-punch KO, and Gokuu wins. Tenshinhan disagrees, saying that Gokuu actually got in three shots with his left elbow. He's impressed, and since Gokuu also claims to have beaten Tao-pie pie, really wants to face him in the ring. Kuririn and Gokuu celebrate, gloating until Jackie comes up and states that Panputto wasn't in the same class of fighting as them, and it's nothing to get excited over. Then it's time for the next round and the announcer calls out Jackie's and Tenshin's name. When the match starts, Kuririn expects Jackie to win easily, but Gokuu knows that Tenshin is really strong. The boy can't say who will win. The two fighters are about evenly matched, then Jackie tries a trick that Tenshin recognizes as "One Pattern." However, Tenshin's third eye lets him find the real target over the illusions. Jackie tells Tenshin to attack, and the other guy says "Can you see the real hands, old man!?" When they separate again, Gokuu knows that this is a great fight, the audience is stunned, Tenshin thinks that it's time to show his real power, and Jackie believes that although Tenshin is strong, he's not an experienced fighter. Jackie asks Tenshin why he has trained under Tsurusennin, and Tenshin replies that his master is not merely a bad man. Then, Tenshin says he's about to get serious now -- Jackie doesn't know what this means. People scream in pain as he unleashes Shintsurusen-Ryuutaiyou (New Crane Blinding Light.) While Jackie is blinded, Tenshin drops him (afterward, he says that since he's not a killer, Jackie isn't dead.) The announcer describes the events, saying that Jackie is unconscious and starts the count. But, Jackie stands up. Gokuu's eyes start to recover, Jackie says that people should stop calling him an old man, Tenshin wants to know who Jackie really is, and Jackie replies that Tenshin has a lot to learn (badmouthing Tsurusennin.) This makes Tenshin mad. In the next lull, Jackie asks if that's the best Tenshin can do. They taunt each other some more, and Gokuu realizes that the announcer's sunglasses work against Tenshin's light attack. Jackie asks Tenshin if he enjoys training under a man like Tsurusennin, and the other master suddenly telepaths a message to Tenshin that Jackie is really Kamesennin. Ten says he's going to show Jackie something interesting, and the old man asks if Tenshin has etchi magazines. Tenshin tells him to shut up and watch him start up with Kamehame-ha. This could kill people, so Jackie deflects the blast safely. (Gokuu is impressed, Kiririn and the announcer are stunned.) Tenshin says that Kamehame-ha is easy enough to do, but Dodon is stronger. However, Kamesennin simply says Tenshin knows lots of tricks, and it's been fun. Then, jumps out of the ring to forfeit the match. Tsurusennin thinks that the other old man was afraid of losing, and is happy; but Tenshin knows better and can't understand why this happened. Jackie is taking an "oh well, that's show biz" attitude. Round six is about to start, and Kiririn suddenly realizes that he has to face Gokuu. Gokuu promises to try his best, and wants Kiririn to do so, too. Then, the announcer wants them to come out, and Kiririn challenges his friend. Their friends give them encouragement, Kiririn tells himself that he CAN win, both of them say that this will be fun, and Tenshinhan asks Kamesennin "why?" Why did Kamesennin disguise himself to fight? The old man replies that the two boys needed guidance, and he'd stuck around as long as he was better than them. Which causes Tenshin to assume that since he beat the old man, the two boys are no problem. The old man says, "you're a bit wrong." Then round 6 starts. Kamesennin explains that he doesn't like fighting against people that have bad training. The other guy says he was trained by the world's greatest assassin, Tao-pie Pie, which Kamesennin says proves his point. Gokuu and Kiririn fight, then pause to comment on each other's improved speed and strength, while the audience goes "wow..." Kiririn uses his shiny head to blind his friend, and gloats over the victory until Gokuu lands and waits for Kiririn to join him (and be vulnerable to a punch.) Gokuu says he's going to win, but Kiririn's blowfish imitation postpones the victory. They both say that this is fun, then attack again. Outside the ring, Kamesennin is berating Gokuu for not taking this seriously. Gokuu uses Kamehame-ha to super-propel his body into Kiririn, which knocks the other boy down for the count of three. Kiririn gets up ("owie owie owie") and attacks again. He knows he can't win with speed or strength, so he starts Kamehame-ha, but Gokuu just tells him that he doesn't want to use Kamehame-ha himself, but would rather fight with the power of his body. Kiririn grins and completes the blast. But, the attack was a feint to let Kiririn grab Gokuu's tail. The boy gloats outloud about this being Gokuu's only weakness and Gokuu collapses. Then gets up again ("My tail was with me for the last three years, and it got stronger along with the rest of me.") This concerns Kamesennin, because the boy doesn't have any weaknesses any more. Except for being easily tricked ("Huh?") Gokuu gets a little more serious, and disappears (which shocks everyone except Tenshin.) There's a loud drumming sound coming from the ring, and Tenshin knows that this is Gokuu jumping left and right so fast as to be invisible. When Gokuu reappears right in front of Kiririn, the element of surprise sends the boy out of the ring. Gokuu wins, but the crowd just stands there, trying to figure out what had just happened. Tenshin, Tsurursennin, and Kamesennin just get lost in their own thoughts. Going into the final round, the announcer asks if Gokuu wants anything, and the boy replies, "no." So, the