Dragonball volume 17 Dragon Ball volume 17 summary and personae list. New Characters: Radits: Saiya-jin (race of shape-changing warriors from a distant planet.) Gokuu's older brother. Kakarot: Gokuu's Saiya-jin name. Nappa: Radits' big Saiya-jin friend. Strong, bald, big, and with a mustache. Vejita: The strongest Saiya-jin. Very ruthless, cruel, and arrogant. Hates being weaker than any other creature. Smaller than Gokuu, with wild black hair and a receding hairline. Prince from the Saiya-jin Planet, Vejita. Fighting styles: Bukuujutsu: "No Air" This is name of the technique used when people fly around. Makankousappou: Piccolo's screw blast. Very powerful, but requires some time to build up the energy, first. "Heavy light attack" (light as in illumination.) Other notes: Sentou-ryoku: Combat power. The Saiya-jin all wear little scanners over one eye. These scanners can measure the sentou-ryoku of whoever the user wants, and the distance to that desired person. (In volume 18, they are called Scouters.) Story: Piccolo yells out that Gokuu can't move his arms and legs, and he fires a major blast at his prey. Kuririn yells out Gokuu's name, and then Piccolo gloats over the destruction and his triumph over Gokuu. He claims that he's the greatest, and people stand dumbfounded until Kuririn asks Tenshin if they see the same thing -- it's Gokuu, heading on a flat trajectory (thw group yells out that Gokuu has learned Bukuujutsu.) The man yells out "You lose!!!!" and then he hits. Gokuu asks the announcer if Piccolo is out of the ring -- this is true, and Gokuu wins the Budoukai. People rush forward, congratulating him, and now that it's safe, Yajirobee comes out of hiding. Gokuu is asked if he's ok, and of course, he isn't. But, Yajirobee tells them to not worry, as he gives the fighter a senzu seed. Gokuu recovers fully, and leaps into the air gleefully ("I won, I won") Kuririn and Yajirobee ask each other what they know about the seeds. Gokuu sees Kami-sama about to kill the helpless Piccolo and stops him. They argue about this, and Kami-sama takes the attitude that the world is better off without them. But, Kamesennin reminds the god that it was Kami-sama that had created the Dragon Balls, which were responsible for the long chain of events that had brought everyone together. Kami-sama tells Gokuu that the old man is ok, and Gokuu agrees, adding that the guy is also a slight pervert. Kami-sama pays Gokuu back by restoring the man's fighting uniform, remarking on the fact that Gokuu wears Kamesennin's logo. Gokuu asks for another senzu seed, which confuses the monk, who complies. Then, Piccolo gets better real fast. People flee in panic. Gokuu states that since Piccolo hasn't died, Kami-sama won't die. Piccolo comments on the error of this move, Kuririn reminds the demon about the magical seals, and Piccolo flies off as he tells them that he'll have fun with them the next time they meet. Gokuu thinks to himself that Piccolo will get stronger, but that he plans on becoming even stronger himself. Buruma realizes that Gokuu had grown from a small boy, into a mountain. Then Chi Chi throws herself on her man, glad that he's alive -- Gokuu isn't pleased with this display of affection, and Kamesennin had forgotten about the wedding promise. Kami-sama is so taken with Gokuu's honesty, that the God suggests that the man join him in heaven, and become his replacement when Kami-sama eventually dies. Gokuu considers this a bad joke, and begs out of it. Chao-zu flies in from the hospital, where he'd been safe, and is happily reunited with Tenshinhan. Kami-sama keeps pressing Gokuu concerning his offer, but Gokuu calls for Kintoen, and he and Chi Chi fly off with Kami-sama and Kuririn calling out his name behind him. [Note: Kamesennin, in the insert, assures us that the series hasn't ended.] Time passes. With Piccolo in hiding, there are 5 years of peace. Somewhere, a farmer panics when he sees something that could be a meteor or a UFO. He wants to check it out. It's not a meteor. Someone leaps out of the UFO, commenting on the fact that Kakarot must live on this planet. The farmer asks the alien what he is, and the alien dismisses the farmer (who has a power rating of 5,) as garbage. The farmer panics and shoots. The farmer dies. Then, the alien senses a great power 4880 units away (specific distance measure isn't given,) and thinks that it may be Kakarot. Then, Piccolo senses a great power approaching, and thinks it's Gokuu. Both of them are angry at being wrong. Piccolo wants to know who's distrubed his peace, and the alien dismisses the demon king at having only a sentou-ryoku of 322. Piccolo gets angrier, but is concerned by the alien's greater power. Piccolo's attack has no effect, and the alien asks if he gets to go next. But, the alien stops, having noticed another power blip, and he leaves to travel the 12909 units to get to what he thinks is Kakarot. Piccolo can't stand having been so humiliated, and the alien goes to find the great Saiya-jin fighter, Kakarot (who looks like the baby Gokuu.) At Kame House, Buruma drops in, not having seen people for 5 years. She gives Kamesennin a long-time-no-see present, which the old man hopes will include getting a glimpse of her breasts. When she hits him, he claims it was just a joke. Kuririn asks where Yamcha is, and it seems that Buruma and Yamcha had another fight again. She asks where Ranchi is, and Kuririn answers that Kushami/Ranchi had left 5 years ago to move in with Tenshinhan. Gokuu appears, saying that they're nearing Kame House. The alien notices that the power that had been moving so fast, had stopped. Kuririn recognizes Gokuu's voice. The alien is getting closer. People rush out to greet Gokuu, but are stunned at learning that the little boy is Gokuu's son. The kid is introduced as Son Gohan (named after Gokuu's dead grandfather,) age 4. And he has a tail, meaning that if he sees the full moon... But Gokuu doesn't know what the others are acting so edgy for. Kuririn asks if the kid is as strong as his father, but Gokuu is annoyed that Chi Chi would rather that they study, instead of fighting. Kuririn can't believe this, and Gokuu grouses about the long peace. Then, Bururma notices the Dragon Ball sewn on Gohan's hat -- Gokuu's found Balls 1 through 6, and Gohan wears the Ball that matches his age. But, Gokuu suddenly notices a strong power approaching. The alien lands, and talks about common fathers, travelling to this planet, and some guy named Kakarot. No one else understands this, and Kuririn tells him to just continue on his way. Gokuu shouts out a warning, but the little guy gets too close. Then, they see that the alien has a tail. The next page has Gohan introducing himself. Gokuu wonders whether the guy's tail means what he thinks it does, and the alien asks if Kakarot has been bumped hard on the head lately. Gokuu says his name's not Kakarot, it's Son Gokuu. The alien continues on about bumps, and Kamesennin comments that the older, dead Son Gohan had found Gokuu, and taken him in as a baby. They still don't understand, until the alien tells them that Gokuu was born on the planet Vejiita, (I think that's right,) and that Gokuu is really a member of the fighter race known as Saiya-jin. And, the alien is Gokuu's older brother, Radits. None of them can believe this, and Gokuu rejects it outright. Radits tries to give further proof of this (ie -- greater strength, a certain change-over on the full moon...) Gokuu doesn't know anything about were-monkeys, and that's when Radits notices that Kakarot doesn't have a tail. Radits curses the humans that did this atrocity to his little brother, but Gokuu replies that it was a good thing, and that he isn't anyone's little brother. He is Son Gokuu, he grew up on this planet, and Radits can just leave. The others agree. Radits laughs -- the Saiya-jin are fighters (as are his and Gokuu's parents,) and they live to terrorize others. It's in their blood. Gokuu denies that he's a Saiya-jin, but, Gohan's tail is proof that they have common blood. Radits decides to kidnap Gohan, and drops Gokuu when dad gets in the way. Radits wants to either fight Gokuu, or return with him to their planet. Either way, he's got one day to decide. Kuririn and Kamesennin are stunned that Gokuu was dropped with one blow. After the time is up, Radits wants to see the corpses of 100 people, or he'll kill Gohan. They argue about this for a while, and then Radits tells them that he has two friends, and he's decided that their next target for death and mass destruction is this planet. But, if Gokuu brings the 100 corpses... Gokuu asks for Gohan back. Radits likes Gokuu's show of spirit, and flies off. While the others are trying to be helpful, Gokuu calls for Kintoen. But, there's nothing Gokuu can do. Kuririn and Kamesama ofer to help, and to get Yamcha and Tenshinhan. Kuririn asks Buruma to use the Dragon Balls to bring him back to life if he dies. However, Gokuu tells them that Shenlon can't grant the same wish twice, so Kuririn can't die any more. But, if they got the remaining Dragon Ball, they could wish the problem away -- but they can't get it within one day. But, with the aid of the Dragon Radar, they can track Radits. [Note: Although Gokuu has supposedly collected 6 of the Balls, the Radar proves otherwise.] Gokuu is about to leave, when a voice tells him to wait. Buruma crawls away in horror, and Gokuu demands to know why the demon king is here. He'd already met Radits. This is Piccolo's planet to terrorize, and he doesn't want anyone else spoiling it. And, since Piccolo can't handle Raditz on his own, he needs Gokuu's help. They agree to a truce, Gokuu gets the Radar from Buruma, and Gokuu asks if Piccolo can keep up with Kintoen. Kamesennin can't believe that those two can handle this alone, so he tells Buruma to get another Radar. The two veer a little more to the right. Gohan won't stop crying, which annoys Radits to the point where he puts the "shit brat" inside the space capsule. Then, the power sensor alerts him to a 710 power level, which seems to come from the brat. He thinks that the sensor is malfunctioning. Gokuu wants to land and sneek in, but Piccolo tells him that won't work. Radits still gets the 710 reading, then notices a 322 and a 334 approaching (Piccolo is the 322.) He just can't understand how anyone could find him that quickly. Then, he realizes that Gohan really is up to a power level of 710. Radits greets Piccolo and Gokuu, asking how they found him. Gokuu won't say. He just wants to know where Gohan is -- safe in the capsule. They go on about being, and not being, brothers again. Piccolo gets tired of the talking, and takes off his outer clothes. Gokuu notices that the demon king is also wearing heavy clothes for power training. It has been a long time since he'd taken them off. With both of them made lighter, Piccolo's level jumps to 408, and Gokuu's is 416. Radits comments on this, but Gokuu doesn't understand. This is a good place to fight, and Radits tells them to use any technique they wish. But he'll still kill them. They can't believe how fast and powerful the Saiya-jin is. They ponder this for a moment, and then Radits says that the two Saiya-jin that will be coming after him, are even stronger. Gokuu again asks where Gohan is, and Radits tells him. Gokuu then yells out to Gohan that he's come to save him. Radits replies that they've just come here to die. Then they fight some more. Piccolo loses his arm, and Gokuu is still looking up when Radits appears behind him "I'm here." Eventually, they break. Gokuu asks if Piccolo is ok, and the demon (holding his left stump,) says he's fine. Radits blusters, and Piccolo whispers that he's learned a new attack that will take time to prepare. So, he wants Gokuu to keep Radits busy for a while. Gokuu asks if the demon can do the technique -- don't worry. But, they also don't have a choice. Radits wonders what the whispering is about, then Gokuu says they're ready again. Gokuu attacks, while Piccolo announces Makankousappou. Gokuu starts Kamehame-ha, and his power level jumps to 924. Radits is surprised, then notices that Piccolo's is up to 1020. Gokuu completes the blast, but doesn't expect it when Radits stop it with his hands. The hero can't believe this, and Radits sends up "a present." Radits yells out "die", but Piccolo states that the alien will be the one to die. The alien is awed that Piccolo's power is up to 1330. The demon king completes the spell before Radits can fire back. So, the Saiya-jin moves to the side, instead. They bluster a bit, and then Radits gets ready to finally kill Piccolo. But, his power suddenly dissipates. Gokuu announces why. Radits drops, and Gokuu tells Piccolo to fire again. Radits asks if Kakarot would really kill his older brother, then declares that he's had a change of heart and wants to go straight. Piccolo tells Gokuu to not listen, but Radits says he's telling the truth and Gokuu lets go of the tail. Piccolo yells out "Son Gokuu" and Gokuu gets dropped. Radits then says that no real warrior would fall for a trick like that. He himself has no qualms about killing his little brother. Radits breaks a few ribs. The Saiya-jin is having fun, announcing that Piccolo will be next. Piccolo can't act in time. Then, the power sensor goes off, and Gohan breaks free of the space capsule. Gokuu tells Gohan to escape, Radits notices that the boy is up to 1307, and Gohan yells out "You're hurting my father!!!!" Radits gets knocked back, and Gohan calls out to his father. Gokuu tells the boy to run away. Gohan is now down to 1, and is batted away. Gokuu tells his brother to stop, but Radits is aware that the boy could be a really bad threat, and is going to kill him. Gokuu recovers a bit, and tells Piccolo to use that technique again. Piccolo says it'll take time, and asks why Gokuu doesn't just grab the tail again. But, the tail can be cut off... Gokuu wants Piccolo to hurry, and Radits is complaining about having been weakened by Gohan's blow. Radits tells Gokuu to let go, but the two of them are going to die together. Piccolo says that he'll enjoy killing them both, but thinks that he will get the Dragon Balls to just wish Gokuu back to life. Radits is still pleading when Piccolo fires. Radits swears. But Gokuu is going to die, too. No he's not -- Piccolo tells him about the Dragon Balls. Radits radios this info back to his friends. Gokuu asks when the new attackers will arrive, and radits answers "in 1 year." His power is almost gone, but he's gloating about the upcoming death and destruction, calling all of the potential victims insects, so Piccolo finishes him off. Kamesennin and group show up, and see the heros on the ground. On a distant planet, Napa states that Radits is dead. They get ready to visit this new planet, where Vejita wants to find these things called Dragon Balls. "To bring Radits back?" "Don't be stupid." He plans on having more fun than that. They head for the new planet, talking about becoming the fabled Super Saiya-jin of legend. Gohan is ok, but Gokuu is about to die. Then, Kami-sama summons Gokuu's body for his own reasons. Nappa and Vejita look forward to the fun they'll have one year from now. End of book 17. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Aug. 9, 1993
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