Dragonball volume 18 Dragon Ball volume 18 summary and personae list. New Characters: Kaiou-sama: "World King." Looks like a humanoid catfish. Lives on a little planet with a strong gravity well, at the end of the Snake Road, in heaven. Enmadaiou-sama: "King of Hell." The huge gate keeper god that determines where the dead are to go in the after-life. Bubbles: (Baburusu) Kaiou's pet monkey. Very strong and fast. Fighting styles: Other notes: Cybermen: Ugly little monsters that look like withered versions of Piccolo. They are created from special seeds, or pills, that are planted and watered. Very strong and fast, they can spew acid from their heads, and self-destruct in a powerful explosion. Namek: Planet that Piccolo comes from. Story: [On page 7, Gokuu says that he's dead.] Kamesennin, Buruma, and Kuririn are wondering why Kami-sama has taken Gokuu's body. Kuririn wants to get the other Balls and wish Gokuu back to life. Then Piccolo mentions the power scanner, and Buruma comments on its complexity. She'll take the scanner, while Kuririn is to find Yamcha and Tenshinhan. The group with re-form at Kame House, and after, Kuririn will start looking for the other Balls. As for Piccolo... (his growing another arm is like a lizard growing another tail.) Piccolo asks to take Gohan. Kuririn asks "to eat!?" No, instead, because Gohan is so strong, he wants to train the brat for one year, to get the brat ready for the 2 Saiya-jin. The others object, but can't really stop the demon king, as they worry about how Gokuu and Chi Chi will react. In heaven (the box lists it as "That World") the flickering souls of the newly dead are told to get in one of two lines. Kami-sama is sponsoring Gokuu, as Enmadaiou is trying to decide what to do with him. Since, all of the dead come her, Gokuu wants to know what's happened to his grandfather (went to heaven.) How about Radits (when to hell.) Kami-sama yells at Gokuu to keep his voice down, stop asking so many questions, and to pay the big guy more respect. The big guy comments on where Kami-sama will go when he dies, which humbles the god a bit. The the gate keeper tells Gokuu to meet a minion, who'll drive him out to the Snake Road. At the end of the road Kaiou-sama will train Gokuu some more. Gokuu thanks them and leaves, and Kami-sama broods about the future, about the Saiya-jin, and about Kaiou-sama. Enmadaiou tells the god to shut up and get out of the way. The minion tells Gokuu that Kaiou-sama is a kind of god, and lives at the end of the Snake Road. Gokuu has to travel the 1 million kilometers to get to the end of the road. If he falls through the clouds, he'll land in hell. Gokuu wishes that he had a bentou lunch to bring with him, and is told that the dead don't need food. Gokuu asks the minion to pass on a message to Uranai Baba (the minion knows her,) to have Kamesennin ressurrect Gokuu only after at the end of one year. The minion records this. Then, Gokuu uses Bukuujitsu to fly down the road. Kamesennin realizes that he's going to have to tell Chi Chi what happened, and wants Kuririn to handle this instead. Gokuu is now running on the road, commenting that Bukuujitshu didn't work. Meanwhile, Piccolo wants Gohan to wake up. He tells the sputtering kid that he'd been dropped in the water, because they need to talk. Gohan yells for his father for help. Eventually, Piccolo says that Gokuu is dead. Then, he'll really do nasty things if the boy starts crying again. However, these cool things called Dragon Balls can be used to bring Gokuu back to life. However, these nasty people called Saiya-jin will be arriving in one year. So, to help dad, Gohan is going to learn to fight. Which Gohan doesn't want to do. Piccolo says that Gohan has power, but the boy doesn't believe this. To prove it, Piccolo grabs Gohan roughly by the head, and hurls the screaming boy at a big rock outcropping. Piccolo hopes that this is going to work. But didn't realize how well it would work... Now, it's just a matter of training. Gohan is scared, but they don't have time for that. The boy is told to take his outer clothes off. He asks about his father, and Piccolo makes fun of the dead man (which causes Gokuu to sneeze, without knowing why.) The first part of the training is sheer survival. Piccolo is going to abandon the boy for 6 months. Gohan is frightened, and asks where the shower is, where the bed is. Piccolo sneers, and leaves. Gohan yells for the demon king to stay. Mr. Popo remarks on Kami-sama's behavior. The god, and then Mr. Popo, are worried about what's going to happen when Piccolo finally has to face the 2 Saiya-jin one year from now. They can use the Dragon Balls, one year from now. Back on earth, Gohan keeps crying and saying that he's scared. He yells for someone to save him when the dinosaur attacks. Then complains about having to get down from the rock pillar