Dragon Ball volume 14 summary and personae list. New Characters: Mister Popo: The little, fat black guy wearing a Turkish outfit. Is Kami-sama's sole servant, and is more powerful than anyone that Gokuu's fought before. Kami-sama: (Kami means "god," and that is the reading for the kanji on his tunic.) Occupant of the island floating high above Karin Tower. Most powerful character yet. Fighting styles: Other notes: Story: Volume 14 Piccolo is laughing, and Gokuu comments that the monster's power really is impressive. But then, so is his own. They banter a little, and fight again. (Note: While Gokuu is tumbling horizontally from the blow, the crater could only have been made if he'd fallen straight down from a very great height.) Piccolo gloats over Gokuu's death, and Tenshin prepares to fight next. But while they're talking, there's this muffled voice in the background ("Ka. Me. Ha. Me.") They both notice, and then Gokuu leaps up to yell "Ha" -- but Piccolo's seen this trick before and prepares to block it. Gokuu shouts "Now" and shows that Kamehame-ha can be controlled for non-linear motion. "Did it!" Tenshin didn't know you could do that with Kamehame-ha, and Gokuu tells Piccolo to stand up (the Kamehame-ha wasn't full-strength.) Piccolo calls Gokuu a monster again. And they return to the fighting. Tenshin remains stunned. At the next lull, the triclops cheers on Gokuu. In the castle, the ex-Emperor's people are just noticing the noise coming from outside. One guard states that Piccolo isn't at the Western District, yet. They run to the windows to watch. Piccolo gets an eye-beam attack in against Gokuu's knee, and gloats. But, Gokuu says he doesn't need that knee to keep on. Piccolo laughs and gets ready to swing, when Gokuu tells his bo to extend. The ex-Emperor is impressed, but his guard tells him that it's dangerous here, and they should move to a safer place. It's Gokuu's turn to gloat, and the monster complains about the bo. And, some distance out, Yamcha says that they'll arrive in 10 minutes, and hopes that Tenshin isn't dead yet. Buruma wants Tenshin to fight well, so that the western district won't be destroyed. Then the announcer comes on TV and states that there's some fighting at the King's Castle -- between Piccolo and a young boy. Buruma wonders if Gokuu is alive after all, and Yamcha doubts it. However, Uranai Baba had stated that Gokuu would go on to do a great thing, and maybe this is it. Yamcha and Buruma believe this option, and cheer on Gokuu. Piccolo starts powering up again, and neither of the two good guys know what's happening (other than it's a lot of power.) The monster uses a finger blast to knock away the bo, which is all he wanted to accomplish. Yelling "It's over," he blows up the block. On the plane, the TV station has gone off the air, and Buruma points out the cloud ahead of them. The Emperor has managed to escape the blast, but he mourns the loss of this district. Piccolo laughs insanely -- he has won. But, he suddenly notices a flash of power, and looks around for it. There's a laugh from above him, and he sees Tenshin holding the boy aloft. Gokuu thanks Ten for rescuing him. But, Tenshin has been hurt very badly. Piccolo knows that Ten can't do this again, so Gokuu will die soon. But, Gokuu says he still has a chance. Piccolo doesn't believe this, since the brat has a bum knee, no bo, and Tenshin is exhausted. As the monster readies another explosion attack, Gokuu attacks him. But, the punch isn't strong enough, and Piccolo completes the blast. Now, it's really over. At the bottom of the pit, there's this faint voice calling for Kintoen (Gokuu had been able to shield himself from most of the force.) This blows Piccolo's mind. No human can stand up to his power. Gokuu tells him that his tail should prove that he's not human. But, he wants this decided now, as to who is actually stronger. So, Piccolo grabs out to the side, and lifts Tenshin up by the head. If Gokuu moves, Tenshin dies. Ten tells the boy to attack anyway, and then screams in pain as Piccolo starts to squeeze. Gokuu tells him to stop, and will do as the monster says. "Don't move." The first rock takes out Gokuu's left arm. Then they yell at each other, and Gokuu promises to use the Dragon Balls to wish things better. But, Piccolo now tells him that Shenlon is dead. Does the boy really want to risk Tenshin's life by risking Piccolo's wrath? The second rock takes out Gokuu's good leg. Piccolo likes Gokuu's show of spirit, but loves the fact that Gokuu can't stand up now. He doesn't need Tenshin any more, and tosses the triclops away. Piccolo laughs insanely, gloating over how it's all going to end now. He leaps into the air to kill Gokuu. He yells out "Die!!!!" Gokuu yells out that he still has one attack left, and uses his good hand to perform a version of Kamehame-ha. He'll win with one good fist. Piccolo readies for pay-back time (for the death of this children.) The power from the Choushin water startles Piccolo, and Gokuu wins. Piccolo can't believe that this is happening to him, but has time to spit out one last egg (and tells the child to grow up to avenge him.) Then he explodes. (Note: Just exactly how does Piccolo create these eggs before spitting them out?) Gokuu has no power left, and falls helplessly to the ground. Tenshin calls out "Son!!", but can't save the boy. However, Gokuu looks up at the one that does catch him and says "Yajirobee..?" Ten asks if they know each other. Hiding behind some rubble, Yamcha and Buruma are nervously discussing the latest explosion, and wondering how dire the situation is. Yajirobee is annoyed because he missed the fun. Tenshin is impressed with Gokuu's performance, and the boy says that his body is all banged up. Although Yajirobee offers to carry them both in his car, Tenshin refuses, stating that he has to return to Kame House and tell people what happened (the monk wonders if the triclops is really ok.) Ten tells Gokuu to get well fast, but Gokuu wants to know if Kamesennin is really dead -- yes, Chao-zu and Shenlon, too. But because of Gokuu, Ten is still ok. Then, Tenshin says they'll meet again at the next Tenkaichi-budoukai. Waving, he thinks that Gokuu is truly an impressive brat; the other two ride off. Yajirobee is commmenting on the destruction of the city, and wondering who really won. Then, Tenshin finds Gokuu's staff and decides to take it for safekeeping, when Yamcha pops out asking where Piccolo is. Later, Tenshin has told the others what had happened, and Buruma calls the TV station to let everyone still living know that the terror is over. But... while peace and harmony threaten to return, baby Piccolo is vowing to kill his father's murderer, saying "I hate peace." Back at Karin Tower, Gokuu is amazed that the senzu seed has healed him so quickly. But, Gokuu's going to need his powers, because it's not over with Piccolo, yet. Yajirobee doesn't believe this, since Gokuu had destroyed the monster. But Senpyou tells him about the baby. So, they need to get the Dragon Balls right away. (Gokuu asks if Senpyou knows about the Dragon Balls, and the cat says that there's nothing he doesn't know.) Then the monk asks if he knows that Shenlon is dead -- he has trouble believing that. Gokuu curses, because if Shenlon were alive, the others could be wished back. Yajirobee says that's the way it goes -- sickness and death happen. The cat basically agrees, and Gokuu gets angry with the situation. Then, Senpyou remembers that there is ONE person who can fix the Dragon Balls -- the other two ask him who this is, and he answers "Kami-Sama." This bugs Yajirobee, since he's a monk, and this is like saying that the best doctor is time (ie. -- it's a meaningless statement.) But, Gokuu wants to know more about this Kami-sama. The other two tell him that Kami-sama is very strong, and can do anything. However, you have to be pure of heart to see Him, which leaves Yajirobee out. Gokuu wants to know where to find Him, and Senpyou replies that His quarters are above Karin Tower. They check outside, and there's nothing above them. Can't use Kintoen, because it's too high up. The monk suggests using a rocket. Gokuu's running out of choices, and asks if he has to jump up. Senpyou says that the only way up is to use Gokuu's expanding staff (which Kamesennin had taken from its place, a long time ago.) Then they discover that the bo is missing -- this is really serious. Yajirobee suggests that it was left at the fight site, and Gokuu calls for Kintoen. But, the bo isn't where he left it, either. The boy is going crazy, when he remembers that if you have a question you can't answer yourself, you go to Uranai Baba. Which he does. Quickly, Gokuu asks Baba where his bo is, and tells her to bring on her five fighters so he can beat them up right away. But, Baba is afraid of Piccolo herself, and her little brother's future is at stake, so she answers the question for free -- it's at Kame House. Gokuu can't believe this, but he thanks Baba and rushes off. Baba says that Gokuu really is what she'd predicted. At the House, Gokuu bursts in, shouting "where's my bo!?" Everyone is happy to see him, but he doesn't have time for greetings. Grabbing the bo, he tells them that he's going to Kami-sama's to have all of the dead people brought back to life. After leaving them, the group says "What'd he say?" "Something about back to life, and Kami-sama..." He rushes back, shouting that he has the bo. They go upstairs, and Senpyou gives him instructions (plus, the cat wants a bell given to Kami-sama.) But, Yajirobee is afraid that if there really is a Kami-sama up there, that Gokuu might blow it all by acting rudely. Senpyou replies that that won't be a problem. But, the other two don't really understand that answer. The two are worried about how Senpyou worded the answer, and he tells them that there will be a little test, first. Gokuu gets ready to go, and Senpyou wishes him LOTS of luck... Then the staff expands. Yajirobee says that Gokuu is a scary guy, and Senpyou is afraid of what will happen when the boy sees Kami-sama's face for the first time. After a long time (the bo has never been able to expand this far before, must be the fact that this is its one real purpose,) a shrine is visible. The bo stops expanding just as it reaches the matching hole for it. Gokuu notices the ladder and clambers up. The boy sees a strange black man in a turban and they greet each other. Gokuu asks if the guy is Kami-sama, and the reply is "Wrong. I'm Mister Popo, Kami-sama's servant." And continues saying "You're the one that defeated Piccolo." Gokuu asks how he knows this, and is told that Kami-sama knows everything. Gokuu notices the building in the background and asks if that's Kami-sama's house. Popo asks if Gokuu has something for him. Gokuu pulls out the bell, and Popo tells him that its time for the test -- Gokuu has to fight Mister Popo before he can meet Kami-sama. Gokuu thinks that this is simple enough, and is told to come and attack, as the test has started. The boy hopes to surprise Popo ("Oh, he's disappeared. Is he 'here?' [smack]) Popo isn't impressed, and asks if Gokuu had really defeated Piccolo. This makes Gokuu mad, and he attacks again. Popo says that he wins, so Gokuu can't talk to Kami-sama. This pushes Gokuu over the edge, and he uses the Choushin power. But misses. Popo states that Gokuu doesn't have any remarkable powers, so there's no point to continuing the test. Popo tells Gokuu to return to Earth, but the hero is desperate to bring his friends back to life, and decides to start on some special training up here (Popo tells him to do as he likes.) After running, Gokuu's head is pounding. Popo tells him that it's because of the altitude. But, Gokuu's doing it wrong, he has to be like the sky, like the lightning (which he things means moving fast.) Popo says that his heart has to be empty, so Gokuu tries to be just like Popo. Which is hard. Popo states that the lightning is faster than Gokuu, and he demonstrates. Gokuu couldn't see him move, and Popo calls himself great, then states that Gokuu had tried watching him only with his eyes (which is why he failed.) Popo continues -- he's learned a lot of things from Kami-sama. Kami-sama is great, therefore Popo is great. Popo predicts that Gokuu will be able to beat him sometime, but he doesn't know how many years it will take.) There's a feeling of power in the air, and a voice states that Gokuu can meet Kami-sama after all, which is lucky for the boy (he thanks the voice.) He's told to wait outside the house, and he says that his heart is pounding. The door opens and out steps Piccolo. Gokuu attacks. Popo catches him on the rebound, stating that this isn't Piccolo, it's Kami-sama. Turns out that Kami-sama and Piccolo are the same person. Some time ago, the previous god had died, and it was this guy's turn to take up the role as Kami-sama. (I'm not exactly sure about this part.) Kami-sama says that when he became Kami-sama, Piccolo was born from the evil that was stripped from him. Because of Gokuu's willingness to take on special training, Kami-sama will help him, but Shenlon is the only one that can bring people back to life. So, Kami-sama