Dragon Ball volume 38 summary and personae list. New Characters: Darbura: The Prince of the Dark World, and the strongest creature in it. Can use magic to produce a sword that he likes to fight with, and his spit can turn flesh to stone. Is a loyal servant to Babi-Di, and is eager to help revive Majin Buu. Looks like a huminoid bat. [fa:v38] [la:v39] Pui Pui: Classical strong-arm villian. Stage 1 fighter in Babi-Di's ship. Kind like a Freeza-clone. Comes from a planet with 10 times Earth's gravity. [oa:v38] Yakon: A blobby monster, one of Babi Dee's minions. [oa:v38] Babi-di: The little newt-looking evil wizard that wants to destroy all life, for the fun of it. For this, he needs to revive Buu. While he is supposed to be an incredible magician, his powers are actually limited to: creating a barrier shield; transporting part of his ship to some other desired location; controlling people by increasing the evil that lie in their hearts; and finally (he claims) to be the only one that can put Buu back inside the ball prison. [fa:v38] [la:v40] Magical Being Buu: Is still only being discussed here. Does not yet appear. Other notes: Budoukai Adult Battle Royale rounds: In the Battle Royale finale, Mighty Mask (Goten and Trunks knocked out the real Mighty Mask and put on his costume) knock out Killer, and #18 defeats Jewel. Mighty Mask is revealed to be two kids, and is disqualified. #18 makes a deal with Satan, and throws herself out of the ring. The winner: Mr. Satan. Babi-di's ship: Not only is the ship a form of transportation, a safe place to keep Buu, and the villians' current hideout. It's also a combat training site. The ship is 5 stories tall, and each story has its own champion. Pui Pui is the main Level 1 fighter, and Yakon is the main Level 2 fighter. We never get to see the others, as Darbura steps in for Level 3, and then Vejiita gets around to destroying the entire ship. Combat techniques: Rolling Attack -- Mr. Satan's rolling attack. Satan Punch!!! -- What else? Satan Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch -- Mr. Satan's best punch. Used on #18, it has no effect. Note: Most of the chapters in this book have appeared on the net before, and may be on an FTP site somewhere. Chapter 446: "Sorceror Babi-di" "Madoushi Babidi" While the group is flying along, Gokuu and Kaiou-shin are discussing Buu and Babi-di. Basically, Supopo and Yamuu need to get human energy to reactivate the powerful magical being, Buu. Trailing behind the main group are Kibit, Gohan, and Beederu. Gohan is asking why the bad guys wanted to attack him at the budoukai, and Kibit answers that Super Saiya-jin energy is the best for resurrecting Buu. He adds that he and Shin have long wanted to know where Babi-di had hidden Buu, and are using the two aliens to pinpoint the target's whereabouts. Shin continues this conversation. Kibit wants to speed up a little to catch up to the main group, and Beederu has to return to the Budoukai, unable to keep up. Gohan tells her to link up with Goten and Chi Chi. Beederu agrees to do this, adding that she knows Gohan is the "golden-haired warrior." He apologizes for lying to her about it. She also guesses that Gohan was the child at the battle with Cell 7 years ago, and that he was the one who defeated Cell, not her father. Gohan is reluctant to answer this part. She says that it's ok, and tells Gohan to try his best in defeating Babi-di and saving everyone. Waving, Beederu calls out that she'll be waiting at the budoukai. Kibit is bothered by the delay and wants to catch up with Kaiou-shin. Gohan apologizes again. Their speed surprises Beederu, who hopes that Gohan won't die -- she wants him to return for their date. Up ahead, Supopo-bitchi and Yamuu are racing along. Gohan and Kibit are welcomed to the ranks of the Z Fighters. Shin gives a warning, and they all settle down to hide among the rocks. Below them, the two aliens have landed in front of what looks like the nose of a buried spaceship. The Z Fighters are asking who the guy next to the door is, and are told it's not Babi-di. Kibit is frustrated, because Babi-di wouldn't have any real reason to come outside. The group argues over whether to attack the installation before Buu can receive Gohan's energy. Shin assures them that it's ok, and that they should wait just a little longer. The door guard goes inside, and Gohan notices the dead bodies at the nearby farmhouse. Then, Piccolo announces that someone is coming out. We next see a withered little old guy standing next to a macho-looking, tall demon. Chapter 447: "What Babi-di Knows" "Shittei ta Babi-di" One of the group recognizes the tallest bad guy as the strongest of the black world. Gokuu asks about him, and Kaiou-shin (Kaiou God) explains that there's another universe/world, where magic rules, and Darbura is the strongest one there, but he works for Babi Dee. Kuririn becomes very frightened at the creature's potential power. Gohan asks if the wrinkled, old guy is Babi Dee, and wonders at his possible abilities. Physically weak, Babi Dee has frighteningly strong magic