Dragon Ball volume 21 summary and personae list. New Characters: Kewie: Local lizard-fish alien leader on Planet #79 Freeza: Lizard-like alien. VERY strong, and uses very polite language. First appears while riding a hover-chair. Wants the Dragon Balls to wish for immortality. Dodoria: Freeza's fat, ugly assistant. Very strong, but rather dumb. Zarbon: Freeza's beautiful alien co-assistant. Stronger than Dodoria. Also faster, and more vain. Fighting styles: Other notes: Chikyuu: Japanese for The Earth. More or less what everyone uses to refer to the main planet, and its inhabitants. Jin: The Japanese word for "person". So, Saiya-jin means a person from the planet Saiya. Buruma's parents: They're never given any names beyond "Buruma's mother" and "Buruma's father." Namek-jin: The Namek are like certain insects, in that their functions in society are dictated by the conditions of their birth. Dende is a healer, Piccolo and Nail are fighters. Dende can't fight, and Piccolo and Nail can't heal. Vejita: His character design has changed radically since his first appearance in book 17. In the one year that has passed, he's aged 5 to 6 years, at least. Story: Buruma, Kamesennin, Karin-sama, and Chi Chi are searching for their friends. Senpyou sees the bright light from the full moon, and Chi Chi goes berzerk, hoping that Gohan is still alive. Kamesennin senses 5 people, one very weak, and Senpyou states that the Saiya-jin isn't dead, either. Meanwhile, Vejita's ship has arrived, and he struggles to reach it. Kururin struggles to stab the Saiya-jin in the back with Yajirobee's sword. Kaiou-sama is hoping that the evil will end here. Kururin says he's going to kill his enemy, Vejita curses his immobility, and the runt yells "die!!!!" A voice says "stop." Everyone reacts to Gokuu's telepathic command, and he tells his friend that since Vejita is going to leave, that he shouldn't be killed. They argue, until Gokuu wins. Vejita's parting words to "the garbage" are that it's been fun. Kururin tells the unconscious Gohan that it's now safe, and Yajirobee complains about having been hit. Gokuu apologizes to Kururin, who shrugs it off. Then the rescuers arrive, and Chi Chi cries out "Gohan" as she rushes to care for her son. Kururin tells her that the boy is fine, but she wails on about his having been injured. The others comfort Gokuu, Kururin tells Buruma about the dead, including Yamcha. But, she thinks that her lover can be brought back in one year. She can't accept Gokuu's explanation that with Kami-sama dead, the Balls won't work. At least, Yajirobee tells her, Yajirobee himself is still alive. Buruma breaks down. Kamesennin already misses Piccolo, and Yajirobee is upset that no one cares about him. Senpyou tells them to take the wounded to the hospital, because there are no more Senzu Seeds. Kamesennin then searches for the corpses, and Kururin mentions that there's a slight hope for the dead, and Gokuu asks about this, too. But, the answer has to wait until they collect the bodies. Chao-zu's is missing, since he self-destructed. Karin-sama comments on the sacrifice, Kamesennin is too angry to pilot the craft, and Buruma takes over again. Gohan wakes up, and Chi Chi goes overboard in telling the boy that everything's ok. Kururin says that they're safe, and Yajirobee states that he's ok, too. Gohan asks about his dad, Gokuu answers back. The monk asks Chi Chi why she's not concerned about her husband, and she rants about the man's carelessness in letting her boy get hurt. Buruma reminds Kururin about what he was going to say earlier. He tells them about Piccolo having been recognized as a Namek-jin, and some vague mentions of the original Dragon Balls, which could be used to revive everyone. Gohan verifies this, and gets excited at the idea of Piccolo coming back. Kururin picks this up, because then Kami-sama will return, as will the power of the regular Balls. Buruma doesn't join in the rejoicing though, as she asks Kururin if they know where Namek is. Gokuu states that Kaiou-sama would know. He asks, Kaiou-sama replies, and the others can hear him in their hearts. This is partly because of Gokuu's presence, because he's in shock from having used Kaiou-ken. Kaiou-sama looks up the location of Namek -- SU83 by 9045YX. Buruma recognizes the latter coordinate, and has "Kame-chan" take the wheel. ("Kame-chan...") Kaiou states that a long time ago, nearly everyone on the planet got wiped out. He locates the general direction of Namek. Senpyou comments