Dragon Ball volume 34 summary and personae list. New Characters: 7 Little Cells: Piccolo had the ability to spit out eggs to make more of his minions. Cell has a variation on this. Fighting styles: Other notes: Gohan: It means "food," or "meal." It's also the name of Son Gohan. Story: Everyone watches as Gokuu enters the ring. Cell finally reacts, saying that this had better be fun. Trunks is nervous about Gokuu's plans, and the announcer rants about Mister Satan having recovered from being knocked out of the ring -- Satan will fight again at the end of the current match. Satan is then asked how he'd survived the smash into the mountain, and he replies that he's in great condition, and can handle this kind of thing easily. In a few more seconds, this new guy will be knocked out of the ring too; they share a laugh. Cell tells Gokuu to attack, and the fight starts. Gokuu's kamehame-ha is easily batted aside. When they part, Cell says that this was a good warm-up. Satan and the announcer stand with their mouths open. Kuririn is a little concerned, and the announcer describes the slightly impressive display of combat by "the unnamed fighter." He asks for Satan's comment, and eventually, the stunned wrestler says that he knew that it would go like this, but the blond guy isn't all that great. Cell thinks about Gokuu's strength, and the fact that the Saiya-jin isn't fighting full-out. Gokuu utters "Yoshi" (meaningless word used when focussing attention on something; similar to "right,") Trunks notices the change in the guy's eye color, and Cell knows that Gokuu is stepping up to full power. The shockwave shakes a few people, most especially Vejita. Trunks is also impressed, and Kuririn is very happy. Gohan's not sure what the fuss is about. The announcer describes the previous explosion, and Gokuu's suddenly getting blond hair. Then it's Cell's turn. The announcer comments on Cell doing the same explosion, and Satan says that this is a trick that's getting old fast. Cell tells Gokuu to attack. The fight continues. Wiping blood from his mouth, Cell states that he's pleased with events, and Gokuu replies in the same vein. The announcer and Satan missed what just happened, and the cameraman says that his camera's slowmotion isn't good enough to play it back in detail. The announcer asks Satan about the incredible speed of the battle, and the wrestler just answers "yeah, yeah," in shock. Then, Cell prepares to unleash a full power kamehame-ha -- Gokuu is afraid for the others standing on the ground. So, Gokuu leaps up, telling Cell where to fire. Just before the blast hits him, Gokuu teleports behind Cell and knocks him down. Cell asks what happened, and Gokuu answers, adding that Cell can teleport too. The monster likes this idea, and Gokuu asks why Cell had been willing to waste the innocent observers. The monster answers that he knew Gokuu would fly up to protect everyone. Then, Cell says that the time for talk is past -- there's a planet of people that needs killing. Gokuu gets batted around. Cell says that since he can move so fast he doesn't need to teleport to beat Gokuu. The fight goes airborne, and the two normal people can't figure out where it is. Kuririn is impressed. Cell decides that there's no need for the pretense of a game anymore, and prepares to destroy the ring so that they can touch down on the ground at the same time and not be disqualified by the rules of the game. Gokuu is concerned about Cell's use of power and tells everyone to run out of the way. Kuririn comments on that being a close call, and the announcer thanks #16 for the help. #16 tells the two normals to go back home, and the announcer says they can't do that -- Mister Satan is still waiting for his chance at a rematch. Satan fakes a fearless laugh. Now, the only way to lose the fight is to die. And the fight continues, full out. Gokuu prepares a Kamehame-ha, and Cell laughs -- at this power, it would threaten everything on Earth. Gokuu doesn't stop. Cell says, "Hey, now..." and Piccolo is also surprised at this move. Kuririn doesn't think that Gokuu will fire, but he does. Then, Gokuu teleports and takes Cell point-blank. The monster gets out "Damn, I blew..." and gets wasted. Gokuu pants from the effort. Yamcha and Tenshin think it's over, but Kuririn and Trunks don't react properly. The announcer asks for a comment, and Satan pretends to be disappointed at not being able to fight again. Gokuu still feels the monster's energy, and Kuririn shouts out that Cell will probably regenerate. He