Dragon Ball volume 24 summary and personae list. New Characters: Fighting styles: Rikuum Eraser Gun -- A mouth blast more powerful than most large bombs. Crusher Ball -- Jiisu's super powerful energy sphere. Other notes: Henshin -- "Body Changing." This is a standard word used to describe someone that goes from one form to another. Ginyuu does this with Gokuu, using the keyword -- "Change." Story: Rikuum is ready to finish off Vejita, and Kuririn tells Gohan to help save the Saiya-jin now. The "Rikuum Eraser Gun" almost kills Vejita before it blows out Rikuum's nose. Vejita is mad at the interference. Kuririn is impressed, and Rikuum is just starting to have fun. He asks his friends if it's ok to take out the runts. They shrug, and demand chocolate parfaits in return. Kuririn is taken out fast, which annoys the Team fighter. Saichourou can see a ways into the future, so he has sent Nail on an errand that he's not happy with. Gohan takes a beating. Freeza congratulates Ginyuu on supplying the Balls, and he's about to fulfill his dream by activating them. Gohan calls for his father. Ginyuu asks Freeza whether the alien is an immoratal, but it doesn't seem to have happened. Then Freeza remembers what one elder told him about not being able to use the Balls to make the wish. He tries to figure out if there's a special place, or summoning word that he needs to use, then realizes that there's one Namek elder that hasn't been killed yet. Telling Ginyuu to stay and watch the Balls, Freeza rushes off to find Saichourou. Rikuum and Gohan keep fighting, while the boy reminds himself of whose child he is. Rikuum asks what planet the boy is from, then Gohan says he isn't going to lose. But, he's dropped and his power is zeroed. Kuririn curses his friend's defeat, Vejita derides the boy, Rikuum gloats, and Gokuu finally makes planet-fall. The fighter wonders where this ship came from, Kuririn is happy, the ship announces the arrival on Namek, and Gokuu steps out. Our hero quickly senses the locations of his friends and several really strong people -- but, the two Earthlings are nearly dead. Time to use his 100 g techniques. He arrives, people greet him, and he states that he has some senzu seeds. Gohan gets one, then Kuririn. Rikuum wants to know who's interferring with his game, Jiisu and Baata wonder about the fast guy with the garbage-level power rating that's reanimating the corpses. Gohan briefs Gokuu on why Vejita is so damaged. The hero tells them that he's gotten stronger on the trip over, then gives the last seed to Vejita (which surprises Kuririn who wants to know how they're going to heal themselves after fighting the Ginyuu team.) But, Gokuu announces that he's going to handle this fight by himself. Rikuum's not impressed. The Earthling measures in at only 5000. Vejita's trying to figure out what Gokuu is up to, then has a bad feeling about this. Rikuum thinks that he's going to win, Gokuu says that he himself will (Rikuum can't handle this.) Vejita realizes that Kakarot has become a super Saiya-jin (last one was 1000 years ago.) The Ginyuu man yells out "Rikuum Mahho Attack" -- and misses. The ones with the scouters can't find Gokuu right away. Gokuu gives them a choice -- the Ginyuu team can leave the planet, or they can get lots of pain. But they think he only has speed and no power. Rikuum is about to destroy them all, with the "Rikuum Ultra Fighting..." The attack takes to long to announce, and Gokuu wins with one blow. No one can believe that this has happened, and Vejita chokes the most on the idea that he's looking at a Super Saiya-jin. Gokuu gives the other team members another chance to leave the planet. Jiisu and Baata are amused, but Kuririn wonders why Gokuu doesn't want to fight them. The fighters have to protect their rep, so they go into their attack pose, and move out. Vejita knows that Kakarot is going to win. The combatants banter and fight a bit. Gokuu's powerful ki-ai blows the team members backwards, putting Gohan and Kuririn in awe of him. Everyone considers a situation in which Gokuu can beat up people that could trash Vejita. Baata tells Jiisu to use his Crusher Ball to distract the human, giving Baata an opening against him. But, Gokuu doesn't move. He deflects the Ball, and the enemies curse. [The one-page cover