Dragon Ball volume 20 summary and personae list. New Characters: Fighting styles: Eriito: (Elite?) Vejita's form of powered up attack, which is very similar to Gokuu's Kaiou-ken. Gyarikku-hou: (Garlic-hou?) Vejita's version of Kamehame-ha. Genki Tama: (Healthy Ball) A very powerful sphere made from personal "ki." Gokuu learns it from Kaiou-sama in book #18, and passes the attack on to Kuririn. Other notes: Were-monkeys: When Gokuu and Gohan change over, they become completely primeval, having no self-control or awareness. When Vejita changes, he's completely self-aware, and has full control of his powers and body. This must be just a matter of training. Story: Vejita finally decides to power up. Gokuu is surprised at the energy, and feels like he's being hit by a typhoon. All the clouds are blown away. Vejita says it's over, and attacks. Gokuu gets hit from behind, and gears up to Kaiou-ken #2. Vejita is having fun. Gokuu curses at the other's power and speed, which are too much for KK#2. He prepares himself for the death of his body, and announces that he's going to use KK#3. Which amuses Vejita. Meanwhile, there was one fighter who had not appeared earlier to attack the Saiya-jin. Yajirobee cowers behind the rocks, thinking that the power of the two combatants seems to have come out from a bad dream. Gokuu thinks about the stresses KK#3 will put on his body. Vejita taunts Gokuu, and Yajirobee keeps cowering. Gokuu uses KK#3, which Kaiou-sama senses (the king can not predict the outcome of the fight.) They fight, and Vejita gets mad at getting messed up. Finally, Gokuu gets in one good punch, which enrages the surprised Saiya-jin. Gokuu curses the other's toughness. Yajirobee is impressed, and hopes Gokuu will win. KK#3 is starting to take it's toll on Gokuu's body, Vejita sees his own blood and goes insane. They both react, with Vejita using Gyarikku-hou, and Gokuu using KK#3 Kamehame-ha. They both strain, and Gokuu pushes into KK#4. Yajirobee rushes out, thinking that Gokuu has won. They greet each other, but the monk's slap on the back puts Gokuu in a coughing fit. Then, Gokuu suggests that the monk run away; Yajirobee slowly realizes what may be wrong. Yes, Vejita is still alive, and Yajirobee has trouble accepting this. But, he does leave, wishing Gokuu good luck. Vejita frees himself from the blast, and rages on about being the best Saiya-jin in the world. He then has a thought, and goes searching for this planet's moon. Kaiou-sama frets over Gokuu's chances, Gokuu wonders what's taking Vejita so long, and Vejita wonders where they've put the moon for this planet. No matter, he can make due without it. Gokuu is thinking about Kaiou-sama's concept of a genki tama. Vejita returns, talking about the missing moon (Gokuu doesn't understand.) The Saiya-jin describes the brute strength increase Saiya-jin get when they see the full moon. And, he makes a little one of his own. Gokuu doesn't recognize the full moon (without his tail, it has no effect.) Kaiou-sama is stunned. Vejita gloats, and then changes into a were-monkey. Kuririn and Gohan are near Kame House, when they sense the light and power of a star behind them. The power isn't from Gohan's father, so it must be that of the Saiya-jin. Gohan has to go back and help his dad. They argue a little, but Gohan isn't going to run away any more. Kuririn decides to go with. Gokuu is stunned, and Vejita asks him about the new situation. Vejita claims that his power has increased by a factor of ten. As Gokuu thinks about this, he remembers a warning his grandfather had made about not looking at the full moon, and remaining asleep at night. Then Kami-sama had suggested removing the tail. Gokuu suddenly realizes that when he'd been a were-monkey a long time ago, he'd killed his own grandfather by accident. He apologizes to the old man, living in "the other world." Yajirobee is trying to understand that Saiya-jin turn into were-monkeys. Gokuu thinks about "genki tama," and attacks. He loses his concentration, and has to re-invoke Kaiou-ken. But, he loses it again. Vejita tells him to try to run away, and Gokuu thinks about using KK#5, which requires a 10 second rest. He needs an opening, so he uses Tenshin's blinding Taiyou-ken. During the lull, Gokuu invokes the power of the sea to give him energy to recover. Vejita curses his blindness, and gets better before Gokuu has fully recharged himself. But, Gokuu is a lot better now, too. Vejita finds him and uses a mouth blast to undo all of that recharging. Gokuu is nearly helpless, but does dodge a few of Vejita's attacks. Vejita steps on Gokuu's legs, crushing them. Kuririn states that Gokuu's power has dropped a lot. Gohan yells "father" and he keeps approaching. Vejita gloats, then prepares to finish off his enemy, and then the rest of the world. Gokuu curses, looking like he's lost, but he still has energy for one more attack. As Vejita grabs his damaged eye, Gokuu waits for the end. Vejita picks up the body, raging over the damage to his face. Yajirobee can't do anything, and Gokuu's ribs break. Gohan and Kuririn are very close now. Kuririn can't understand the point of the glowing orb. They see the giant were-monkey, and Kuririn tells Gohan to land. Kuririn wants to help Gokuu, but they find Yajirobee first. He says that the were-monkey is the Saiya-jin, and Kuririn growls out that he knows. And that they have to cut off its tail. Kuririn states that Gohan and he will act as a distraction, while