does, adding that he got this ability from Piccolo. Gokuu and Cell banter, and then start fighting again. Gokuu's energy balls start hurting, so Cell uses a barrier to protect himself. Meanwhile, the people watching this on TV are realizing that this isn't a movie. Two old people at home are commenting on the blond guy being the husband of Chi Chi. Buruma wants to know why Gokuu isn't getting serious, and Kamesennin replies that he has no idea whether Gokuu can win this battle. Cell tells Gokuu to take a senzu seed to recover from his exhaustion. Trunks thinks that this is a good idea, but Kuririn doesn't part with one. Vejita has to explain that a true Saiya-jin doesn't take this kind of easy way out in combat. Trunks won't accept this. They argue, and Cell asks Gokuu what's taking so long -- eat the seed and get back to fighting. Gokuu grins, powers down, and surrenders. Cell is stronger than him, and Gokuu is satisfied at having proved this. Everyone is stunned, and the announcer has to ask the cameraman to have it repeated to him. Cell is angry, and reminds them that this means that he can now go out and kill everyone. Gokuu answers that just because he's given up doesn't mean that Cell has been proved to be the strongest on the planet. The announcer realizes that this means that it's Mister Satan's turn again -- but Mister Satan has just come down with a crippling stomach ache. He'd love to fight, but he can't just now. Gokuu announces that there's someone still stronger, and Vejita and Cell don't believe this. Gokuu wasn't sure if he could win, so he wanted to go first. Now, he knows that this other person can easily defeat Cell. Cell is amused, and wants to know this person's name. Satan says that if his name is called, he's gone out to change clothes. Gokuu says it's now Gohan's turn. Everyone is shocked, most of all, Piccolo. The Namek demands to know why Gokuu is sending the boy out to die. The cameraman says that the name is "Gohan." The announcer wants to know why the unnamed guy is talking about getting a bentou to eat at this time. Cell also wants to know what the gimmick is. Gokuu asks if Gohan is ready, and the boy just stammers. Piccolo keeps protesting. Gokuu answers that Gohan has surpassed his own strength long ago. They argue over this for a while, and finally let the boy go ahead. Vejita can't handle the shock, and Gokuu adds that with peace in the world, Gohan can return to his studies as a normal student. This decides the matter for Gohan, and he enters the fray. Asking for a senzu seed from Kuririn, Gokuu straightens up and throws the thing to Cell. Everyone reacts to the fighter's attempt to make it a fair battle. Cell is distrustful, but swallows the seed and is amazed at the strength that returns to him. Piccolo is pissed, and wants to know what's going through the man's head. Then, Gohan powers up. (Surprises Piccolo.) (In the TV series, Gohan's aura is pretty cool.) People comment on the power, and Cell states that Gokuu has just set his own child out to die (which he'll happily participate in.) After a few missed attacks, Cell declares that speed is not enough, you've got to have true fighting spirit. He batters the boy a bit before blowing him through a couple of big hills. Kuririn and Trunks are dismayed, Cell wants to return to beating up adults, and Chi Chi (at home watching TV) passes out. The announcer describes the events, and Piccolo verbally rips into Gokuu for condemning his own kid to death. Gokuu disagrees, and comments on the fact that Gohan's power level hasn't changed yet. Cell tells Gokuu to eat the senzu seed and return to the fighting, and the man calls him an idiot, telling him to look behind him. Cell does this. Cell is pleasantly surprised. But, Gohan asks the monster to stop the fighting. Cell doesn't understand. Gohan says that he doesn't like to fight, and doesn't like to kill things. He's not like his father. Kuririn complains about not being able to understand Gohan's whispering. Gohan and Cell continue, then Cell decides that he'll force the boy to switch up to full power by beating up on him. The bashing continues for a while, with Cell demanding that Gohan power up. Gokuu approves of the monster's tactics. Kuririn recognizes Cell's finger blasts as being Freeza's signature attack. Cell gets Gohan in a bear hug, and asks if this hurts -- come on and switch to full power. Piccolo wants to interfere, but Gokuu wants things to proceed a bit longer. If Gohan just gets serious, he'll gain the power to easily defeat