on how Kami-sama is the lone survivor of this planet. But if that's so, who's there to make the older Balls work? They speculate about this until Kaiou discovers that there's about 100 Namek-jin still on Namek. (Yajirobee thinks about what it's like to have 100 people looking like Kami-sama.) They discuss this a bit, too, with Kamesennin happily suggesting that Tenshinhan and Yamcha can soon be wished back alive. Buruma states otherwise. It will take 4339 years for them to reach those coordinates. Kaiou-sama hadn't considered that part. Kururin comes to the rescue again, reminding them about the Saiya-jin's ultra-fast spaceships, and pulls out the controller that Vejita had dropped. Buruma now thinks it's possible, and they all celebrate. The next day, they're at the hospital. It'll take Gokuu 4 months to heal, but one month for Senpyou to grow more Senzu Seeds. Kururin gloats over that fact that Kururin and Gohan will get out in 3 days, and he comments on Gokuu's looking like a mummy. Yajirobee grouses about not having been admitted, and Senpyou replies that the monk only wants to get at the hospital's food. Kururin follows up with the conversation between the monk and Vejita, that gets Yajirobee hopping mad. Gyuu-ou says that they're all lucky to be alive, when Buruma runs into the room and tells them to turn on the TV. [Buruma's hair style changed over night.] Seems that scientists have found Nappa's ship. They're speculating about what this means, and Buruma announces that she's going to take over the ship with the controller Kururin found. She's very pleased with herself, and she enters the control code. The ship explodes. This was their last chance, since not even Kintoen can help them out. Then Mister Popo shows up to tell them that he's probably found a space ship. He's not sure, but it's probably what Kami-sama used to reach this planet. Kururin answers that Buruma would know, but she doesn't trust the strange black man with the big eyes. The two disappear, and Kururin has his doubts about the ship. The two instanteously arrive in the cold desolate region where the ship is, and walk the little ways to it. Popo asks if this is a space ship, and Buruma isn't sure. She asks how Popo knows about this, and he states that 100 years ago, Kami-sama told him what had happened. How Kami-sama had found himself on this planet as a small child, with the instruction to wait by the ship for a relative to show. After 20-30 years of waiting, the child gave up. Buruma wondrs what the point is, and Popo tells her to let him make it. The little demon had made the ship his home. Between it's four legs, a door will open if you say "Piccolo." They get on the door, and Popo says "Piccolo" again to get them inside. Buruma finally realizes that Kami-sama is a Namek-jin, so the ship should have a way to get back home. She finds the control panel, and tries to understand it. She has no luck (searching for main switches, and code numbers,) until a voice sounds in her head. It's similar to what Piccolo and Kami-sama had spoken at the Tenkaichi-budoukai. Mister Popo tells her that he knows Namek-speech. She tells him to make the ship fly (doesn't matter where,) and he replies that the ship is saying "Ok." They take off, Buruma is impressed, and Popo is happy that Kami-sama can now be brought back to life. Back at the hospital, Buruma is enthused, telling people that it will only take one month to reach Namek. The ship will be fixed up in 5 days. The others are happy, but Popo says that he can't go. Buruma freaks, and Kururin tells her that she'll have to go. So, she states that Kururin has to come with. Yajirobee backs out, but Kamesennin volunteers to spend two months with her (Buruma turns him down.) Gokuu can't go, since he needs the rest. Then, Gohan pipes up, only to have Gokuu and Chi Chi argue over this (Gokuu thinks it's a good thing, Chi Chi wants her boy to study.) He wants to help bring Piccolo back, and finally shouts to make his mother shut up. (This show of spirit makes Gokuu happy, but the boy now has to apologize to her to keep her from crying.) Gohan tells her that he has to try to help bring his friends back, after everything they've done. Yajirobee is impressed, and Gyuu-ou tells his daughter that she's lost. Buruma tells them to meet at Kame House in 10 days. Later, in the ship, Buruma's father is impressed with the craft, and she tells him to stop messing around. On the appointed day, Kururin comments on the size of the ship, but Buruma is upset because he's dressed wrong for the occasion. Kamesennin wonders where Gohan is, and Kururin answers that the boy went to visit Gokuu one more time. Then, the others arrive, and Gyuu-ou also remarks on the ship. Chi Chi's mothering of her boy cracks up everyone, but destroys Buruma. Kamesennin wishes them luck, they say their goodbyes. Kururin is excited, but when he asks where to put his gear, Buruma just snaps at him. She gives them 5 seconds' warning before blasting off for Namek, and Kururin complains about not having been able to use the seatbelts first. Kamesennin is impressed with their speed, and Chi Chi yells for Gohan to remember to rinse. Then it's time to settle in for the long journey. Gohan is awed at seeing the Earth, but Buruma is in a bad mmod, and Kururin can't figure out why. They change into more comfortable clothes, and Kururin thinks that Buruma's outfit is really a set of pajamas. It's a long trip to Namek. After a while, Buruma becomes conscious long enough to notice Gohan win a session of image training. Kururin is impressed with the combination of Gokuu's blood, and Piccolo's training, but the boy also complements his friend's strength. Buruma wants them to clean up after her, because there's a lady present. Kururin objects, since she's the one that made the mess, but she states that she's too busy with running the ship. Then, she asks where Vejita has escaped to, where his planet is. Kururin doesn't know. They speculate about the idea of other Saiya-jin running around. Then, on Freeza Planet #79, Vejita arrives. At first, the guard post thinks it's Freeza, but they quickly identify the ship. They panic, and notify their superiors. The greeting party wonders what's happened to Nappa, then they wonder why the distinguished Vejita isn't coming out. He's quickly taken to the medics. Eventually, Vejita recovers, but his tail doesn't grow back. He changes to a new suit, asks where Freeza is, and is told that Freeza's gone, but Kewie is available in the Training Room. Vejita leaves, saying that he doesn't need a scouter. He broods, then meets Kewie, who gloats over the deaths of Radits and Nappa. They snap at each other (these guys don't like Saiya-jin,) until Kewie states that Freeza has left for Namek. Vejita realizes that the info must have been relayed via their scouters, and rushes off when told that Freeza is also after the Dragon Balls (which he claims are his alone.) After their 34-day flight, Buruma and company arrive on Namek. Kururin and Gohan are excited, Buruma is cautious. When they land, she tells them to suit up in the hazardous atmosphere suits. But, the other two are already running around outside, to her annoyance (they don't understand what's wrong.) But, the mood lightens when it turns out that the Dragon Radar works on Namek. But, Gohan senses a strong power, and Kururin notices it too. Buruma figures that it's just another Nakek, like Piccolo. The two aren't so sure. She reassures them, and states that 4 of the Balls are already in one place. They get ready to go meet some Namek people, when a Saiya-jin ship streaks through the sky (Buruma yells at it.) Kururin tells Gohan to mask his power, since this is probably Vejita's ship. They curse over discovering that they have competition for the Balls. Kururin and Gohan are going to go after the Balls, Buruma plans on staying at the ship and notifying Kame House -- they can be rescued in only 2 months. Vejita walks out, still claiming the Balls as his. He plans on fighting Freeza to the death, but has trouble using the scouter. Eventually, the scouter indicates Freeza's location, and that of Dodoria and Zarbon. On Earth, Kamesennin is told that Vejita has appeared, and he's to notify Gokuu, but not Chi Chi. Then, another Saiya-jin ship streaks past, landing nearby. Somewhere, in a Namek village, a minion has found the town's Dragon Ball. Freeza is pleased, and wants it added to the 3 he already has. Zarbon relays a message from Kewie, concerning Vejita. Freeza states that Kewie and Vejita are about equal. Kewie looks forward to settling things. Buruma and Kururin are worried at the appearance of another Saiya-jin. Kewpie finds Vejita and goes to kill him on Freeza's orders. Vejita looks forward to this. Meanwhile, Buruma wants to return to Earth and wait for Gokuu. Kururin tries to get her to wait, to talk Gohan into going with her. She wants them to stay to get the Balls to resurrect Piccolo and Kami-sama. Gohan then senses a Saiya-jin, but