Yajirobee does the cutting. Yajirobee hates this idea, since Vejita is so strong. Gohan thinks to his father to not die, and Kuririn realizes that Gokuu's power level is so low that his friend will soon die. Vejita notices something, and Gohan attracts his attention. Kuririn prepares Kien-zan. Vejita makes Gohan watch his father's torture. Kuririn attacks, but misses. Vejita notices the other guy, but dismisses him to continue killing Kakarot. Kuririn fumes helplessly, and apologizes to Gokuu. Then, something happens. Vejita discovers that there was one more insect. Now, with his tail cut off, he reverts to normal. Yajirobee prays that no one noticed him. Kuririn praises the monk (who keeps cowering,) and Vejita promises to kill everyone. Gohan is trying to understand how the monster changed into the Saiya-jin. Vejita takes his rage out on the human-Saiya-jin child, and keeps on about the boy not being a pure-blood. Then, the boy is discarded to die with his father. Gokuu tells the boy that he can't move, so Gohan has to keep trying. Vejita notices that Gokuu is still awake. Gohan replies that he's powerless, too. Vejita decides to kill Gokuu, and then the brat. After, it's the bastard that had cut his tail. Yajirobee panics. Gokuu tries to reassure his son, but the boy claims he can't move. Gokuu yells at him to not die, and to remember what Piccolo had taught him. Vejita continues to rough up Gokuu, Gokuu calls to Gohan, and the boy tells the Saiya-jin to stop it. Gohan's claim to assault Vejita amuses the alien. But, he is surprised at the boy's attack. Gokuu tells Kuririn to come over. Kuririn says that Gohan should be allowed to escape, but the man states that he's going to give Kuririn the genki tama. Kuririn doesn't understand, so Gokuu explains a little, and then tells his friend to hurry because Gohan's going to die. The little guy is told to hold Gokuu's hand, then the transfer occurs. Now, he's overwhelmed by the power he's just been given. Gokuu wishes him luck, since this is a level of power Gohan can't control. Gokuu also says that this new sphere is the Genki Tama. It's a one-shot, because Gokuu can't make another one. Kuririn says he understands. The other two keep fighting, then Vejita claims that he's the baddest, and disappears before Kuririn can attack. A voice sounds in Kuririn's head, telling him not to try to see the opponent with his eyes while trying to use the Genki Tama. It's Kaiou-sama, giving advice. Vejita gloats at having superior speed, and Kuririn is told to sense the power of evil. Gohan gets blasted, as Kuririn tries to find Vejita without using his eyes. Yajirobee notices the great power of the ball. Vejita wants Gokuu to see what happens to the boy. Kuririn suddenly senses the great evil, and Yajirobee yells out for the runt to fire away already. Vejita is alerted, Kuririn swears at the monk and fires. Vejita wonders what this is, and leaps out of the way. This was the last chance, and now it's going to kill Gohan. Gokuu thinks out for Gohan to sense the presense of evil and redirect the attack. Which happens. Everyone is impressed by the reaction, and they celebrate and congratulate each other. Vejita's body lands, and Kuririn thinks it's just a corpse. But, Vejita isn't killed so easily. Kaiou can't believe that the genki tama hadn't been effective. Vejita is ready for payback time, at having been damaged. Kuririn has to wait to die, though. What hurts the Saiya-jin most, is the assault on his pride. He powers up further, and Gokuu just swears. Vejita tries to destroy the area, but only succeeds in blowing the bodies around without killing anyone. He tries to hurry to finish everyone off, before the last of his strength fades. Then, Vejita notices Gohan's tail, and tries to kill the boy before he can see the artifical moon. Kuririn understands what this means, too. Then, Vejita senses someone behind him. Yajirobee celebrates, thinking that he's killed the alien. But, Vejita stands back up, calling the monk a bastard. Yajirobee starts apologizing, saying it was all just a big joke. Vejita finishes off the monk, and returns to the more important tasks. Gokuu yells out for his boy to look up at the moon. Yelling that he's blown it, Vejita rushes in and yells "die!!!" Too late. Trying to kill the changing monster, Vejita keeps pounding away. Then, the prince decides to go for the tail to rip it off. Which makes him vulnerable, instead. However, neither Gokuu nor Gohan can control themselves in were-monkey form. Kuririn realizes that this is "like father, like son." He yells out for Gohan to attack the Saiya-jin, which the boy does. The runt is happier, because Gohan has a little bit of humanity in him. Vejita is starting to hurt, and his artifical moon will last for a full hour. His only choice is to cut off the tail. He attacks with something similar to Kuririn's Kien-zan. The attack succeeds, but he can't move out of the way in time. Gohan's partially changed body lands on him. Kuririn hopes that it's over, while the alien has enough energy to summon his space ship. Elsewhere, some men are excavating the alien craft, trying to analyze it, when it takes off. They are left sprawling, wondering what happened. Lying helplessly on the ground, waiting for the speeding ship, Vejita can't believe that he's been beaten. End of book 20. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Aug. 14, 1993
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