Dragonball volume 15 Dragon Ball volume 15 summary and personae list. Fighting styles: Super Dodon-pa: A cannon blast that Tao-pie Pie uses against Tenshinhan. Stronger than the regular Dodon attack. Zanzou-ken: After-Image Attack. This is a technique that Ma Jr. uses, which is basically the same thing as One Pattern. Souki-Dan: Big inner-energy ball. Yamcha uses it against Shen. Me no 12: Twelve Eyes. Tenshin has the ability to create 3 exact clones of himself (actual creations, not just images.) Story: Volume 15 The group is talking about how Yamcha, Kuririn, and Gokuu have made it into the finals, which make it everyone but Chao-zu, who'd been defeated by Tsurusennin's little brother, Tao-pie Pie. Kamesennin is surprised, thinking that Gokuu had killed the assassin, but Kuririn explains that Tao is back as a cyborg. Yamcha is afraid that Tao will kill Tenshinhan (his former ally,) but Gokuu reassures them that Tenshin will be ok. Then, Tsurusennin shows up, laughing at the surprise on their faces. They threaten each other, and Tsurusennin leaves, claiming that the Cyborg Tao-pie Pie will defeat Tenshinhan. Buruma thinks that the old man was uppity, but Gokuu agrees that Tao is indeed impressive. Then, the PA announces the start of the finals, and the fighters go to the circle while the rest give them encouragement. Buruma wonders why Kamesennin is commenting on being able to watch this Tenkaichi-budokai (he's always fought in the previous ones,) and Oolong complains about not being able to see the ring. Buruma convinces Ranchi to help them get through the crowds. Kuririn is asking about Tenshin's chances against Tao, and Gokuu replies that Tenshin is really good. However, the Triclops looked a bit tired, so Gokuu tells the other two about this one thing that's like eating 10 days' worth of meals -- but Kuririn tells him that he, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chao-zu all have senzu seeds themselves -- all of them have climbed Karin tower to visit Senpyou. This makes Gokuu happy. However, Kuririn is commenting on Yajirobee's having come only to watch, and the monk steams over having lost in the elimination rounds. Then, the announcer welcomes everyone to the final rounds of this, the 23rd Tenkaichi-budoukai. The first round is between the reigning champion, Tenshinhan and Tao-pie Pie. Gokuu gives the reluctant fighter encouragement, and Tao promises to only half-kill the triclops. Kushami doesn't want Ten to lose, and the first round starts. However, Tenshin easily evades the first attack, and drops Tao with a light tap. Tao laughs it off, and Ten asks him to stop the harassment. Tao thinks Ten is afraid of him, but Tenshin shows that he is faster and says that he's stronger than the assassin. Tao doesn't believe this, either, and keeps attacking. In the next lull, Ten asks Tao to understand that he doesn't want to fight against Tsurusennin's family, but that he doesn't plan on losing, either. Tao accuses Ten of kidding around, and detaches his hand to attack with an extended blade. The announcer disqualifies Tao for using a weapon, but the assassin tells the guy to shut up, and he's not going play fair while killing Tenshinhan. Tsurusennin yells out to kill Tenshin, too. Gokuu, Yamcha, and Kuririn plan on helping out, but Ten stops them, saying that this is his problem to solve. Tao's other arm contains a cannon with a Super Dodon attack. Kamesennin tells the triclops to escape, while Tao describes the power and fury of Super Dodon -- and that there's no use in trying to run away. Ten's energy scares off Tao, who leaps back to put more space between them, before firing. Tsurusennin shouts out "Die!!!!" But, Tao can't believe that the Super Dodon was stopped by Ten just using his kiai (the shout you make when punching or kicking someone.) While Tao is trying to understand this, Tenshin knocks him unconscious. Gokuu states that he knew the triclops was impressive, being able to drop Tao with one blow. Ten gives the body to the terrified Tsurusennin, and tells his ex-master to please stop bothering him and his friends. The old man flies off with his brother, promising revenge. Gokuu congratulates Ten, who's not in the mood for that. Kamesennin is pleased with Ten's behavor, and Kuririn is surprised at how strong the guy is. Then, the announcer introduces round 2, between former fighter Son Gokuu and the female combatant Tokumei Kibou (means "anonymous desire".) Gokuu still doesn't know why she's angry with him, and thinks that she's mistaken him for someone else -- but there is only the one Son Gokuu. No one else knows who she is, either, but Kamesennin likes that fact that she's very cute. Then round 2 starts. Gokuu asks if they'd really met before, and she goes on about taking a "maiden's heart," and breaking their promise. Gokuu doesn't remember any promise, and Kamesennin recognizes her attack style as being from his own school. Gokuu asks what the promise was for, and the girl tells him "to be your bride." The others repeat "bride!!!?" Gokuu asks what "bride" means. Kuririn angrily yells back that it means Gokuu is supposed to get married to the girl. Gokuu still can't remember this, and the girl says that she'll tell him if he wins. He asks for her name, but that has to wait, too. This is when Oolong gloats over knowing who the girl is, stating that Yamcha, Buruma, Kamesennin, and Pool had all met her at the same time. Gokuu warns the girl that he's going to attack, and she dares him to. But, Gokuu is a lot faster and stronger than anyone expected, and he blows her right out of the ring. Winning his round. The announcer doesn't understand what happened, and Kamesennin explains that it was the force of the air that hit her. Gokuu asks if the girl is ok (she says "ow ow ow,") and Piccolo Jr. has noticed that Gokuu's attack is very close to his own style (ie -- Gokuu has trained under Kami-sama.) The girl crawls back into the ring, and states that she is the Magical Cow King's daughter, Chi Chi. The group is stunned, except for Oolong, who gloats over being right. Gokuu remembers the scene from book 2, and now realizes "bride" isn't a kind of food. He says "sure, let's get maried," and Chi Chi latches on to him (he objects to this part,) as the announcer yells out that the two fighters are going to get married. Chi Chi replies that it's a "husband and wife" thing. Gokuu takes a moment to warn Kuririn about the next fight. The announcer introduces Kuririn and Ma Jr. (Magic Junior). Kuririn calls the demon a "prissy bastard," and Ma Jr.'s reply of "small fry" amuses Kuririn. The little guy's attack form has everyone bewildered, before he releases a pair of energy blasts. Ma isn't impressed, but becomes very surprised to find the blasts following him. Ma gloats after taking out the blasts with his eyebeams, not noticing Kuririn getting ready to punch him. Gokuu is impressed. The announcer is surprised that Ma Jr. can levitate. Piccolo laughs off the attack, making Kuririn mad. The little guy attacks, and Piccolo tells him to keep coming, before punting Kuririn out of the ring. Piccolo thinks it's ended, but it turns out that Kuririn had taught himself to levitate during his recent training. Gokuu is very impressed, and the announcer comments on this. Piccolo apologizes for calling him a small fry, and states that he's going to show his real power -- Kuririn looks forward to this. Buruma is rooting for Kuririn, but Gokuu warns his friend to be very careful (Kuririn understands.) Piccolo asks if Kuririn is ready, then plans on not only defeating his enemy, but the whole world. Everyone waits, Kuririn wonders what the attack will be, and then Piccolo grabs him with what Tenshinhan calls "a moving arm." But, Kuririn isn't defeated easily, and Piccolo leaps into the air after the "stubborn guy." Kuririn realizes that this is his last chance, and starts up Kamehame-ha. Again, Piccolo thinks the fight has ended, but gets the blast full in the face. However, Piccolo announces "Zanzou-ken," and Gokuu yells out "Behind You!!" It's too late. Piccolo lands next to Kuririn's inert body, complaining that now that he's killed his enemy, the fun has come to an end. Then, Kuririn