Dragon Ball volume 12 summary and personae list. New Characters: Piccolo: AKA The Great Demon King Piccolo. A huge, shrivelled green monster with 2 antenna. Wants the Dragon Balls to make a certain wish, and the list of Tenkaichi-budoukai fighters so that he can kill them all off. Had been imprisoned by Kamesennin's old master, and released by Pilaf. Tamborine: One of Piccolo's demon warriors. Is the one to kill Kiririn. Cymbol: Another of Piccolo's warriors, sent out to get the Dragon Ball held by Yajirobee. Yajirobee: Monk. Long, shaggy hair, and wears a yukata (a simple top garment sort of like a robe) and sandals. A master swordsman with an appetite that rival's Gokuu's. Mutaito-sama: Kamesennin's old master. Died while imprisoning Piccolo in the Denshi Jar several hundred years ago. Fighting styles: Mafuu-ba: A magic wind that can be used to trap Piccolo in the Denshi Jar. Has a rather serious drawback. Other notes: Denshi Jar: The container that had held Piccolo prisoner for several hundred years. Story: Volume 12 The audience wonders what's going on, and Chao-zu yells out "Ten-san, don't die!" Kiririn asks if Gokuu will be killed, and Kamesennin answers that even if he isn't, Gokuu will be disqualified for landing outside of the ring. Tenshin's hands start glowing with the power channeled from his body (which impresses Gokuu,) and he concentrates on the fighting ring, then calls out "Kikouhou!!!!" Gokuu doesn't know what to do, Kamesennin tells him to avoid the blast, and Chao-zu prays to god. When the crowd's eyes recover, the fighting ring is gone, and no one can find Gokuu. Then, Chao-zu says that both of them are still alive. Tenshin realizes that he has to climb higher up. Gokuu is more impressed, and realizes that Tenshin had tried to kill him. But, Tenshinhan can float, and the ring is now gone, so when Gokuu lands it will be outside of the ring, and he'll lose (Ten wonders if the boy can grow wings quickly.) However, while Tenshin had used up everything he had in the Kikouhou, Gokuu still has one attack left -- Kamehame-ha. Which is fine by Tenshin, because he can handle the blast and still float while Gokuu still falls. Everyone thinks that Gokuu is wasting his time, but the boy turns around at the last moment, and uses the blast to smash himself into Tenshin. This Tenshin can't handle, and the two fall at the same rate (Kamesennin is surprised, and Tenshin realizes that he's blown it.) The announcer uses a capsule to make a flyer-cycle so that he can keep an eye on the two fighters. Gokuu will hit the ground first, so he musters the last of his Kamehame-ha power to slow his descent just enough. The announcer is describing this, and Yamcha cheers from inside the hospital. Then, the Matodog truck rolls down the street, Gokuu slams into it, and then into the ground. Tenshin touches the ground second, and wins the match. The announcer then says "farewell until the next time in 3 years," to the departing crowd. Kiririn gives his good jersey to Gokuu, commerserating with him. But, Gokuu isn't angry (a loss is just a loss.) Tenshin wants to split half of the prize money with Gokuu, who turns it down because money doesn't mean anything to him. Tenshin knows that he has a lot to learn, and Kamesennin suggests that they have supper (which makes Gokuu very happy.) Tenshin says that he'll pick up the tab, Kiririn replies that he doesn't know how much Gokuu can eat. As they're about to leave, Gokuu realizes that he's forgotten the Dragon Ball inside the budoukai building. Kiririn goes inside to get Gokuu's stuff. The group wastes some time talking about what they want to do next, then Kiririn screams out. Inside, Kiririn is lying on the ground, dead. The announcer weakly tells the group that a monster had killed Kiririn, taken the Dragon Ball and the list of people that had entered the Tenkaichi-budoukai. Gokuu demands the Dragon Radar, and rushes off while calling for Kintoen. Kamesennin tries to stop him, but it's too late. The Ball is close, and Gokuu chases after it. Kamesennin rages -- if the creature could kill Kiririn so easily, it could do the same to Gokuu. Oolong finds a sheet of paper left behind by the monster -- it is marked with the kanji "ma" ("magic.") Kamesennin hears this and rushes over. People ask him why he's so shocked, and he says that this means the Demon King Piccolo is back. They ask who this guy is (Kushami says that Piccolo is a stupid name,) but Tenshin knows that Piccolo was really bad, a long time ago, before being killed. Kamesennin acknowledges this. [Flash-back] The name "Piccolo" is cute, but it identifies a creature of great evil. Mutaito-sama, at the time (which was a LONG time ago) had been a teacher with two pupils -- Kamesennin, and Tsurusennin. Mutaito-sama had managed to use a magic wind to propel Piccolo into a denshi jar, trapping the demon king. But, the spell he used took too much out of Mutaito-sama, and he died right after (the men standing over Mutaito-sama's body are his two students.) The denshi jar was then thrown into the depths of the ocean. Chao-zu can't believe that Tsurusennin might have rescued Piccolo, and Kamesennin reassures him that someone else must have done it. However, Yamcha points out that since Piccolo did kill Kiririn and take the Dragon Ball, what will happen to Gokuu is... Kamesennin finishes "Gokuu will die." The group puzzles over what to do next (they want to help Gokuu, but have no way to track him), and Kamesennin wants to know why Piccolo wanted the list of Budoukai fighters. [Note: Much of Dragon Ball is based on the old Monkey King stories, meaning that many of the big events are twists on the old plots. The bit with the denshi jar refers to a bag of wind that some of the old gods had used for trapping victims.] On Pilaf's aircraft, Piccolo asks Pilaf what the wish is he wants to make. Pilaf asks to be made ruler of Earth, but is talked down to ruling only 1/4 of Earth. Piccolo, however, wants the Balls so that he can be made young again (apparently, he'd aged alot inside the jar.) He also takes his wrath out on the jar, and says that all of the Tenkaichi-budoukai fighters will feel his power (Pilaf responds, "Good fighting...") Then, Kamesennin suddenly realizes that Piccolo wants to kill off anyone strong enough to use Mafuu-ba (Magic seal attack,) which had sealed Piccolo in the jar so long ago. The announcer understands, because the budoukai weeds out the lesser people. Tenshin wants to know if this means that the best of the budoukai fighters will be killed. Meanwhile, Gokuu has found Tamborine. Seeing the Dragon Ball, he goes crazy, accusing the monster of killing Kiririn ("Kiririn? The brat was no challenge.") Gokuu vows to kill the monster in revenge, but is still weak from the budoukai. After a bit of insulting, the monster destroys Kintoen, and then smashes Gokuu Earth-ward -- the creature enjoys killing things. Back at the Budoukai, the group has gotten worried, since Gokuu is late in returning. They argue over whether to wait some more, return to Kame House, or confront Piccolo (Oolong is relieved, because he's not a fighter, and Piccolo won't try to kill him; but at this point, Buruma might.) Of course, going to the police is out of the question, and alerting anyone else would just cause panic. So, they have to take things in their own hands, and the announcer says that they really are the best people in the world. Oolong curses, because his future looks bleak, and Kushami says EVERYONE's future looks bleak right now. Tamborine returns with Gokuu's Dragon Ball, and Piccolo marvels over it. Tamborine also has 10 years worth of names of the people that made it to the final rounds of the budoukai. He's told to post the pictures, and Pilaf wants to help. When the creature comes to Kiririn's sheet, he crumples it up, and asks if that really was one of the world's best fighters. Mei finds Gokuu's sheet, and Pilaf reads it (made it to the final rounds, twice. Of course, this is why he's so strong.) But, the monster looks over, and says that he killed that guy, too. And, since it was so easy, he tells Piccolo that the remaining victims will be no challenge. Piccolo laughs, then says that because of Mafuu-ba, he wants everyone of the budoukai fighters dead. And he wants the Dragon Balls, too. In a huddle, Mei and Shuu suggest to Pilaf that maybe this isn't a very good situation, and that Pilaf's half of the world domination might be in danger. Piccolo repeats his instructions to Tamborine, and his advisor asks about the search for the Balls. In the face of possible dangers, Piccolo allows that he needs another minion -- and spits out an egg (looks rather painful and distasteful. Note that while the egg seems to come from his stomach or chest area, this is not physically possible later on in volume 14.) Piccolo decides to name his baby demon "Cymbol," and gives the creature instructions to retrieve the remaining six Balls. He also asks Pilaf where the next Ball is, and Pilaf points it out on a globe-shaped Dragon Radar. Cymbol studies the map, and Tamborine chooses to attack Namu, who currently lives in Siam. Shuu is worried, and Pilaf tells him to keep his voice down, saying that everything will be all right. The group has told Tenshinhan about the Dragon Balls, and they consider the idea of getting all seven to wish Kiririn back to life (Oolong thinks that they might be a bit late when that happens. However, Buruma has put the body in a storage capsule, and wants to know if Oolong wants to join Kiririn ("I'm still alive.") Then Kamesennin says, "Hmm... They're blue." "What, our next plan?" "No, Buruma's panties." After getting beaten up for letting his mind wander, the old man says that there's some danger in getting the Balls. Then, Kushami tells them to watch the TV, which is describing the discovery of Namu's body in his home, and the piece of paper placed beside him with the kanji "ma" on it. They realize that it's started. But, if they ask for help, or let the news leak out, there'll be useless panic. Kamesennin asks Buruma how long it'll take her to build a new Dragon Radar ("half a day, if I hurry.") They rush off, and wonder what Gokuu's fate is (they hope he's still alive, but they have their doubts.) In the jungle, Gokuu comes to -- in pain and very hungry. He smells food and runs to find it. The cooking fish is like a dream to him, and he quickly finishes it off. Which leaves him happy, and fully recovered. He yells for Kintoen, but the cloud had been destroyed. He's more intent than ever on finding the one who'd killed Kintoen and Kiririn, and stolen the Ball. Planning on following on foot, he uses the radar to locate the #4 Ball. Which is right next to him. Looking for it, he suddenly has to dodge the boulder thrown at him. He shouts for the bastard to come out, and the shaggy guy that appears asks who's calling him a bastard. He accuses Gokuu of eating his fish, and Gokuu had thought it'd been just growing there ("you ate my breakfast!!!") Gokuu accuses the guy of being the monster that stole the Dragon Ball (because it is hanging on the guy's chest.) They call each other names (winged monster, fish thief) and attack. During the next lull, they both think "who is this guy." Then, Gokuu realizes that the Ball has the wrong number of stars, and asks when the guy had found it ("three years ago.") He apologizes, but the guy still wants to settle the matter of the fish. Gokuu grunts, and the guy asks why. "It's not a 'fish grunt', look." This is the monster that beat up Gokuu, and he's looking for this thing called a Dragon Ball. Cymbol asks if the guy had seen it, and the guy just insults him. Then Cymbol sees the Ball and demands it. Gokuu tells him not to hand it over, and the guy says he won't. Cymbol gets ready to kill the guy, and Gokuu says "hey, this is my fight." Gokuu says that the monster had killed his friend, and the guy just wants to kill Cymbol to have him for breakfast. Cymbol doesn't care who he fights first. The guy and Gokuu decide via scissors-paper-stone, and the guy wins. The monster tells the guy that he'll regret this, and the guy says the same thing back. They fight, and the monster gloats until the guy stands back up, saying "This is one weird day." The guy thinks about cooking Cymbol, who's disturbed about this form of fighting spirit. Cymbol gets mad and uses a magic attack. The guy curses, and Gokuu asks if he needs help (he doesn't.) Gokuu is impressed by the sword cut. Back in Pilaf's ship, Piccolo feels the shock of Cymbol's death. He goes into a coughing attack, and his servant asks if he's ok. Piccolo says that Cymbol is dead, which he can't believe. The guy makes sure that Gokuu doesn't want some, and then decides that Cymbol is quite delicious. Gokuu asks his name, and he wants Gokuu's first. Then, he says "Gokuu" is a weird name, and that his own is Yajirobee, and he is a monk. Piccolo comments that Cymbol was going after the Dragon Ball when he died, and he telepathically commands Tamborine to check out the site. Meanwhile, Tamborine is beating up Gilan, while the neighbors watch on. Gilan tries to put on a good show, but fails. Gilan makes 6 dead, and Yamcha will be number 7. However, he gets this message. He gives Piccolo the status report, and is praised for his work. However, Cymbol is dead, and he should find out what happened. In the ship, Pilaf is wondering why the weird demon king is whispering to himself (Mei tells him that this is telepathy.) Tamborine says that he understands and is on his way. Yajirobee is still commenting on how good Cymbol tasted, and is still hungry. Gokuu says that the man is in danger, and also realizes that the other man's voice sounds just like that of his dead friend, Kiririn. Which annoys Yajirobee, but if this Kiririn sounds like him, the guy must be good looking ("No, he's short and has no nose." "He's a monster!!") Yajirobee starts heading off to find another monster to eat, and Gokuu says "see you again!" This stops Yajirobee, who doesn't want to meet the boy a second time. Gokuu warns him about the Ball again, and the guy wants to know what's so special about it. Before Gokuu can get too far, he's interrupted buy the appearance of Yojirobee's next meal. Gokuu realizes that he'd been wrong, and that Tamborine is the one he really wants to kill. He yells out, and Tamborine sees them. Yojirobee says it's ok to kill the monster, as long as he's the one that gets to eat it. Then Tamborine recogizes Gokuu. Tamborine and Gokuu banter for a while (about the killing of Kiririn, and how Gokuu will be next,) before the demon tells the boy to come on. However, he's never seen One Pattern before, and is so confused that he gets really trashed. Yojirobee just stands there, and Tamborine gets back up, to Gokuu's annoyance. The monster can't believe that a human could stand up to one of Piccolo's minions. Tamborine thinks that his breath-blast has killed Gokuu, but that didn't happen. He tries to escape, and Gokuu uses his bo to give him some altitude, and follows it up with Kamehame-ha. Tamborine's death is even more painful to Piccolo. On the ship, the demon king and his minion are getting excited over the recent events, and Pilaf asks who on Earth is that strong. Mei answers "Godzilla?" Piccolo tells Pilaf to take him