has Buruma complaining about having been forgotten, while the others have all the fun.] Jiisu warns Baata to look backwards. But, they still think Gokuu is simply fast. Jiisu says that this is a bad dream. Gokuu is asked who he is, ("I'm an Earth-bred Saiya-jin") but Saiya-jin aren't this fast. Then, Baata states that speed isn't going to help Gokuu anymore, and is going to kill him. Baata's flailing about pissing off Jiisu, who joins in. It's now time for Gokuu to show that he has more than simple speed. After, Gokuu tells Jiisu that it's pointless to fight him, and that Ginyuu should take their fallen comrades and leave the planet. Jiisu freaks over the fact that the Ginyuu team has been so easily beaten, and runs to notify the team leader. At the same time, Vejita is wondering why Kakarot is taking so long to kill the bad guys. Kururin is so surprised at the speed and power that he asks if this is really Gokuu. As Vejita comes in and finishes off Baata and Rikuum, Gokuu asks why he's doing this. They were helpless, but Vejita tells him that this is the smart thing to do, especially since one escaped. Gokuu has to be a perfect Saiya-jin to face the frightening power of Freeza. Gokuu repeats "Super Saiya-jin?" They think about this as Freeza finds the correct mountain. The group talks about Freeza's strength and their chances of beating him. Freeza does have the Balls, but he hasn't been able to call Shenlon yet. Vejita wants to know more about this, and Kuririn tells him that you can tell if Shenlon has appeared when night covers the planet. Gokuu suddenly realizes that Freeza doesn't know the proper word for summoning the dragon. Vejita thinks about this, and Gokuu reminds them to bring their dead friends back to life. Jiisu tells Ginyuu what happened. Ginyuu can't handle this, but he refuses to let Freeza in on the secret. Instead, he wants to resolve this himself, and tells Jiisu to bury the Balls (since the Earthlings don't have scouters that would show where the things are located.) Then, they get into their Special Fighting pose. This doesn't work anymore, and it makes him very angry. The heroes argue over what to do with the Dragon Balls, as Vejita claims that the odds would be better if he were made immortal. Suddenly, Vejita asks where Freeza is, Gokuu points off in one direction, and Kuririn panics as he realizes that this is where Saichourou lives. Freeza must be asking for the secret to the Balls. Gohan hopes that Saichourou isn't killed, because that would cancel out the Balls. Then, Ginyuu arrives, and Jiisu points out the troublemakers. They discuss each other (Gokuu still registers at only 5000, but Ginyuu's enhanced scouter can tell that the human is really 60,000.) Jiisu knows that no Saiya-jin is that strong. Ginyuu looks forward to a good fight. Gokuu tells Kuririn and Gohan to take the radar and look for the Balls, and he tells Vejita to attack Jiisu. Everyone says that they understand. Gokuu is told to not let himself be killed, and they start their plan. As it's about to be one-on-one, Vejita yells out "Later!" and runs off. After a bit of fighting, Gokuu comments on the pain and curses Vejita. Ginyuu and Gohan banter a bit. Vejita thinks to himself that he'd rather track down the Balls and make his wish than fight (the other two are evenly matched.) Jiisu roots for his leader-monster. After a little more fighting, Ginyuu is surprised at Gokuu's speed. Then, Jiisu's Crusher Ball gives Ginyuu a chance to grab his enemy (same trap that Baata had tried to use.) Gokuu is about to switch on the Kaiou techniques, when the leader lets him go. He explains that he knows that Gokuu has just been playing around, and he wants to see Gokuu's REAL power. The hero decides to do it, while the leader expects expects it to cap off at 85,000. At, 180,000, Ginyuu is stunned. Jiisu is also stunned, since the leader is only 120,000. Finally, they realize that the enemy is a Super Saiya-jin, which is what Vejita had called him. The team thinks about this, and Gokuu gives them another chance to leave the planet alive. But, Ginyu is about to use HIS special talent. Freeza arrives at the mountain, realizing that there are 3 people there. Nail warns Saichourou, who's giving the sleeping power to Dende. Dende is told to help the Earthlings, and