stands up, only to collapse again and surrender. The announcer goes wild, stating that Piccolo has won this round. Everyone cheers Kuririn, and Piccolo thinks that he's unbeatable. It's now time for round 4, between Yamcha and Shen -- this is the last of the first round finals, with the winner going on to the second round. As Shen strolls out, no one can seriously believe that he's a real fighter (Kuririn calls Yamcha lucky for getting to face such a wimp.) The fight is expected to go fast, and Shen politely says "glad to meet you." However, in the crowd, Yajirobee knows better -- that Shen isn't what he seems. Gokuu also senses something strange about the old man, but can't say what it is when Kuririn asks him about it. Then, round 4 starts, and Yamcha lets the guy go first. He apes around a bit, and crowd laughs at him. Then, charging, Shen trips and falls -- getting in a "lucky" kick. Everyone laughs this off, including Yamcha, who wants to finish Shen off fast. So, they try again, with Yamcha attacking, planning on kicking Shen out of the ring. But, the nerd ducks in fear, getting in another "lucky" blow. Yamcha's friends are getting embarrassed, and the announcer makes fun of Yamcha. Shen apologizes and asks if Yamcha is ok. Yamcha pretends that nothing's happened, and Shen claims that he's going to defeat Yamcha. Yamcha disagrees, and challenges the nerd to show real fighting spirit. So, Shen does. When Yamcha gets back up, Shen explains about the concepts of movement. Kamesennin wonders who the nerd is, and Yajirobee thinks "See, he IS good." Yamcha allows that the guy has a point, and states that he'll attack with speed, but Shen still claims that he'll win. Shen likes Yamcha's attack, but reminds the other man that you can use feet, too. The announcer asks who this Shen is, and Yajirobee replies that he knows. Shen tells Yamcha to use smaller movements. Kuririn is shocked that Yamcha's attacks aren't hitting, but Buruma wants to know what Yamcha's problem is. Kamesennin says Shen is strong, Tenshin adds that he's fast. Shen gives more advice, and Gokuu is starting to realize who Shen is. Shen acknowledges that Yamcha is strong, but that's not enough. He whispers that he's not human -- Gokuu can hear this, but not Kuririn. Then, Yamcha states that he's going to win with his final technique. He channels his force into his hand, asks how Shen likes this, and attacks with Souki-Dan. The attack misses, because Shen is so fast; Shen is very surprised, and Yamcha asks if Shen is really fast enough. Yamcha continues the attack, and gloats over hitting Shen. Shen's counter, however, knocks Yamcha out of the ring. The announcer states that Shen wins, and Gokuu makes the connection to Shenlon (Shen is another reading for "Kami") -- and finally it clicks that Shen is really Kami-sama in disguise. Shen comments on having been roughed up, and Yamcha and he complement each other. Then, Shen shows Gokuu that he knows that Gokuu knows. It's now time for the second round of matches, between the final four. Starting with the last Budoukai's finalists -- Son Gokuu and Tenshinhan. The two agree to make an entrance, which the crowd loves. Kuririn comments on Gokuu's spirit, and Chi Chi asks if Tenshin is very strong. Tenshin wants to see the results of Kami-sama's training. Gokuu laughs, and the match starts. They move so fast, even Kamesennin can't see them. Kuririn and Yamcha can follow the action, which stuns Chi Chi (she can't.) Gokuu uses One Pattern, and laughs when Ten falls for the old trick. The announcer states that the two are evenly matched, but Kamesennin disagrees, thinking that Gokuu's a little more out of breath. Ten talks about Gokuu having improved in the last three years, but Ten has improved a lot more, too. Yamcha loses Ten, but Kuririn spots the triclops higher up. Gokuu can see Tenshin, but can't move fast enough to block him. The announcer finally sees them. Gokuu almost gets knocked out of the ring, but pulls a fast one to get back to safety. Ten brags that he's going to win, then Gokuu asks if he can take a moment to remove