has to resurrect Shenlon, first. Popo is told to bring Shenlon out, and then put the statue together again (Popo says that this task is simple.) Kami-sama explains that Shenlon was created to give people on earth something to do (more or less,) and that the key is the assembly of the Dragon Balls. When the statue is completed, they stand back, and Kami-sama activates Shenlon -- who rushes out of the top of the case and appears at Kame House. Because the Balls were turned to stone, the one year requirement between wishes doesn't apply. But, Gokuu can't leave to see his friends, because he must stay to train for the next Tenkaichi-budoukai, 3 years away. Because, Piccolo will be attending that budoukai. Kami-sama explains what had happened just before Piccolo had exploded. So, Kami-sama offers to allow himself and Mister Popo to fight Gokuu as part of extra special training. Gokuu promises to train really hard. But first, he needs to use the toilet. Popo says that since Piccolo and Kami-sama are the same person, if Piccolo is killed, Kami-sama will die too. But, it can't be helped. At Kame House, everyone is happy to see that Shenlon is back. The Dragon King explains that Gokuu is with Kami-sama, and was responsible for reviving him. For various reasons, they won't be able to meet Gokuu again until the next Tenkaichi-budoukai. Shenlon also knows what the wish is that they want to make -- bring the ones that Piccolo had killed back to life. He does this, then the Balls fly off. Kiririn and Kamesennin are glad to hear that Gokuu had saved them, but when they're told that the boy is in heaven right now, that can only mean (according to the old man) that Gokuu is receiving special training from Kami-sama. Kiririn has the most trouble handling this idea, but Tenshinhan looks forward to going up against Gokuu (with the expected increase in Gokuu's power and skill) in the next Tenkaichi-boudoukai. After Tenshin says this, everyone else agrees with the idea. The next few panels show the group training -- Gokuu trying to become perfectly still, Tenshin and Yamcha fighting. Kiririn thanks his friend, and looks forward to meeting him again. Three more years pass. Ranchi is complaining about how everyone is late. Buruma arrives in a taxi, saying that it's been a long time since they've seen each other. Kamesennin is impressed with how the girl has grown. Apparently, Buruma and Yamcha have had another fight, as Yamcha hadn't been at the west district, which is where Pool and Oolong met Buruma. Kamesennin looks forward to seeing Yamcha and Kiririn after so long, and Gokuu after the 3 year period. Then, a strange voice calls out, but neither Kamesennin or Buruma know this guy. The guy says he's happy that the old man is alive, and that everyone is looking healthy. He asks where Tenshin, Yamcha, and Kiririn are. Very slowly, people recognize him, and he asks them what's wrong. The rain stops, and Gokuu takes off his turban. He asks if Buruma's red lips mean that she's sick, and she angrily replies that it's lipstick. Kiririn, Chao-zu, Tenshinhan, and Yamcha show up, and greet the group. Everyone has changed since they last saw each other. Gokuu asks if Kiririn's been doing ok, and Kiririn stammers "Go, Go, Gokuu.. Gokuu...!?" Kiririn is overwhelmed with emotion, but Yamcha and Tenshin still can't believe that this is Son Gokuu. The PA announces the start of the budoukai, and Gokuu asks if Kamesennin had brought their fighting uniforms (douji. Of course, he always does.) The old man tells them to fight well, and then Tenshin whispers a question (is he going to fight again this time? The old man says that he is going to pass this year. Obviously, no one else knows that he is Jackie Chan, even after all this time.) Buruma has developed a crush on Gokuu. As they walk to the changing rooms, Gokuu is asked if he'd really been trained by Kami-sama ("Yes. He's great.") Everyone is happy to be wearing their uniforms (the kanji is "kame" -- turtle.) Then, Yamcha notices that Gokuu's tail is missing. It just fell off one day -- he doesn't need it for fighting any more (which bothers Kiririn and Yamcha, who'd probably counted on grabbing it at some point.) [Note: The word balloon on page 147 was probably left blank by accident.] The two guys want to know why Gokuu's gone stiff suddenly, then they look over to see Piccolo Jr. Yamcha and Kiririn don't recognize the