Dragon Ball volume 19 summary and personae list. New Characters: Fighting styles: Kien-zan: "Power Ball." Kuririn's power attack, capable of slicing through hilltops. Masen-kou: "Magic Flash." Gohan's equivalent to Kamehame-ha, taught by Piccolo. Kaiou-ken: A series of techniques that Gokuu learned from Kaiou-sama. Mostly, they're just Kaiou-sen #1, #2, #3, etc. Other notes: Kiai: The shout martial artists make when punching or kicking. Story: Nappa powers up, and Piccolo announces the attack. Vejita laughs when Ten loses his arm. Nappa thinks "one down," but Ten narrowly escapes. He's annoyed that Ten is still alive after the second attack, and Piccolo can't believe the Saiya-jin's power. Kuririn swears, and Piccolo tries to stop him from rescuing his friend, but Kuririn tells the demon to shut up. The new hole shows Piccolo that Nappa has amazing energy. Kuririn notices that Chao-zu is missing, and Vejita shouts out a warning that Nappa is too slow to understand. Nappa curses the little brat while Ten yells at him to escape. Chao-zu telepaths "goodbye Ten-san, don't die." Ten can't believe this, and yells for Chao-zu to stop. Chao-zu self-destructs. Ten yells out Chao-zu's name, and Piccolo is proud of the runt. But Nappa's people can handle this kind of thing. Gokuu is trying to rush forward. Nappa claims that the triclops will be next. Kuririn is surprised that Nappa is still ok, and that Chao-zu is dead, and Ten knows that his friend can't be wished alive anymore. Nappa rubs it in. Piccolo tells Kuririn to get ready. Vejita starts talking to Piccolo to distract him as Nappa attacks. The demon and Kuririn warp out and back in to save Ten. Gohan is told to attack, but he freezes up in fear. Piccolo curses him, and Kuririn and the demon shoot instead. But their timing is off. Nappa kills time threatening them, so Tenshin decides to avenge Chao-zu with Kikouhou. Which fails. Piccolo calls Nappa a monster. Using Kikouhou causes Tenshin to die. Vejita thinks this kind of attack is stupid. Kuririn yells for Gokuu to hurry. Piccolo is stunned that Nappa hasn't died. Vejita wonders about this "Gokuu". Nappa states that with one more down, it's the others' turn. He also talks about Namek and getting the Dragon Balls. Kuririn asks about their chances of being brought back, and Piccolo says "none." Kuririn can't afford to die, either. Mr. Popo asks Kami-sama what's wrong, and the god wants Gokuu to hurry because Piccolo is about to die. Piccolo wants to land to use Kuuchuusen, and Nappa doesn't care where they want to fight. Nappa attacks, Gohan calls for his father, and Vejita tells Nappa to wait. No one understands, but the Saiya-jin wants Gokuu to arrive first, especially since it appears that these Dragon Balls can be used to resurrect people. He tells Nappa to wait for 3 hours, but the big guy refuses to do something so stupid. So Vejita reminds him of his place. During the lull, Gohan apologizes for freezing up, and Piccolo fumes about the strength of the big guy and the shrimp who controls him. The big alien wants to know why they're waiting for Kakarot, and the shrimp likens the situation to a stew, where you need all the ingredients. Nappa likes this better, and Vejita mentions Namek's Dragon Balls again. Kuririn is fretting over what's taking Gokuu so long and the fact that the two Saiya-jin are so strong. Vejita's scouter beeps, showing that the three hours are up, and the little Saiya-jin insults Gokuu. Piccolo states that the one chance they have for winning is for Kuririn to distract Nappa, while Piccolo goes in to grab Nappa's tail. Then, Gohan is to finish the guy off. Gohan promises (in a stutter) to do better this time. Kuririn is impressed with the demon. Then, Kami-sama yells that Gokuu has arrived, and warps out. Gokuu sees the end of the Snake Road, meets up with Kami-sama (they yell each other's name,) and then warp out. The gate demon comments