some clothing. Ten comments that it is a bit warm out, sure. Gokuu struggles out of his shirt, and drops it. Ten asks if he can look at the shirt for a moment, and is shocked at how heavy it is. Between the wrist bands, boots, and shirt, Gokuu was carrying 100 kg of extra weight (about 220 pounds.) NO one can believe this. It was a part of Kami-sama's training, and was an extension of the turtle shells that Kamesennin had Gokuu and Kuririn wear so long ago. Now that he's a bit lighter, they attack again. Ten doesn't think that Gokuu is any faster, until the hero shows that he'd taken Ten's belt without the Triclops having noticed. [NOTE: From this page on, Ma Junior is visible in the background, standing on the roof of the Budou-kai building.] Ten can't believe that Gokuu was that fast, Ma Junior comments on Gokuu's speed, and everyone else is impressed. Ten blusters, claiming that he'll still win, but Gokuu asks if he wants to get dressed again, before continuing. After, Ten talks about his superior ability -- Twelve Eyes. Then, Ten clones himself, and Kuririn realizes that these are the real things, not a variation of One Pattern. Gokuu waits for the attacks -- which are just energy blasts. Ten sees Gokuu trying to escape, and thinks that he's won. The announcer states that Gokuu is falling, the others are concerned for their friend. Ten gloats, but Gokuu says that he will win in two more moves. Ten thinks that Gokuu is lying, but agrees to attack again. Piccolo knows that Gokuu will win. Ten runs to the 4 corners of the ring, and the announcer does a recap. Gokuu evades the power blasts, but Ten yells that he can still see the guy. This is when Gokuu says that he's making his first attack -- Taiyou-ken. The blinding light that Tenshin used in the last budou-kai. The announcer tells people what's happening, commenting that his sunglasses had protected him. Without his eyes, Tenshin is helpless, which is part of point Gokuu wants to make. Gokuu himself doesn't need his eyes to know that the Tenshinhan behind him has the right arm raised for an attack. Gokuu then announces his second move, which Ten doesn't believe can beat the four of him. Gokuu says that 2 of the eyes are off, and when Tenshin checks, Gokuu states that he's counting on the 4 guys making a mistake (meaning, dropping their guard.) Gokuu attacks, and wins with all 4 having been knocked out of the ring. After, he tells Ten that one fast person can beat 4 if the 4 slip up. Everyone else is stunned at how quick the match ended. Yamcha offers his condolences, but Ten is happy with the way the match went (and having been able to fight Gokuu.) And, Gokuu hadn't used Kamehame-ha, either (out of pride.) Ma Junior looks forward to facing Gokuu. The announcer then introduces match 6, between the two newbies, Ma Junior and Shen. Inside, Shen is worried, and Gokuu asks Chi Chi to let him speak with Shen for a moment. Part of the problem is the human body Shen has taken over, the other part is Kami-sama's need to defeat Piccolo without killing him. Outside, the announcer is wondering what's taking so long. Ma Junior suggests that Shen ran away out of fear. Kuririn notices that Shen is talking to Gokuu. Shen gives Gokuu instructions for if he loses, and states that it's good to worry about losing to Piccolo. Then, Shen enters the ring, explaining that he'd been in the toilet. Ma Junior still wants the nerd to run away. Kuririn asks what Shen had been talking about, but Gokuu claims it was just Budou-kai talk. (But, untimely.) Then, the announcer starts the fight. Ma wants to finish off Shen so that he can face Gokuu, but Shen replies that he's the one that's going to finish off Piccolo. Ma wants to know how Shen knows who he is. Shen's first attack takes Ma by surprise, and the demon wants to know who the hell Shen really is. Ma gets in a few good blows, leaving Kuririn speachless. End of book 15, with Shen and Ma Junior about evenly matched, looking very determined. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann July 31, 1993
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