Dragon Ball volume 16 summary and personae list. Fighting styles: Chou-Kamehame-ha: "Ultimate" Kamehame-ha. Gokuu uses it for the first time, while facing Ma Junior. Story: Volume 16 starts out with Shen and Ma Junior trying to stare each other down. Kamesennin realizes that both are strong, and Yamcha knows that none of them could beat either of those two. Shen curses the weak human body he's using, and mentions a debt. Ma picks this up, and asks about it. Shen tells Ma (in a strange language,) to read his heart. Then, Ma recognizes Kami-sama, who says that he came to earth to fight Ma. The announcer tells everyone that the two are talking in a language that he can't follow. Ma knows that he's safe, but Shen makes a threat that Ma misinterprets as a suicide wish. Then, Shen pulls out a little bottle, further confusing the announcer. Ma finally understands, and Shen invokes Mafuu-ba (Gokuu is the only one who'd never seen Mafuu-ba before.) However, Shen's human host is weak, and he loses when Ma responds with Mafuu-ba, himself. Kami-sama is stripped from his host, yelling to Gokuu. Ma thinks that treating him as being the same as Piccolo is a big mistake. Shen is unconscious, and Ma Junior wins the match with the ten-count. Gokuu is upset that Kami-sama had lost. The announcer asks if Shen is ok, but when the old man awakens, he thinks that he'd had too much liquor to drink. Shen runs off to meet his son. But, when the boy says that his father is a great fighter, Shen is left more confused than before. The announcer calls a 10 minute break before the start of the final round, between Gokuu and Ma Junior. Ma doesn't need the rest, and Kamesennin states that he needs to go talk to Gokuu. Gokuu wants the little bottle, but Ma swallows it, presenting a problem -- to get the bottle will require that Gokuu kill Ma. But, if Ma dies, so will Kami-sama. Ma walks off, gloating. Kamesennin comes up, wanting to talk, and Tenshin wants to know what Ma was talking about. Gokuu tells them that Ma is really the Great Demon King, Piccolo. Tenshin can't believe this, having seen Piccolo die. Gokuu explains what had happened. But, the group had seen Piccolo get sucked out of Shen, and into the bottle. Gokuu reveals that that had really been Kami-sama. And that Ma Junior and Kami-sama are two halves of the same person -- if one dies, both die. Gokuu asks what Mafuu-ba is, and how Kami-sama had gotten pulled into the bottle. The group worries about what will happen now, but Gokuu is confident. Kamesennin reminds them that Gokuu still has to get the bottle away. Ma Junior has returned, and reiterates his vow to avenge the defeat of Piccolo 3 years earlier. After destroying Gokuu, Ma plans on taking over the world. He laughs maniacally. Then, the announcer introduces the last fight. Kuririn hopes that Gokuu will win, but the hero isn't so sure. Chi Chi doesn't want Gokuu to die before the marriage. So, Gokuu stomps to the ring, determined. The announcer describes the upcoming match, Kuririn is worried, Ma says that he'll carry out his resolution, and Gokuu asks "which resolution?" -- "to kill you." Then the match starts. After 10 pages of sound effects, Gokuu is down, and the announcer starts the count. But, Ma tells him to stop counting, because Gokuu is faking it. Gokuu laughs, and stands up, noticing that his gi (uniform) has been trashed again. They bluster some more, as the friends stare on in worry (and surprise at the level of the fight they're watching.) Kuririn comments on the power of Ma's techniques. Gokuu disappears again, and not even Tenshin can find him. But, Ma can. However, Gokuu disappears again, to reappear behind Ma Junior. Ma's next attack will kill lots of the audience, so Gokuu yells to them to run. But, there's no time. So, Gokuu leaps up, calling attention to his new location. Ma calls him an idiot, and fires. Gokuu blows himself out of the way, and Ma Junior gets pissed at having missed. Gokuu yells at Ma for endangering the people, and prepares to use Chou-Kamehame-ha. Tenshin and Yamcha don't know what this is, but Kamesennin yells for Gokuu to stop, reminding him that killing Ma means killing Kami-sama. Ma asks what's wrong, claiming that there's something to be said for being evil. Ma prepares to kill everyone (Oolong and Buruma hope that he's joking.) Kuririn yells out about using the Dragon Balls for bringing back Kami-sama later, so don't worry about killing Ma Junior right now. Gokuu agrees to that. But, Ma knows that Shenlon was destroyed by Piccolo 3 years ago. Gokuu says that Shenlon was restored -- the two attackers launch their blasts, with Gokuu completing Chou-Kamehame-ha. Ma is taken by surprise, but survives with just some damage to his clothes. Ma is really pissed now, and WILL destroy everyone. Gokuu can't believe that the demon had survived. The announcer describes the attack, and notices something. Without the turban, Ma looks just like... The Great Demon King, Piccolo. Ma says that he IS Piccolo. And, after he defeats Gokuu, he'll rule the world. 2 seconds later, the place is deserted. The announcer leaps over the wall to continue describing the action, and Buruma calls him "a real pro." Gokuu tells his friends to move farther back. Ten commands Gokuu to not die, and Gokuu says that he won't. Ma blusters some more, then tells Gokuu to watch the next technique. Ma Junior is now Big Ma, and he laughs while trying to kill Gokuu. Gokuu's leap takes him the wrong way, and he knows he's blown it just before being slapped to the ground. Tenshin wants to help, but Gokuu says that this is his fight. Ma gloats. Kamesennin is worried, but Gokuu states that it's really a good thing that Ma has become a giant. Ma doesn't understand this, but Gokuu continues attacking. So, Ma becomes even bigger. (I love the picture on page 100. Ma looks very... mean.) Ma asks how Gokuu likes this, now. Buruma and Oolong run for cover. The announcer describes Ma as a mountain. Yamcha tells Gokuu to escape, but the hero leaps up and uses Kamehame-ha to propel himself into Ma's mouth. When Gokuu is spit back out, he throws the bottle to Tenshin to open. Ma realizes that he'd been tricked, and Kami-sama is released. Buruma, Oolong, and the announcer think that they are looking at Piccolo. Kami-sama is filled in on the details, and Ma Junior is forced to return to normal size (apparently, with Kami-sama bottled up, Ma didn't have any restrictions on his powers.) So, Gokuu and Ma fight again, and not even Kami-sama can see them moving. Then, they're visible high above the ring. Gokuu is knocked out of the sky, but uses his feet to fire off Kamehame-ha and continue fighting. This takes everyone by surprise, but Kamesennin realizes that there's no reason NOT to use your feet with Kamehame-ha. Gokuu gets zapped, and is about to be killed when Kami-sama blocks the punch. Gokuu tells Kami-sama that this is still the budou-kai, and they have to abide by the rules of the budou-kai, even when the fate of the world is at stake. Kami-sama fumes about this, but Gokuu tells Ma to continue the punch. They bluster some more, and Gokuu states that he knows all of the techniques that Ma can use. So, Ma pulls out a controllable blast (like Kamehame-ha,) that Gokuu wasn't expecting. He uses 'Ha' to move out of the way, and then (after Ma tells him that he can't escape) Gokuu stands and waits for the blast to get closer to him. Then, he runs between Ma's legs. Gokuu asks Ma to surrender, having suffered damage to his left arm. But, Ma is the incarnation of Piccolo (and can regenerate limbs) and has no intention of surrendering. Ma gets ready to fight back, and Gokuu tells everyone to run away. Ma's focussed energy impresses Gokuu. And starts pushing back the others. Gokuu tells them escape -- take a plane, leave the island. Buruma yells at him for this, and Gokuu says that he's staying put. Kami-sama tells him to not be stupid, to abandon the budou-kai and save himself. But, there's not enough time for the group to flee. So, Tenshinhan uses Kikou-hou to create a large pit for them to hide in. [Note: When Tenshin used this technique in the last Budou-kai, it stood a good chance of killing him, but he seems to have mastered it, now.] Kuririn tell Gokuu to not be unreasonable (stupid,) which stuns Kami-sama. Kushami tells Kami-sama to not just stand there, and kicks the god into the trench. Yelling out "Die!!!!", Ma attacks. After, he gloats, thinking it's over, but Kuririn yells out, "Gokuu." Ma Junior can't believe this. Kuririn tells the people in the rubble-filled pit that Gokuu is still alive. Gokuu claims he'll win soon. There is cheering, and Ma tells Gokuu to wait, asking what he's going to do. Gokuu attacks. As he readies Kamehame-ha again, Kuririn shouts out for people to duck. Gokuu tells the announcer to come look into the new pit. The guy asks if Ma is dead, and Kami-sama replies that his continuing existense is proof that Ma is still alive. The announcer starts counting, and gets up to "nine." Gokuu lowers his guard, and Ma's mouth blast takes Gokuu through the chest. Everyone screams, and Ma exacts revenge for Piccolo. When the group tries to interfere, Ma warns them off -- the next time, he'll kill them. The fighting continues, and both of Gokuu's legs get broken. Ma blasts Gokuu's good arm, and gets ready for the last shot. Kami-sama tells Tenshinhan to kill him -- if Kami-sama dies, Ma Junior will die before he can kill Gokuu. It's ok, because the Dragon Balls can be used to wish Kami-sama back to life, later. But, Gokuu tells them to stop bickering, because he's about to win. The group thinks that Gokuu is joking. Then, Ma fires his biggest attack yet. End of book 16. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Aug. 1, 1993
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