he's now on. At night, he's afraid of dying, but the sight of the green apples before him perks him up a bit. But they taste bad. Piccolo is disgusted with the "shit brat's" loser attitude. Meanwhile, Gokuu is getting tired on the road. Gohan gets up in the middle of the night to take a piss, and complains about how hard it is to get down from the top of the pillar. But, the night is strange to him, and there's this odd big white ball in the sky... He looks at the full moon. Piccolo doesn't understand how Gohan became this huge, raging were-monkey. The power scares him, then he remembered what Radits said about what happens to Saiya-jin who look at the full moon. So, he blows the moon up. Gohan is now proven to be a Saiya-jin, and Piccolo thinks about this. And, since the tail is part of what causes the change-over, Piccolo pulls it off. Piccolo also wants to get the boy something to work with, so he creates a sword, and an uniform like Gokuu's, but with a slight change to the kanji on it (it now reads "Ma".) After 6 months, the real training, the teaching of attack techniques and magic, will begin. Gyoumaou is trying to calm down his daughter, who plans on berating her husband for being gone so long with their son (who should be at home, studying.) At Kame House, Buruma has gotten the power sensor to work. She uses a machine gun to wake people up and complain about how she's working, and they're asleep. Then, she tells the old turtle man to stand up. Kamesennin stutters on this, as she states that he has a power level of 139. He's impressed, so Kuririn asks to be read next. 206, which is better than the old man. Buruma comments on the designs of the Saiya-jin, and then states that at about 3000 km, someone has a rating of 250. Kuririn figures that it has to be Tenshinhan [why doesn't Chao-zu register?] In a different direction, there's a 177, which Kamesennin claims is probably Yamcha. Somewhere else, there's an impressive 329. Probably Piccolo, but Gohan is supposed to be with him. Kuririn wants to go rescue Gohan, but Kamsennin says to leave them alone. But it is time to get the other Dragon Balls. [Note: On pages 65 and 70, the place where Kuririn was smashed into the wall by Radits has been repaired.] At the door, Yajirobee calls out to get attention to himself. Kuririn recognizes the guy from Karin Tower -- Arumajiro (the monk corrects him.) He's there to tell the group that something is happening at Karin Tower, and everyone, including Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Chao-zu are to meet Kami-sama there. They're to get ready to fight the two Saiya-jin. Also, the Dragon Balls should not be used to bring Gokuu back right away. According to Uranai Baba, Gokuu is training in heaven, and doesn't want to be resurrected until the end of one year. Kuririn comments about getting special training in heave, and then they see an approaching craft. Gyoumaou yells out a greeting to Kamesennin, who realizes that Chi Chi is coming. The big guy humbly greets his master, and Chi Chi wants to know where Gohan and her worthless husband are -- well... "Piccolo has Gohan, and Gokuu is dead." Chi Chi faints. 6 months go by. The group trains under Kami-sama and Gokuu is still running on the snake bridge. And what of Gohan? He's still alive. He greets the dinosaur as it attacks him again. And then uses part of the tail for supper. Now, it's time for Piccolo to get down to serious training. When Piccolo disappears, he says "behind you," and kicks the boy down. Gohan says that Piccolo is fast, then gets a warning about breaking in the middle of a fight to brush off your clothes. Piccolo is serious about his job of training Gohan to fight for the next 6 months, and the boy expects to die first. Which means that Gohan will just have to get stronger. Finally, Gokuu reaches the end of the road, after running for one year. But, there's nothing else there. Except for a little sphere some distance up and away. Gokuu assumes that that's where Kaiou-sama lives, and leaps up. The sight of a house reassures him, but the sudden increase in gravity takes him by surprise. There's a monkey outside waiting for him, so Gokuu asks if this is Kaiou-sama, and introduces himself. The monkey starts prancing around, and Gokuu assumes that the training has already started under this heavy gravity. He repeats the grunting made by the monkey, until someone else comes out and asks what Gokuu thinks he's doing. Gokuu asks who the guy is, and he chuckles, saying "I'm... ummm... Kai... yo... Kai -- o, Kaiou... Kaiou!" Gokuu then asks who the monkey is, and is told that's Kaiou's pet, Bubbles. Kaiou tries to make a pun that goes over Gokuu's head, so Kaiou asks why the guy came here. Gokuu replies that he wants to learn Kaiou's special techniques, and Kaiou tells him to return to where he came. Then, Gokuu starts laughing