powers, and is Darbura's boss. They talk about how bad a situation this is, and Vejiita asks about their chances of winning a fight. The answer is dead silence, and he is happier for it (means a good fight, which he won't lose.) Gokuu tells Kuririn that it's ok if the runt leaves now, and doesn't fight. Kuririn is relieved, but embarrassed. Babi Dee wants to reward the two bad guys for filling up the tube container with energy, and the bigger guy says he likes the fun work. Babi tells them that their business is ended, and causes the big guy to explode. Babi then states that he always likes the sound of people exploding. The other bad guy flies away in fear, and Babi Dee asks if Puipui wants to take a turn. Puipui answers "yes," and fires a blast after the target. It explodes, and Babi says "Nice Shot." The Z Fighters are horrified. Babi Dee and Darbura discuss the people they sense up in the rocks. Babi recognizes Kibit and Kaiou-shin, whose energy he can't use. However, there are also 3 people with very high levels of energy that can be used to help resurrect someone called "Buu." Darbura can kill Kaiou-shin and Kibit, and take the energy from the other three before killing all of them. Puipui and Babi Dee leave, to let Darbura work on his own. Vejiita comments on this, and then realizes that the Z Fighters are about to be attacked. Chapter 448: "If We Enter the Rocket" "Koketsu ni irazunba" Darbura attacks, killing Kibit, and using his spit to turn Piccolo and Kuririn to stone. Kaiou-shin tries to prevent the others from following Darbura into the ship, however, he adds that the only way to reverse the spell of stone is to kill Darbura. Gokuu doesn't need any other excuse, and the heroes fly towards the door. They learn that the inside of the ship is basically Babi's domain, and he will capture any damage energy to help restore Buu. The only way out is to fight, since they can't escape now. Which is ok by Vejiita, since he doesn't plan on running away. Pui Pui is sent out as the Stage 1 fighter, with orders to get energy. Chapter 449: "Game" "Geemu" Babi-di is gleefully injecting Gohan's energy into the braincase-sphere housing Buu. However, the energy meter reads less than half of what is required. Supposedly, Yamuu and Supopo were to have gotten the energy of 100 people to amass the huge amount needed, but Darbura hadn't been listening to that part of the discussions. Babi-di curses over having the two minions killed, but Darbura wants to know what the problem is -- there's three people with lots of energy in the first stage of the ship. So, they go up to the control room to watch Puipui handle things. But, the fighting hasn't started yet. Turns out that Gohan, Gokuu, and Vejiita are using scissors-paper-stone to decide who gets to kill Puipui. Vejiita wins. Babi-di is confused, and Shin wants to know why Vejiita is going to fight by himself. Vejiita answers that one is more than enough. Puipui is convinced that he'll win, and get the energy for his leader. Vejiita claims to be the world's strongest fighter, Puipui sneers at this, Shin wants to gang up on Puipui, and Gokuu claims that there's no problem. They bluster a bit. Then, it's time to fight, and Babi-di giggles in anticipation. Puipui attacks, and is easily smashed into the wall. There's some high speed running around, and Babi-di and Shin are shocked at how easily Pui Pui is being roughed up. Babi-di asks where Puipui's favorite place is, and Darbura answers 'the high gravity planet Bun.' Babi-di comments on this, and chants out Papparapa!!! Suddenly, the fighters are teleported to Bun. Gohan wonders over what has just happened, and Shin answers that Babi-di can change this room to match whatever conditions are desired. This is probably Puipui's optimal fighting situation. Puipui gloats: The 10 times Earth-normal gravity is just like that back on his home planet. However, Vejiita isn't bothered, and Puipui accuses the Saiya-jin of lying. Vejiita decides to show that he's not bluffing. Puipui blows up real good. Vejiita complains about this not being fun enough, and Gokuu realizes that the hole in the ground is probably an elevator. The group jumps in. Gohan states that this is like a TV game, and Vejiita calls it a lousy one. Gokuu tells Shin to hurry up and follow them. Kaiou-shin is in shock, and Babi-di is starting to fume. Gokuu wonders over the fact that it looks like they haven't teleported at all. Babi-di asks Darbura about these humans -- Darbura answers that it wasn't like this during the study 300 years earlier. Of course, the humans won't last through the next three stages. Chapter 450: "Stage 2's Yakun" "Steeji 2 no Yakun" The first page is a cross section of Babi-di's underground installation/rocket. The lowest level has the container holding 'Buu.' Babi and Darbura are observing the Z Fighters via crystal ball. Darbura asks who the stage 2 fighter is, and is told 'Yakon.' He then asks if Yakon has gotten that good already. Babi answers that Yakon will probably defeat everyone by itself. Darbura comments that he'll be missing out