demon king's child, but Tenshin does. Gokuu thinks to himself that Piccolo actually did arrive at the budoukai. Tenshin asks if that really was Piccolo, and Gokuu says yes, but that there's nothing to worry about. However, Yamcha, Chao-zu, and Kiririn didn't hear the other two talking, and aren't let in on who the strange guy was. Then, a hand taps on Gokuu's shoulder, and the beautiful woman standing there smiles and says his name. Gokuu asks who she is. She calls him an idiot and stalks off. Yamcha and Kiririn want to know who the cute chick is, but Gokuu really doesn't have a clue. Kiririn gets angry, because Gokuu has all the luck (training with Kami-sama, meeting pretty women...) Then, the PA announces the rules -- same as before. 72 fighters this time. Tenshin wants to know why Piccolo has chosen to fight in the budoukai. As they pull their numbers, Tenshin telepathically tells Chao-zu that it's ok to put people in different blocks (so that they're not fighting Piccolo, or each other, right away.) Gokuu is #2, block 1. Kiririn notices the pattern, and Chao-zu flashes us a peace sign. The floor judge gives the normal rules, and starts the match between Gokuu and person #1. As Gokuu gets into the ring, Kiririn tells him that he wants to see a sample of Kami-sama's special techniques. The first fight is with Chapa-Ou -- the guy that Gokuu had defeated in a previous budoukai. Chapa-Ou is looking forward to the rematch (he recognizes Gokuu right away.) They start. Gokuu just stands there, and everyone gets angry with his lack of spirit (apparently, their friend plans on losing the fight.) Chapa-Ou kicks, then tries to discover where Gokuu has disappeared to. He thinks the guy is above him (that's what had happened last time.) Gokuu taps Chapa-Ou on the back of the neck, and wins by a knock-out. The rest of the group is impressed, the audience is stunned. Piccolo knows that the demon king is going to win the budoukai. And, he expects to have lots of fun. We get to see Tenshin, Yamcha, and Kiririn all win their matches. But, Chao-zu blacks out, drops, and loses. Tenshin rushes over to help his friend. Chao-zu's opponent gleefully says that the boy is dead. Ten angrily rears back to attack the last person he'd ever expected to see standing in front of him -- Tao-pie Pie is back. He gloats, then the referee wants Tao to move, to let the next match start. Kiririn is getting annoyed over the number of people Gokuu knows that he doesn't. Gokuu replies that Tao-pie Pie is an assassin, the younger brother of Tsurusennin, and Tenshinhan's and Chao-zu's sempai (someone they looked up to.) Tao states that he has come back as a cyborg (which makes him a lot stronger.) Tao also hopes to fight Gokuu in the budoukai (and get revenge.) After that, Tao wants to repay Tenshin for the triclops' treatment of his older brother. (Ten stammers out that he isn't guilty of anything.) But, Ten will fight to avenge Chao-zu, which Tao looks forward to. #51 (Piccolo) easily wins his match. The heros fret over this. However, Gokuu isn't worried. Gokuu taps his man, and wins by knocking the guy out of the ring. The others are all shown winning their right to advance to the finals round (Piccolo wins because his opponent gave up.) Kiririn tells them to watch Tao-pie Pie, whose fighting spirit comes from wanting to kill the heros. Then, the girl they'd seen before wins her match. This leaves one last fight. Kiririn had heard about the one guy on the morning radio. The nerd rushes the masked blimp, obviously asking to be pummeled senseless. The blimp regretfully prepares to do the pummeling. The nerd trips, stands up, and knocks out the blimp. Everyone laughs, and the announcer tells the winners to gather to hear the rules for the main tournament. Then, Yajirobee takes off his mask, and curses. He dresses and acts philosophical. As the announcer looks over, he sees Kiririn, and immediately screams and starts praying for the ghost to not haunt him. Kiririn has to explain that he's not dead. The narrator sets up the next chapter as the winners draw numbers to establish their places in the final rounds. The final line up is: Tao-Pie Pie Vs Tenshinhan Gokuu Tokumei Kibou (the mysterious girl) Majunia (Piccolo) Kiririn Shen (the nerd) Yamcha End of book 14. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann July 10, 1993
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