at the pun. This exchange continues for a while (Kaiou considers himself something of a comic.) Finally, Kaiou wants to see Gokuu attack, but the guy complains that his body is too heavy, and can't move. Kaiou says that the little planet's gravity is 10 times stronger than where Gokuu came from, and Gokuu's jump is a test to see what height he can reach. Kaiou asks why Gokuu needs the special training, and he states that his world is going to be invaded by two Saiya-jin. Kaiou then locates the two invaders, and knows that they're 158 days out. Kaiou agrees to do the training, since his is the strongest techniques of all. The training is to now start -- Gokuu has to catch Bubbles. The weighted clothes are too heavy, but even without them, Bubbles is too fast. But, part of the problem is that Gokuu hasn't eaten in a while, so he asks for some food. However, after the meal, Kaiou wants to go for a drive. Now, Gokuu has to walk back. Kaiou asks Gokuu if the guy knows just how strong Saiya-jin really are, and Gokuu replies that he's a Saiya-jin too. Gohan asks Piccolo if the demon king really fought Gokuu, and the king says that the fight isn't over. Gohan states that Piccolo isn't that bad a guy, and that his parents aren't afraid of him -- which just makes Piccolo angry. "Shut up and go to sleep!!!" 40 days later, Gokuu is happy at being able to catch Bubbles. Kaiou is happy that Gokuu is such a strong student, and the next step is to teach him the Kaiou techniques within the next 118 days. It requires a pure heart, strong body, etc. But, they'll do it after tea. Above Karin Tower, Kami-sama is telling the group that there's nothing more that he and Mr. Popo can teach them -- have have to go out and train on their own now. Piccolo is satisfied that Gohan is showing more control. And Uranai Baba tells Kamesennin that this one time, she can't predict the future. The insert boxes state that the time is coming nearer. Gokuu tells Kaiou to go ahead, and the World King throws his rock with "ultimate speed." Gokuu destroys it, and is told that he needs to use these techniques properly to be able to control the "genki tama" (healthy ball.) He explains the genki tama idea, and the use of lots of energy. Which means that you only get time to make one shot. Gokuu says that he understands, and will use Kaiou-ken wisely. So, the king says that the day of truth will come soon, and then... He'd forgotten that Gokuu needs time to travel along the Snake Road to get back to earth. He can't get back any other way, and it'll take two full days for the trip, which is one day too long. Kaiou tells Gokuu to use him to tell people to resurrect Gokuu now. Gokuu doesn't understand, but he immediately makes contact with Kamesennin, who's on the toilet. Gokuu tells the old man what's happening, and that the Saiya-jin will arrive tomorrow. Kamesennin understands, and the others ask if he's ok, talking to himself in the toilet. He shouts out for them to get the Balls. Gokuu is impressed with the king's ability, and he also gets a new uniform. Gokuu thanks him, and comments on being able to keep the "kame" logo (Kaiou chuckles, since the "kaiou" kanji is written on the back of the uniform.) Shenlon appears, and Oolong stammers out a wish to get rid of the two Saiya-jin. Buruma yells at him to wish for Gokuu back, and the pig replies that they can wish for Gokuu next time. Shenlon states that he can't do Oolong's request, since it has to be in keeping with Kami-sama's designs (giving life, etc.) So, Kamesennin wishes for Gokuu to be alive again. At the same time, Piccolo realizes that the darkened sky means that the Saiya-jin are about to arrive. The halo disappears, and Gokuu is now alive again. They exchange good wishes, and Gokuu thanks the king for everything -- if he dies again, they'll meet again. The hero rushes off, happy that he has body again. But, he does have to hurry. The two Saiya-jin arrive at 11:43 AM. The crowd talks about the two balls that fell, and that there's a person in one ball. Piccolo, Gohan, and Tenshin comment on the sudden surge of power, and the need to hurry. The crowd continues to mutter, and the two Saiya-jin state that the muttering is annoying. Vejita tells Nappa to settle down. The big guy remembers that they're after the whatever Balls ("Dragon Balls") for the wish. They use the scanners to find Radits' killer. But, Nappa picks up two people at level 1000, and they wonder about this planet. Then, Vejita finds Kakarot, and they fly to meet him. Yamcha notices that the two have started moving. Kuririn wonders if they're going to Ten's location, or Piccolo's. Piccolo says that the two are coming towards them. Ten wants Chao-zu to stay behind, but the midget wants to come along. On TV, the newscaster announces the loss of an eastern sector. Buruma wants to go help, but Oolong doesn't want to die, and Kamesennin knows that he can't do anything useful. So, Pool hopes that Yamcha won't die and Buruma prays that Gokuu will arrive in time. Gokuu hopes the same thing. 