on some of the fun if that happens. Babi answers that the real fun will come in waking Buu from its long sleep. Darbura is amused, and tells a minion to alert Yakon. Gokuu and Vejiita are getting impatient for something to fight, and Kaiou-shin berates them (cautioning them over the fact that they don't know what Buu can do at full power.) Vejiita comments that Buu can't be much different from Darbura, which stuns the punk. Vejiita doesn't think that Darbura is all that tough, and Kaiou-shin asks Gokuu if this is true. Gokuu expects that Buu is about as strong as Cell had been, 7 years ago. Kaiou can't believe this, and is wondering if the Super Saiya-jin are really so strong. Gokuu yells out for the enemy to come and attack him already. The door opens, and Yakon steps out. Gokuu asks what this monster is. It asks who it's going to get to eat, and Gokuu replies that he's the one to do the fighting. Kaiou-shin recognizes the magical being called Yakon. They fight, and Gokuu comments on how close one attack had gotten (ripped his uniform.) Gohan remarks on the monster's being big and nimble. Kaiou-shin wants everyone to get in on the fight, but Gohan says that it's ok for his father to work alone. Gokuu complains about Yakon's sickle-like nails. Then, Babi, laughing, announces to Yakon that it can kill everyone, and to do it quickly, and anyway it likes. Darbura and Babi discuss the use of Ankokusei (a spell Babi casts to teleport everyone to a place that has no light,) and the revival of Buu. The room goes dark, Gokuu can't see anything, but Yakon can. The monster attacks, expecting to easily make his first kill. But, it misses, and it wonders why. Gokuu says that he can hear the air moving. He adds that his side can use magic too, then becomes a Super Saiya-jin. He states that he can see the monster, and Babi marvels over this new complication. Chapter 451: "Magic Yakun's Talent" "Majuu Yakun no gochisou" Gokuu has powered up, and Babi-di is trying to figure out what has just happened. Darbura replies that the guy is just emitting some light, no problem. Babi-di orders a minion to get the best energy meter in the ship. Gokuu asks the monster what happens now that he can see in the dark, and the creature states that nothing has changed. Babi-di is having trouble accepting the meter's reading of 3000 kiri, as does Darbura. The wizard wonders if the machine is broken. The monster, Yakon, is sure to win, but only measures at 800 kiri. Yakon inhales, swallowing Gokuu's energy and causing him to power down. The room is dark again, and Shin suddenly remembers that Yakon's ability is to suck radiation, which is something that affects Super Saiya-jin. Yakon comments on the deliciousness of the energy, and that he wants more. Gohan yells out that since the monster eats light emissions, it's pointless for Gokuu to continue trying to fight as a Super Saiya-jin. Yakon agrees, but Gokuu wants to give it another try. Yakon and Vejiita wonder what the hero is thinking, and Gohan volunteers to team up to fight in Super Saiya-jin mode as a two-some. However, Gokuu intends to fight alone. Yakon calls him an entertaining idiot. Shin agrees, saying that this is not a game. Vejiita knows better, but isn't sure what the plan is. The monster starts inhaling, and Gokuu starts pumping out the energy (he doesn't plan on losing.) Babi-di is pissed, because inflicting damage is good, consuming energy is bad. Yakon keeps eating, and Gokuu kicks up the power. Yakon goes bulumic, and explodes. Vejiita is satisfied, Gokuu wants to return to the rocket room, Shin is beyond shocked, and Gohan praises his father's performance. Babi-di can't believe that Yakon exploded, Darbura isn't so impressed (thinking that Yakon simply screwed up.) Babi-di knows better, since Yakon was supposed to be so good in these matters. He wants to know what's with these people. So, Darbura decides to be the Stage 3 fighter. Babi-di asks about his chances of winning, and the guy answers that he's Darbura, the strongest guy in the magic world. (Ie -- no problem.) Chapter 452: "Darbura's Appearance!!" "Darbura Toujou!!" Gokuu asks what Gohan is going to do in the next fight, but Vejiita answers "nothing. He's gotten weak with the peace and lack of training. My power is greater than his." Gohan laughs nervously. Kaiou-shin is in shock at Gokuu's performance, and is having trouble believing that he's not as strong as the "humans." Darbura steps out, and tells them that with the defeat of Yakon, they're not going to be facing the stage 3 fighter. Instead, they get him. Vejiita remarks on the number one guy coming out to fight so soon, and Darbura says the Saiya-jin has a dirty mouth. He wants to take on Vejiita, but Gohan claims that it's his turn to beat someone on his own. This annoys the big guy and Babi. Back at the Budoukai, the announcer is nervously telling everyone that a large number of the competitors are missing. The judges are trying to decide what to do, since nearly an hour has passed, and they only have five people left to do the fighting. Mister Satan