Cell. The others can't believe that the boy has that kind of power. Then, Piccolo interrupts, saying that the son is not like the father -- Gohan hasn't been raised to enjoy fighting like Gokuu had been. Right now, the thoughts going through the boy's head are probably "Why? Why did my father abandon me to die?" Piccolo is about to attack Cell, and Gokuu asks Kuririn for another senzu seed. This is when Cell decides that if hurting Gohan isn't going to work, he'll start hurting Gohan's friends. Gohan yells out "Stop!!!" The monster takes the senzu seeds from Kuririn, and Gohan demands to know what the monster is planning. "Nothing. To You." They argue some more, and Gohan claims that he doesn't have the control to switch on his full power. Piccolo tells the group to get ready, and Gokuu complains about not eating the seed earlier. Gohan attacks, and gets batted away while Cell tells him to power up. Then #16 leaps in from behind and gets Cell into a bear hug. Because he's a full robot, no one could feel his power before. People tell him to get away, but #16 feels that this is the only way. He'll trigger the self-destruct device inside himself, and take them both out. (The Z Fighters didn't know about this thing.) #16 concentrates on triggering the bomb, but it doesn't go off. Kuririn tells him that Buruma probably found it and took it out when he was being repaired in Capsule Corp. Cell laughs, and gives the robot the chance to die, anyway. Cell laughs at the head, the remains of Dr. Gero's work, and kicks it away. Surprising the announcer, Satan, and the cameraman. Cell counts the number of Z Fighters, and Vejita wants to know what the monster is up to. Cell spits out 7 little copies of himself (similar to what the Demon King Piccolo had done for making minions,) and tells them to go up on the hill and beat up the people there. Don't kill them, though. Gokuu shouts out a warning, and Cell gloats over his children's chances of beating them. People swear as the runts attack. Gohan silently pleads for them to stop -- because Trunks isn't from this time, he can't be resurrected by the Dragon Balls. The runts chitter and laugh as they fight. Cell can feel Gohan's power level raising and is happy -- but the boy better hurry and surpass Trunks and Vejita (who are in ultra super Saiya-jin form, and are losing.) Then, Yamcha's arm gets broken, Vejita gets trashed, Tenshin gets kicked, and Gokuu gets dropped. Gohan loses himself in thought, trying to find the great power supposedly inside himself, trying to get to where he can help his friends from dying. The announcer and Satan are gibbering in fear. Suddenly, a weak voice pipes up, asking for help -- just throw him towards the boy. Satan yells back at #16's head that it'd be crazy to attract Cell's attention like that. #16 taunts the "World's Champion," and the announcer snaps back that Mister Satan is the human's champion -- but those guys are all monsters. Satan makes up his mind, and picks up the head. The announcer tells him that this'll get him killed, and Satan says that this fighter, whose name they don't know, had faced Cell in battle. This is the least he can do. So, Satan runs in to get closer, and #16 apologizes for having to do it this way. Gohan is tearfully pleading for the massacre to stop, and Cell figures that he only has to push a little more. The monster tells his babies to kill the Z Fighters. This almost has the desired effect. Then, there's a thud, and some rolling. Satan curses the fact that his throw was off. #16 tells Gohan that it's good to be peaceful, and not to like fighting. To try to solve problems by talking them out, if you can. #16 doesn't like to fight, either. Cell states that this is good advice, and steps on #16's head -- destroying him. Gohan goes over the edge, and reaches his full power. Vejita tries to understand what happened. Cell realizes that he's gotten what he wanted. Gohan tells them that it's over, and steps forward. Cell marvels over this true display of force. And Gohan snatches the senzu seeds from Cell. Gokuu is pleased, and the runts start angrily chittering and one of their own has its head explode. All of the runts die. Piccolo can't believe that this is Gohan. The boy throws the seeds to Trunks (to give them to the others,) and faces off against Cell. Cell is really pissed. Vejita can't handle the display of such great force. End of volume 34 -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Nov. 11, 1993
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