20 minutes after noon. Bats start gathering. Piccolo tells Gohan that after 1 year, they need to be strong. They notice more power, but it turns out to be Kuririn (Gohan thinks he's a Saiya-jin.) They greet each other, and Kuririn has to explain why he's come. Gohan finally recognize the noseless one as having been at Kamesennin's place. Gohan says that Kuririn is small, but strong, and Kuririn broods over this slight. Kuririn asks about Piccolo, and the kid says the demon king is a good guy. Then, the Saiya-jin are sensed. The Saiya-jin make fun of the three on the ground, and Kuririn comments on these guys being "Saiya-jin," and being very powerful. It's obvious that the three have been waiting for the invaders. Piccolo asks what they've come for, and Vejita recognizes the voice from when he'd heard it over Radits' radio. Nappa thinks that Piccolo looks like someone from planet Namek. (Kuririn wonders if this means that Piccolo is an alien. So, Piccolo comes from a planet of magic users.) Vejita says that they've also come for the Dragon Balls. Apparently, Namek is where the original Dragon Balls came from. They think that Piccolo has the Ball to give to them, but he's just there to fight them. Kami-sama is worried, and he talks about Namek a little. So, since they have to fight, Nappa starts reading off their opponent's power levels (Kuririn is 981, Piccolo is 1220, and Gohan is 1083.) He thinks that this is pitiful, but Vejita tells him that they don't need to use the scouters and that he should take his off. Nappa agrees, saying that Radits was a weakling for relying on his scouter (Piccolo chokes on the "weakling" part, and Kuririn continues, saying it had taken both Gokuu and Piccolo to kill Radits.) Since Vejita just wants the Dragon Balls, he tells Nappa to create 6 cybermen. Since the good guys are confused by this, Nappa tells them that this is how you make cybermen. Vejita tells the cybermen to hurt the three good guys. However, everyone notices an energy buildup just before Tenshinhan, Chao-zu, and Yamcha appear. They greet each other, and fill in the details for the new guys. Vejita is happy, and orders the cybermen to go one on one. He tells them to begin the game, and Piccolo gets rankled that this is called a "game," (Kuririn tries to calm him down because Gokuu hasn't shown yet.) They go one on one, with Vejita volunteering one of his cybermen, and Tenshin announcing that he'll start first. Nappa is surprised when Tenshin appears to win, and the others cheer the triclops. Vejita thinks that this is fun, but Nappa can't believe that anyone can defeat a cyberman (since they have power ratings of 1200.) Vejita discounts the use of pure numbers, which Nappa does believe in. The cyberman stands up, and Kuririn gives a warning. No one, however, expects it when Vejita destroys it with a simple gesture. Nappa asks why, and Vejita says that Tenshin had won. He gives a warning to the remaining cybermen. Piccolo thinks that Vejita is a madman. Vejita asks who's going to fight next, and Nappa reinforces the threat to the cybermen. Yamcha volunteers to fight next, but Kuririn wants to go. Gohan thinks that the cyberman has disappeared, and Piccolo calls him an idiot, saying that the creature is just moving very fast. Yamcha apparently defeats his creature, and gives a warning to the Saiya-jin, telling them that they're down to 4 of the things. Vejita tells him to think again. The creature grabs Yamcha, sneers, and explodes, killing Yamcha. This makes Kuririn angry, as he thinks about how this is going to affect Buruma and Pool. Kuririn tells the others to get back, and attacks. The group spreads out, as people comment on the energy level, and they tell each other to run. They cheer, and Kuririn is happy at having done some damage. But he missed one, and Tenshin curses. Piccolo stops it before it can touch Gohan, and Tenshin is surprised at how easy the demon king destroys it. Gohan thanks Piccolo, but the demon says that he wasn't trying to save the boy, that was only a warmup for the upcoming fight. Vejita walks through the smoke, hoping that the fight is going to be a good one. The others are surprised that the Saiya-jin aren't scratched, and Kuririn had attacked at full power. Nappa tells Vejita that he wants to handle the group, and finish them off in an instant. Vejita tells him to do what he wants. Nappa wants them to make it fun for him. Then he powers up, and Chao's ESP isn't working anymore. The others are astounded by the alien's strength, and he's about to attack. End of book 18. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Aug. 9, 1993
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