claims that the missing ones left because they were afraid of facing him, and he praises the guys still in line to fight. One fighter is pleased with the praise, but the disguised Trunks isn't impressed. Satan makes his appearance, telling everyone that it's safe with him around. The crowd goes wild. The judges ask him what to do, and Satan decides that the 5 remaining people will go into a 'Battle Royale." One judge questions this, and Mr. Satan wonders if the guy doesn't like his idea (if not, he'll just go home without fighting.) The judges say it's a great idea. The announcer tells the audience what's happening, and they think Satan's idea is great, too. One judge congratulates Satan on his courage, for deciding on the Battle Royale, and Satan asks about this. The judge tells him that since he's so powerful, all four opponents will gang up on him. Satan answers that it's no problem because he's the champion. He also realizes that he's blown it big time. The announcer announces the start of the Battle Royale, and has to call Satan's name several times. Then there's the strangely named #18, the Mighty Mask, Killer, and the lady's man and Satan protoge -- Jewel. The women all call out Jewel's name, and he blows a kiss to them. Killer wants to team up with Trunks to attack Satan, and the Mighty Mask replies that the real one to worry about is #18. Killer wonders about the "man's" voice. Jewel starts out using French on #18, and tries to pick her up for a date after the fight. #18 blows him off as an eyesore. It's now time for the final deciding match. The crowd calls out Satan's name. Satan is desperate, but willing to put up a good fight. The round starts. #18 drops Jewel, and Mighty Mask punches out Killer, in the first second. The women panic over Jewel's condition. The announcer rants about this, and Satan quickly realizes that this means he doesn't have to face two of them, and there's only two left. #18 considers the Mighty Mask to be something of a threat, and Trunks warns Goten that #18 is really strong. Satan dares the other two attack him, and is ignored. Chapter 453: "The Final Fighters Go" "Ketsu shousen no yukue" The announcer tells us that the match is down to three people: Mighty Mask, #18, and the Champion -- Mister Satan. Satan is planning his next move, knowing that he'll be the final winner. He expects to be able to beat the masked guy, and is thinking heavily about the cute girl fighter (she's no challenge, either.) So, he holds up the V sign, and the crowd goes wild. He's convinced that he's already won. Trunks and Goten both think he's an idiot. Satan challenges the Mighty Mask, and Trunks tells Goten to go. Satan starts his "Rolling Attack," and follows it with "Satan Punch!!!" Goten is already in front of #18, and Trunks and the android are in combat when Satan realizes that his punch has missed. The fight is going well, but Trunks is yelling at Goten to move to the right, and the boy says that he's doing exactly what he's being told to do. So, Goten leaps into the air, and #18 follows him. The announcer goes crazy, describing the air-born combat. Then, Trunks can't move fast enough, and #18 drops the pair back into the ring. The crater is so deep that the audience believes Mighty Mask to be dead. Then, Goten leaps up and out. Trunks tells him that it's ok for him to be kicking, too, but the boy complains about not being able to see. Satan is in shock. #18 fires an energy ball down at them, and Trunks shouts out a warning. Trunks is swearing, not wanting to lose. Goten tells him to turn into a Super Saiya-jin, and the other boy realizes that their disguise would hide the fact. So, they power up, as #18 figures out that MM's hands and feet are too small for his body. #18 recognizes the power surge. Trunks wants to use a strong attack, and Goten asks if this will be safe. The answer is "of course, #18 can't die." Then, as #18 realizes that MM is actually two small Super Saiya-jin, Trunks fires. The android barely avoids the blast, which blows up a large portion of the ocean. Satan's jaw is about to touch the ground, Trunks complains about missing, and #18 realizes that the two runts are both VERY fast, VERY powerful, and have a VERY big energy attack. She decides to get this over with fast, and says that she's going to win, while also calling out Trunk's and Goten's names. Her energy ball causes the two boys to panic and escape in opposite directions. The ball cuts their costume in half, and the announcer thinks that MM has been halved. Trunks yells at Goten, and Chi Chi recognizes the two boys, as does #18's daughter. Trunks yells to Goten to escape, the announcer disqualifies them (kids aren't allowed to fight in the adult's rounds,) and then #18 lands to face Satan. The announcer asks who's going to win this final face-off, and Satan tells himself "I'm dead." Chapter 454: "The Winner is Decided!!!" "Shousha kettei!!!" The crowd is chanting for both Satan and #18. The announcer is describing the situation, and Satan knows he can't win the 10 million zenii prize money. In the audience, