Dragon Ball volume 26 summary and personae list. New Characters: Third-stage Freeza: An extension of the Second-stage Freeza: more powerful, but looks like a parody of the creature from _Alien._ Fourth-Stage Freeza: The ultimate form, this is what Freeza originally looked like. It's been a long time since he's had this shape. Bardock: The Saiya-jin that fought Freeza in the final battle on planet Vejita. The most likely person to be Son Gokuu's (and Kakarot's) father. Killed by Freeza. Fighting styles: Other notes: Freeza destroyed the planet Vejita 30 years ago, leaving Nappa, Radits, and Vejita as the last of the race of Saiya-jin. Story: Kuririn and Gohan are happy with Piccolo's performance, but Vejita is upset at being outpowered by someone that he'd once killed. The two Earthlings expect to not die after all. But, Freeza then gets in a few punches, and Kuririn now sees the alien's real spirit. They banter a bit, and Vejita realizes that he can't beat this monster. Piccolo throws off his heavy clothes, stretches, and says that he's going to fight for real, too. This surprises Freeza (who thought that this HAD been for real, and he didn't know that Namek were this good.) Kuririn can't believe that Piccolo had been fighting while wearing the heavy mantle and cloak. However, Freeza states that he hasn't been fighting seriously, himself. He has two more forms he can take, and he takes a couple of pages to switch to the next step up. The Third-stage Freeza overwhelms everyone with his power level. They talk about this, and the fact that Piccolo has already taken some damage. Gokuu curses the situation, and the fact that Freeza is so strong. Freeza teases Piccolo, and then attacks. Piccolo tries running away to get some distance, but Freeza appears in front of him ("Well, well. Long time, no see.") With just his ki-ai, Freeza starts doing real damage, and Piccolo is amazed at the speed. Freeza does his Hokuto no Ken impression, as the others futilely watch on. When Kuririn tries to help, Vejita stops the runt and demands that Kuririn half-kill him. When Dende heals him, Vejita hopes to become a Super Saiya-jin. Gohan attacks Freeza at full power, and Kuririn cheers him on. But, it's not quite enough. Piccolo saves the boy from his own blast, and Gohan thanks him. Freeza thinks that this had been a bit close, then realizes that the boy is a Saiya-jin. However, the only Saiya-jin since their planet was destroyed about 30 years ago, are Vejita, Radits, and Nappa. Piccolo is pleased with Gohan's new strength, which, unfortunately, has been completely depleted. Freeza decides that the only one that could have had a Saiya-jin child is Radits. This means that only Vejita and the boy remain as threats to him. He discounts the possibility of them becoming Super Saiya-jin. Meanwhile, Vejita is explaining that since he's a Saiya-jin, if he gets half-killed, and then healed, he'll become even stronger. So, he wants Kuririn to attack him. He promises to not kill Kuririn in revenge. Then, Freeza announces that he's going to do everyone a big service and will take on his true shape and achieve his ultimate power level. The thought of Freeza as an ugly, drooling monster causes Kuririn to ignore the possibility that Vejita will be a problem later, and blasts him in the chest. Vejita is pleased with the results, and expects now to become a Super Saiya-jin. Gohan wonders why Kuririn fired, and Piccolo says that they'd better move back. Gohan takes Piccolo to safety ("Piccolo-san, are you ok?" "I'm just great.") and is going to get Dende to heal the Namek. But. Vejita can't understand why Dende won't heal him (something about the Saiya-jin having killed an entire village of Namekians.) Dende leaves to save Piccolo, and Vejita collapses to die. Kuririn tells Gohan about why he shot Vejita, as Dende flies off leaving Vejita limp on the ground. Piccolo asks if Dende can really heal him. One island over, Freeza sees Dende working on Piccolo. Recovered, Piccolo asks if he can heal people too, but is told no, that he's a fighter, not a healer. Kuririn and Piccolo try to convince Dende to overcome his hatred, and heal Vejita. Then, the huge release of energy signals Freeza's final change-over. The group talks about Freeza's new power, which is so great it could destroy the planet. Gohan tells Dende to heal Vejita now. But, instead of thanking him, Vejita kicks Dende around for not reviving him sooner. The Saiya-jin is now convinced that he's broken the barrier. Kuririn has trouble accepting that the cute little lizard boy is the Fourth-stage Freeza, but the outer appearance masks so much power that Piccolo is sorry at having wasted the Dragon Ball wishes to be brought back to life. The first finger blast kills Dende, to prevent anyone else from being healed. In the healing tank, Gokuu is wondering who just died, and curses Freeza's strength. Freeza teleports, and the group attacks. He teleports again, and Vejita tells them to look backwards. Gohan is singled out for a killing blast, and Vejita has to save the boy (insulting him at the same time.) Piccolo wonders how the Saiya-jin got so fast so quickly. Gohan thanks him, but Vejita says he did it just to have an audience. Piccolo asks if Vejita thinks he can really beat Freeza, the answer is "yes." Freeza asks about this, and Vejita claims to be a Super Saiya-jin. Freeza laughs at the good joke. Piccolo repeats this, and Vejita attacks, saying that Kakarot won't be the next one. However, during the fight, Freeza warps out and Vejita can't follow him. This means that Vejita isn't an actual Super Saiya-jin. Mere speed isn't going to defeat Freeza. In a rage, Vejita says that he is too a Super Saiya-jin, and fires off a new blast. Piccolo tells Vejita to not destroy the planet. Freeza kicks