to Tamborine's last known location -- he has to see this killer for himself. Piccolo fumes about his loss, when Pilaf notices something. Four of the Balls are heading towards a fifth one. Piccolo's not the only one going for the Balls. [Note: A story inconsistancy here. Yajirobee was found, near the budoukai site, to have the #1 Ball. Since Pilaf has a Radar mapper that can pinpoint the location, and number of stars, for each Ball, Piccolo should have told Tamborine to get both the #1 and #4 Balls when he was in the area, rather than send his minions out on two separate trips. Either Toriyama overlooked this point, or Piccolo was in such a hurry to get the list of budoukai entrants that the sidetrip to locate Ball #1 would have taken too long.] Tenshin comments on how easy it was to get the first four Balls. They talk about what happened in the last few chapters, and Tenshin wants to beat Piccolo. Problem is, if they use the wish to make him stronger, they'd have to wait a year to revive Kiririn. Tenshin wants to learn to use Mafuu-ba, and Kamesennin tells him that it's out of the question. (However, Tenshin thinks that the old man might try to use it himself.) Pilaf is afraid of what's going to happen if someone gets the other Balls, but Piccolo reminds him that they're useless without the one he has. He'll worry about that problem later, after he's dealt with the killer of his children. Yojirobee wants to know if anymore suppers are going to be coming for his Dragon Ball, and Gokuu says that the next one is very close. They look around for it, but don't see anyone coming towards them. Until they glance upward and see Pilaf's ship. Mei's voice booms out to Piccolo that they've arrived, and Shuu tells her that she's thrown the wrong switch -- that one's for the outside PA system. Then she tries it again and gets it right. Yojirobee repeats Piccolo's name, and Gokuu realizes that the demon king is the one who sent out the other monsters. But, Yojirobee is about to remember something, and suddenly, he recalls just who Piccolo is. He rapidly gives Gokuu the #1 Ball. Gokuu wants to know why the guy is giving away his treasured possession, but doesn't get a good answer. The guy runs off, despite the imminent appearance of supper. Below them, Pilaf spots someone moving, and wants to know where to land. Piccolo doesn't care. Then Pilaf gets a good look at Gokuu and stammers out "it's him." Then he tells Piccolo that this is the shrimp that keeps beating them out of the Dragon Balls. So, this is the one that faced Tamborine and Cymbol -- he'll now face Piccolo's wrath. Gokuu accuses the monster of killing his friend and taking the Dragon Ball from him, and the monster acknowledges this and wants the Ball that Gokuu now has. Hiding behind a tree, Yojirobee recognizes Piccolo. Piccolo wants his revenge, and Gokuu says that Piccolo will be next. This amuses the monster, and Gokuu attacks -- Yojirobee expects the boy to die now. Piccolo is surprized at how fast Gokuu is. Pilaf is watching this, and wants them to escape from that little monster. Further, Yojirobee can't believe that Gokuu has lasted this long. The servant tells Pilaf to quit trying to run away, and watch. Piccolo hadn't expected anyone on this planet to put up much of a fight, and is amused. Then he gets serious. He wants the boy to surrender, but he gets his thimb bitten first. Gokuu finally realizes that he's out-matched, and Piccolo says that at this point he himself only has half of his original power (because of his extreme age.) Gokuu extends his arms, and Piccolo is terrified that the next attack wiil be Mafuu-ba. Instead, it's Kamehame-ha. Gokuu thinks that he's won, but is wrong. Piccolo isn't impressed by the attack, and decides to kill the boy. Gokuu wants to win, and Yojirobee thinks that he should go out and help soon (but not just yet.) Piccolo asks Gokuu if he'll like the next attack, and Gokuu tries to understand this. Our hero dodges the first blast, but gets hit by the second. He falls, lifeless, to the ground. Piccolo and his servant are happy, Pilaf and Shuu are stunned by the monster's power. He returns to the ship, triumphant. It is now His Time. They leave to get the other 5 Balls. Yajirobee comes out, and decides not to eat Gokuu. But, the corpse twitches, and Yojirobee hears a heartbeat. He slaps the boy, who starts to cough and then asks for water. At the river, the guy tells Gokuu to drink his fill. After, they both agree that this is a bad situation, and that Gokuu is powerless against the monster. Gokuu asks Yajirobee to take him to Karin Tower (pronounced "karin tou", or "Clint", and Yajirobee wants to know who Clint is.) Yaji agrees, as long as he gets fed along the way. Meanwhile, Chao-zu finds the 5th Ball, and Kamesennin discovers that the remaining 2 Balls are coming their way -- obviously, Piccolo is approaching. Gokuu thanks Yajrobee for helping him, and the guy says that he just really hates dead things. End of book 12. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann July 1, 1993
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