on this being a Kaiou-sama thing. Mr. Popo wishes Gokuu luck, and Gokuu rushes off hoping that Gohan and the others are still alive. Karin-sama is waiting for Gokuu, and throws him 2 senzu seeds. He eats one (gets better very fast,) and saves the other. Calling Kintoen, he tells the cloud "long time no see." He then flies towards the location of a great power build up. Kuririn starts his attack, Piccolo makes his move and calls for Gohan. Kuririn thinks they've succeeded, but Nappa calls them stupid, and drops Piccolo. He's happy that Piccolo isn't dead, and he asks about the Dragon Balls. Vejita laughs, because their tails aren't their weak points. Nappa is through with Piccolo, and goes to play with Gohan. Although Gohan has Saiya-jin blood, he's been tainted by his father, Kakarot, so must die. Kuririn wants Nappa to stop, and Nappa isn't done playing yet. Kuririn calls him a bastard, and attacks. Vejita likes Kuririn's moves, but Nappa just gets angry. Kuririn uses Kien-zan. Nappa isn't impressed, but Vejita tells him to avoid the ball, which cuts his cheek and trashes a hilltop. The sight of his own blood enrages Nappa, and he uses a killing attack that leaves him open for Piccolo's blindside blast. And Vejita laughs at his partner's pain. Nappa threatens Piccolo, who then senses a powerful presence. Nappa wonders what it is, Piccolo answers that Gokuu is coming, and tells them that this is what they'd been waiting for. There are various reactions to this, and Gokuu approaches, summing up power levels ("2 big levels, 2 lesser levels, one small level. So, who's dead?") He wants Kintoen to go faster. Nappa asks if the enemy are right about Kakarot coming. Vejita isn't sure who it is, but in 4 minutes, someone with a 5000 level will arrive. Nappa thinks there must be a mistake, Vejita gets pensive, Piccolo gloats, and then Vejita tells Nappa to kill Piccolo and Gohan so they can leave before Kakarot can show up. Nappa asks about how they'll find the Dragon Balls, and Vejita says he'll do that himself. He knows where Namek is, and the more powerful Balls are there. Nappa sneers over this 5000 level Kakarot. Gohan tells Piccolo to escape -- he'll hold the two until his father arrives. That way Piccolo won't die, and neither will Kami-sama. But Piccolo won't do it. Kuririn curses, unable to move. Nappa asks if Gohan can really hold him off, and charges. Gohan gets some spirit, which only makes Nappa mad with the "brat." He attacks, shouting "die!!!!!" But gets Piccolo, instead. The demon tells Gohan to escape, then collapses. Gohan asks why Piccolo saved him, and the demon just repeats "run away." Gohan tells him to not die. Nappa thinks it was a stupid move, but it was still fine by him. Gokuu notices that one power level has just dropped fast, and he wonders who it is. Kami-sama is suffering too. Piccolo says that Gohan is on his own, warns him about the moon, and then dies. Kami-sama goes, too. Mr. Popo shouts out "Kami-sama!!!!" Gohan uses Masen-kou, and everyone notices his power level jump to 2800. However, Nappa punches the blast away, then comments on Gohan's having become a bit more impressive (looks like his hand hurts a little.) However, Vejita knows that Gohan has shot his wad. Gohan apologizes to Piccolo for failing, Kuririn curses, and Nappa comes in for the kill (laughing at Gohan's weakness.) The boy notices that he's now riding on Kintoen, Nappa asks what happened, and Kuririn says Gokuu's name. The two survivors greet their rescuer, and Vejita says that his arrival is a good joke. Gohan tells his father that Piccolo had died while protecting him. Gokuu counts the dead -- Tenshinhan, Yamcha; Nappa laughs, trying to increase the shock by mentioning another dead runt. Gokuu realizes that this means Chao-zu, and of course Kami-sama. Vejita watches Gokuu's power level rise. Gokuu approaches Nappa, who thinks that the man wants to die also. He attacks, but Gokuu only wants to get Gohan to go over by Kuririn. Vejita thinks "fast..." Gokuu tries to give his last senzu seed to his friend, but Kuririn wants it saved for Gokuu himself. Finally, Kuririn eats half, and Gohan eats the other half. Gokuu tries to cheer them up, but the two feel that they weren't strong enough to keep their friends from dying. But now that Gokuu is here... but Gokuu wants them to leave, so that he can fight on his own. Kuririn and Gohan object, but Gokuu has started powering up. Realizing that they're not in the same league, Kuririn decides to take Gohan away. Nappa keeps blustering. Vejita breaks his scouter when Gokuu's level clears 8000. Nappa asks what Kakarot's level is, but then believes that there's some mistake. Gokuu wants him to worry, and says that he's using Kaiou's techniques. (Vejita doesn't understand what this means.) Nappa loses his cool and attacks. Everyone is surprised at Gokuu's speed. (Vejita notices that this isn't the same thing that happened when Radits was doing the fighting.) Gokuu is not impressed with Nappa, who then also powers up. Kuririn and Gohan can't see Gokuu move, and Vejita wonders how Kakarot could have gotten better so fast. Gokuu's first real punch was pay-back for Chao-zu. The second is for Yamcha. Nappa curses him as a "shit brat." Nappa's killing blast is stopped, and Vejita wonders about someone that can do that with just a kiai. The third blow is for Tenshinhan. The kick is for Piccolo. Nappa starts yelling out "Shit -- shit -- !!!!!" Gokuu decides that Nappa really is tough. Nappa blusters, Kuririn and Gohan cheer (thinking they're going to win,) and Vejita tells him to use his head. Nappa thanks him for the advice. Vejita thinks that the big guy is an idiot. Nappa can now use his special powers, which gives Gokuu a little fun. Then, Nappa mentions his mouth attack, and declares the fight over. Gokuu uses an abbreviated form of Kamehame-ha (just the "Ha" part) to protect himself. Vejita is annoyed, because the blast got close to him. Nappa is stunned, because his #1 attack proved useless. However, Gokuu is more impressed at Nappa's toughness. Vejita is getting impatient. Kuririn is impressed with the big guy. Since he has to keep Vejita happy, and he can't touch Gokuu, Nappa decides to take on Kuririn and Gohan, instead. So, as Nappa gets ready to use his mouth attack, Gokuu uses Kaiou-ken to become faster and more powerful. Gokuu finishes off Nappa, and tells them to leave. Vejita mulls over Gokuu's improved power and speed. Nappa swears, Vejita fumes, and Kuririn asks if his friend learned this attack from Kaiou-sama. Gokuu states that it's an increase in control. However, there are drawbacks to the teachings. Nappa asks Vejita to help him, apologizing. But, Vejita just sneers, states that he's useless as a Saiya-jin, and kills his partner. The power surge hits Gokuu. The heroes try to understand this, and Gokuu tells them to return to Kame House. They argue about this (including the fact that Piccolo and Kami-sama can't be brought back via the Dragon Balls.) Vejita wonders if they're going to fight, or run. Kuririn and Gohan give their last respects to Gokuu, and return to Kame House. Vejita tells Gokuu that running away wouldn't have been any good anyway. However, this is a bad place to fight, so they search for a better battleground. They find a place where there's nothing living. Vejita talks about the soldier nature of the Saiya-jin, and then they get ready to fight. Eventually, Vejita asks Kakarot what's wrong, and then shows that Nappa was a wuss. However, Gokuu states that he hasn't been trying all that hard himself, and uses Kaiou-ken to power up. They fight some more, and Gokuu still gets hit. Then Vejita and Gokuu bluster a bit. End of book 19. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Aug. 13, 1993
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