announcer yells out that the last round is starting, people yell out encouragement, and both sides say that this will be fun. The announcer welcomes everyone to the main event of this, the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, and re-introduces Kamesennin's Son Gokuu, and Tsurusennin's Tenshinhan. Kamesennin wants to get closer to watch the fight, and finds Kiririn, who says that this area is only open to the fighters. Kamesennin tells him that they'll watch from here together. Chao-zu wonders who will win, and Tsurusennin won't rest until the killer of his little brother loses. It starts, and they fight until Tenshin uses Dodon. Which just causes Gokuu to use his disappearing act again. This time, though, his opponent can see where he is. Kamesennin remarks on how Tenshin's punches sound like a machine gun, and Kiririn calls out Gokuu's name. Finally, Tenshin says it's ended, and he hopes that Gokuu will like it in heaven. Chao-zu is overwhelmed, and Tsurusennin is glad that the boy will be dead soon. But, instead of delivering the death blow, Tenshin practices Haikyuu-ken ("volleyball technique,") and spikes the boy into the ground. Tsurusennin says "he's dead..." Then Gokuu hops up, and the old man shouts "im... impossible!!!" Gokuu says that he's glad Tenshin is so strong. Then, Gokuu describes "shiai power,"the rush that you get in combat when someone tries to kill you. Tenshin is intrigued, and challenges Gokuu to show him this thing. So, Gokuu does. At the end, when Tenshin is most vulnerable, Gokuu starts his Kamehame-ha, but then stops it in the middle. The man lands, and Gokuu asks him how he feels. Tenshin says that he can feel the power from the crowd, and Gokuu understands. Kiririn wants to know why his idiot friend stopped the Kamehame-ha, and is told that Gokuu has learned to conserve his energy from the last Tenkaichi-budoukai. The announcer is going wild describing the fight. Then, Gokuu announces "fist from above," which leads to: Attack from behind, Behind attack from behind, to Behind the Behind attack from behind. Gokuu is stunned that Tenshin can still stand. And, it's now time for the Taiyou-ken again. Tenshin lunges while Gokuu is blinded, but can't believe that he's the one who's been dropped. (Gokuu took the glasses off of Kamesennin's face.) The count starts, then, when Gokuu thanks the old man for the sunglasses, Tenshin blindsides him.) ("You really are a bastard.") The glasses are busted. Now, it's time for both of them to get serious. Without the glasses, Kamesennin reminds Kiririn of someone he's just seen. The old man tells the boy to shut up and watch the match. Gokuu comes in with the attack, but he freezes up, and gets dropped. Gokuu curses, and Tenshin is wondering what happened. (Kamesennin thinks that Tsurusennin has something to do with it.) They try again, and Tsurusennin says, "Now," and Chao-zu responds. Gokuu freezes up and gets dropped again. He almost gets knocked out of the ring, and uses Kamehame-ha to save himself. The process repeats itself. The announcer starts the count. Tenshin can't believe this. Tsurusennin thinks out "kill him, kill him, kill him!!" Tenshin doesn't want to win this way (through cheating,) and the count is up to six. But, this is not a matter of honor, it's a matter of destroying Tao-pie Pie's killer. At the eight-count, Tenshin shouts out "Stop it!!!" Chao-zu loses his concentration, and the announcer is confused. Gokuu gets up, leaving the announcer more confused. Gokuu wants to drop the bastard, but Kamesennin calls out to him to wait. Tenshin says that he can't kill, that he's not an assassin. This is an act of treason, and Tsurusennin tells Chao-zu to kill both fighters. But, Tenshin is Chao-zu's friend, so Tsurusennin gets ready to kill the little kid. Tenshin yells out Chao-zu's name, and is told to move. Kamesennin's Kamehame-ha blast whips by and knocks Tsurusennin out of the city. With that out of the way, the fight can continue. But now, Tenshin can't possibly let himself lose, and he prepares for his next big attack (Chao-zu thinks he's going to use a different attack, and tells his friend not to do it.) Tenshin says that he's not a killer, and Gokuu allows that the guy may not be all bad. As Tenshin grows another set of arms (and everyone wonders what he's trying to do,) Chao-zu is relieved that he isn't doing Kikouhou. The extra set of arms impresses Gokuu, and they start again. The extra set allows Tenshin to control Gokuu's arms and legs. But, not his tail. Tenshin comments on this, and Gokuu replies that while Tenshin had 4 arms, Gokuu has 8 (he uses the same high-speed fighting technique that Chapa had in book 10. This surprizes everyone but Kamesennin, who is pleased. Tenshin gets roughed up, and is losing patience with "the shrimp." So, he loses the extra arms to concentrate on his real, final technique. He will kill Gokuu. Chao-zu screams out "Kikouhou -- Ten-san, stop it!!" [Note: That between page 165 and 167, the dialogue is changed, but two of the panels are duplicated exactly.] Kamesennin also realizes what's happening, and thinks that Tenshin plans on a suicide attack. Kiririn asks what's going on, and Kamesennin answers that Kikouhou is a very powerful attack, but if you make even the slightest mistake, it'll kill both your target, and yourself. But, Tenshinhan reassures Chao-zu that he's not planning on dying. The announcer goes wild describing the events, and Gokuu says that he's not going to run away from this attack, causing Kamesennin to call him an idiot. Tenshin gets ready to go, and Gokuu waits for it. End of book 11. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann June 27, 1993
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