it turns out to be two of Freeza's warriors who are looking someone that's not Namek-jin. Kururin and Buruma discover that the two guys aren't Namek-jin, either. They threaten each other a bit, then the Saiya-jin destroy the ship to keep them from leaving. This makes the two Earthlings angry, and the two Saiya-jin amused. However, the sudden increase in power worries the bad guys just before they get trashed. Kururin and Gohan congratulate each other ("Nice, Nice,") and Buruma yells at them for it. Zarbon notices the blip of power, but tells Freeza that it was nothing. It wasn't Vejita -- just two people with 1500 levels. Buruma's upset at having been stranded, and not being able to ever return to Earth. Kururin and Gohan are going after the Balls, and want to find a safe place for Buruma to hide. Kewpie and Vejita taunt each other, and Vejita has to explain that the scouter is registering very little power because he's mastered power control now. He has to explain further, then shows his true level -- at 22000 it breaks Kewpie's scouter, and Kewie is very shocked (they're not evenly matched after all.) Zarbon decides that Vejita has arrived. Dodoria thinks that his partner's scouter was malfunctioning, but Vejita really is registering at 24000. That's more than Dodoria and Zarbon. They talk about that (he was only 18000 before.) Freeza isn't impressed, and he knows what the Saiya-jin is after. Kewpie is trying to strike a deal to band against Freeza, but it's just a stalling tactic. Kewpie announces that Freeza has arrived, then attacks. He's sure that he's won, but Vejita says that his speed has increased, too. Vejita easily wins, and is happy at seeing fireworks today. He decides that with the scouters, Zarbon and Dodoria can see him approaching, and that they'll be able to find the Dragon Balls. But if they only get 6, they'll be useless. He wants the Balls to realize his dream of being the number 1 fighter in the universe. Dodoria is concerned about Vejita's strength, and ability to easily kill Kewie. Freeza is more interested in getting the fifth Ball, which is in a Namek village with 10 Namek-jin in it. They leave for the village. Kururin tells Buruma to try to keep up a little longer. She's exhausted and not happy. They find a cave for her, but it's dark and she doesn't want to go in. They sense some more power, it's not Namek, and it's getting closer. They hide, wondering if they've been sensed. Buruma is relieved when the group passes by, but wonders who they were. Kururin and Gohan, however, are panicked, and the runt asks to see what the Dragon Radar shows concerning four of the Balls. Turns out that the strangers do indeed have those Balls. Kururin asks if Gohan noticed the group leader -- he did, and the leader was incredibly strong. Kururin likens the little leader to Vejita -- both are overwhelmingly strong. Buruma wonders who can be like Vejita, Kururin doesn't know but the group was dressed like Saiya-jin. Kururin is frustrated at the thought that the strangers are also after the Balls. The strangers are heading for one Ball, 14km away. Gohan reminds Kururin about the runt's having sensed the Namek-jin earlier, and they decide to go look at the village. Buruma objects to being left alone, and is told to stay in the cave and tell Kamesennin what's happening. Then the two fighter's rush off. On Earth, the doctor berates the injured Gokuu for exercising in the hospital room. Gokuu is pushed back into bed, with a warning to take better care of himself. Kamesennin comes into the room, checking first whether Chi Chi is in (she's out.) The old man brought some food as a present (kasutera == sponge cake.) He grabs the nurse's butt while stating that he'd talked to Buruma on Namek just 2 hours earlier. (He then asks the nurse if she thinks he'd done something to her just now.) The turtle master says that Vejita is on Namek, that there's 10 strong Namek in the village that they've gone to, and that someone else is there that's at least Vejita's level. While Gokuu's trying to handle this, Yajirobee arrives ("You're alive?") with 7 senzu seeds from Karin-sama. Gokuu congratulates Yajirobee for having good timing, and demands to be fed a seed right away, while the doctor warns them against eating strange foods. Fully recovered, Gokuu's been waiting for this moment. He puts on his douji (uniform,) takes the seeds, and says he's going to Namek. Seems that Buruma's father has been working on a new and improved space ship (of his own