the blast away, and everyone is stunned. Vejita loses control and cries in frustration. Freeza starts pounding on the helpless Saiya-jin, asking if anyone else wants to try to save him. Gokuu thinks about how close Vejita had gotten, and how strong Freeza is. Then, the medical tank announces that he's fully healed. The extra strength, the nice breeze, and the danger in the air all feel good to him. Freeza and company are nearby. Freeza discards Vejita, annoyed at how fast the fun has come to an end. Before Freeza can deliver the killing blow, Gokuu arrives, chatting up his friends. They can't believe that this is really Gokuu. The hero stops Freeza, who wonders where this garbage has come from. Vejita calls him "Kakarot," meaning that the guy is a Saiya-jin. There was one guy, on planet Vejita that looked like this when Freeza fought him (Gokuu's father, Bardock.) Vejita realizes that this isn't merely Kakarot, but that Gokuu is now a Super Saiya-jin. Freeza thinks about the possibility of another Saiya-jin in existence. He attacks, but Gokuu drops him. So, Freeza fires his finger blasts, and Kuririn yells out a warning. But, Gokuu deflects them. Freeza is surprised, and Vejita tells them the reason that this is possible (and that Freeza will now be defeated.) On the other hand, Freeza is tired of hearing the joke about Super Saiya-jin, and uses his finger blast to kill Vejita. Gokuu asks why Freeza attacked a helpless person, and Vejita coughs out that Gokuu has to make the last step. Gokuu doesn't understand this talk, and Vejita explains that Gokuu's parents came from planet Vejita, which Freeza had destroyed. With his dying breath, Vejita begs Kakarot to become a Super Saiya-jin and defeat Freeza. Gokuu blows out a grave, says a brief eulogy (basically, he respected the guy, but disliked how he acted,) and buries him. Now, Gokuu plans revenge for his planet. Piccolo tells tells Gohan and Kuririn to move farther back, and Gohan implores his father to not die. The fight is brief, and Gokuu burns his hands on the blast that pushes him deep into a mountain. On the other world, Yamcha asks what's happening, and Kaiou-sama tells them that Vejita has died. However, the good news is that Gokuu's ace card may allow him to win. Freeza can see how Ginyuu had been defeated. They banter a bit. Then fight a bit. Freeza thinks that this won't take long, and Gokuu stays at the bottom of the lake, thinking. The hero wants to overcome the alien's speed advantage. His friends worry about this. Then, Gokuu makes a pair of small Kamehame-ha's, and guides them in the water. Freeza is wondering what's taking so long. Finally, the first 'ha' is sent up, and Freeza mistakes it for Gokuu. The second one is launched, and it's not Gokuu either. Freeza is then blindsided, through a couple of hills. Didn't affect the alien much, though. He is very excited at having this kind of fight, and he wonders how he's going to cook Gokuu. (Playing on the fact that the Saiya-jin all have foods for names.) There's a little more bantering, then Freeza launches some rocks to distract the hero long enough to blast him. Gokuu can't move, Freeza tells him to die, and he hits the planet. The others realize that Freeza had just been playing around until now. Piccolo tells them to not worry, because Gokuu hasn't been fighting for real, either. Kuririn asks how he knows, and Piccolo tells him to look backwards. The hero mentions that the blast was a bit powerful, and he returns to face Freeza. They tell each other that both of them are just warming up. Back on Earth, Chi Chi is grousing about Gohan not studying, and is instead out playing around on some strange planet with Gokuu. Her father mentions that maybe they're on the ship on the way back home. Freeza suggests that he and Gokuu find a nice little island for some hand-to-hand combat. Gokuu thanks him for the service, and the alien offers a bigger service -- to fight without using either hand. The hero is impressed, stretches out a bit, and is told to attack any way he likes (ie -- Freeza is taking a handicap to make the fight more even.) Things go smoothly for both sides until Gokuu bites Freeza's tail (he hates the taste) and the alien punches him in return. Gokuu mentions this, and Freeza says that the service has ended. They flatter each other, talk about the 'easy' fight with Ginyuu, and Freeza states that he's only been using 50% of his max power. Gokuu thinks he's joking. The others are wondering what's going on at the distant island, and are getting worried. Freeza starts concentrating, and Gokuu realizes that the alien isn't bluffing about his power. Gokuu takes a battering, and Freeza is impressed that the guy isn't dead yet. Everyone else is getting concerning with Freeza's strength, Yamcha asks Kaiou if Gokuu is still wearing the heavy training clothes (he's not, which means that Gokuu doesn't have that as an excuse for getting beaten up.) But, Tenshinhan tells them to not worry, because Gokuu can use the 10g Kaiou techniques. Kaiou-sama cuts their jubulation short, because that's what Gokuu is doing already. Freeza uses a slashing energy attack that surprises Gokuu with its destructive force against the planet. The alien had used this to destroy planet Vejita, and Gokuu considers defeat. Kuririn and Piccolo try to figure out what Gokuu is thinking. On the other world, the dead guys are starting to panic, too. Looks like Freeza is going to win. Gokuu decides to take the risk to his body and step up to 20g Kaiou techniques. He pounds on Freeza a bit, and then unleashes a Kamehame-ha. Freeza is now angry, and in a little pain. Gokuu is a little stunned. End of book 26. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Sept. 19, 1993
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