he tells the elder to not die. The elder hopes not to. Freeza arrives, Nail asks what he wants, the alien demands the secret to the Balls. Freeza is told that if the elder dies, the Balls stop working. The alien blows open the house to see this elder, and wants the secret. The elder tells Nail to fight the alien to give the humans time to summon Shenlon. Freeza looks forward to the fight; however, they need a place to fight that won't endanger the elder. Saichourou apologizes to Nail, by himself, about having to sacrifice such a good Namek. Eventually, Freeza claims that they've reached a good place. Nail powers up. A power level of 45,000 is good for a Namek, but Freeza claims that he himself is 530,000. But, to make things more fun, Freeza promises to only use his left arm. Nail's attack proves that the Namek is only 45,000. After ripping off the Namek's arm, Freeza apologizes for being rude. But, Nail stands up again, showing the desire to die. Nail regens the arm, proving that his indeed a Namek. Gokuu wants to know what Ginyuu meant, and the leader tells Jiisu to hold his scouter. He hurts himself before making plans on the Super Saiya-jin's body. Ginyuu makes the switch, and is now happy at his new lodgings. Gokuu, in Ginyuu's body, yells in pain. The leader lets everyone know what happened, and then gets his scouter from Jiisu. It's now time to return to Freeza. Gokuu follows behind, hoping to fix things. At least he can still fly. Kuririn and Gohan arrive at Buruma's cave, demanding the Radar. Buruma wakes up, then demands to know what's going on. The runt says that there's no time, but this doesn't change anything. However, Gohan grabs the Radar and points out where they need to go. They leave, with Buruma still demanding to know what's happening. Gohan takes the time to tell her that his father has arrived. This makes Buruma compare Yamcha to Gokuu. At some point, Vejita reaches the ship, and Freeza isn't around. He takes the time to change clothes, hoping that the Earthlings don't find him, or the Balls, first. He also wonders about the secret medicine that Kakarot used to heal himself. He senses the Earthlings approaching, and asks why they came after him so fast. He hides his power before the two show up and grab the Balls. This makes Vejita happy, because he'll be able to watch them summon Shenlon, and then he can make his move. Kururin chants "Ide yo, Shenlon!!!! Soshite negai o kanaetamae!!!!" (Shenlon appear!!!! So you can grant our wish!!!!) Nothing happens. They wonder about this until sensing the approach of Jiisu and Ginyuu. Obviously, Gokuu must have been defeated, so they hide. But Gokuu lands, in the presence of Jiisu. (The next cover page has Ginyuu riding with Gohan on Kintoen. "Yahoo --- I'm really Son Gokuu, even though my face is strange.") Ginyuu and Jiisu can't sense anyone, but the Balls are out in the open. Then, Kuririn calls out, and steps forward. The leader asks how the runt had found the Balls, which amuses Kuririn. He's asked if he'd made the wish, but Kuririn says that it didn't work. Ginyuu is happier. Kuririn remarks on Gokuu's strange behavior, and the fact that the guy is wearing a scouter. The hero moves forward to explain, when Gohan yells out that this really isn't Gokuu. The two don't know what's happening, but Gokuu is obviously a fake. Now, the leader wants to use the power of his new body, and he and Jiisu strike a modified fighting pose, announcing who they are. Surprises everyone. Ginyuu now wants to fight at 180,000. Gokuu struggles along, hoping that Gohan and Kuririn haven't died, and cursing his body. Ginyuu laughs madly about his great power, but Jiisu tells him that the old body is about to arrive. Gokuu finds them still alive. He tries to explain what happened, and tells them that they can defeat his body. This amuses Ginyuu, with his 180,000 power level. However, Ginyuu doesn't know how to use the power with the Kaiou techniques. So, Ginyuu tries powering up -- but he can't get above 23,000. He can't believe this, but Kuririn can. Jiisu is told to join the fight, as Vejita says that he's the first one Jiisu gets to face. Gokuu says, "Vejita..." End of book 24. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Sept. 18, 1993
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