design) for Gokuu to use (based on Radits' spaceship's technology.) The new ship will get him to Namek in 6 days. He calls Kintoen, and rushes off. Yajirobee and Kamesennin wonder if they're expected to follow to help the hero. Gokuu is still concerned about Vejita, who he knows is very strong. At Capsule Corp., Gokuu wonders if the ship is inside one of the buildings. Buruma's mother recognizes Gokuu, even after all this time. He asks where the father is. She takes him inside, commenting on how he's grown up so much, and tries to make a date with him to go to a cake shop she wants to visit. Then, she calls out to her husband, announcing that Gokuu has arrived. The father asks if Gokuu has eaten a senzu seed already, and is impressed that the seeds really work the way he was told they do. The mother goes off to tell Pool and Oolong that Gokuu's arrived, and will get Gokuu something to drink. Gokuu is impressed at the size of the inside of the ship. The control panel can start the craft on it's journey to Namek, and one dial can vary the on-board gravity to up to 100g (a 60 kg person would weigh 6000 kg, and this would kill any one.) The ship has a bath, toilet, bedroom, and kitchen (which Piccolo's ship didn't.) The only thing left is to install the stereo speakers. Gokuu is stunned that this is all that's left, and the scientist says that a stereo is very important. Gokuu wants to leave now, and tells the old man that he has to save the people on Namek. However, the scientist wonders if Gokuu really doesn't want the stereo. Gokuu launches off, and the scientist is impressed at the speed of his ship. Pool and Oolong walk up, and are disgusted that Gokuu had rushed off without talking to them. The mother arrives with some beer, and is also confused at not finding Gokuu. Our hero is surprised at being surrounded by night already, then he gets ready to face Vejita in 6 days by turning the gravity up to 10g and practicing the Kaiou techniques. Kururin senses that he's getting closer to the village, so they slow down to a walk. They wonder who the strangers in the village are. They also notice the strong power emanating from the two near the one in the floating chair. As well as the over-sized Namek Dragon Balls. Freeza asks Dodoria what's wrong, and the alien comments on having noticed a little power blip from near Kururin's position (probably just some insects.) One of the soldiers is threatening to kill one of the Namek village elders, which Kururin is surprised to see looks just like an older version of Piccolo -- must be a Namek-jin. The Namek want to know what's up, and the heroes wonder if the strangers are Saiya-jin (they're not, although they're dressed the same, they're not like Vejita or Gokuu.) Kururin repeats something Radits had said before, about other aliens being found on other planets -- this must be an example of what the guy had meant. The elders realize that Freeza has 4 of the Balls, and the alien offers to spare the villagers if they give him their Ball. The elder speaks in Namek, but Freeza orders him to use normal speach (ie -- Japanese.) The elder states that it's the village elders' jobs to protect the location of the Dragon Balls, which Freeza already knows. Freeza wants the Ball, and orders Dodoria to kill 2 of the Namek. If that doesn't work, the rest will die. Freeza knows that the elders in each of the villages on Namek all have one of the Balls within the village for safekeeping. He wants to use them to make his wish. So, he's tracking down all of the elders on the planet, and making them the same offer. (At the same time, Vejita is listening in on the conversation via his own scouter.) Freeza wants them to be submissive, which the elders refuse to do. So, Zarbon is ordered to give them an example of what to expect. One elder dies, another attacks in anger and is also killed (after getting in a killing blow to one of Freeza's red-shirt minions.) Kururin and Gohan don't like what they're seeing. Freeza demands the Balls again, so that he can live for eternity (which Kururin notices is the same thing that Vejita wants, but the heroes don't know why someone would want to do that.) The elder would rather die first, which is ok by Freeza. He plans on killing everyone on the planet anyway. Then, Dodoria notices some strong power levels approaching. It's a group of Namek soldiers. End of book 21. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Sept. 4, 1993
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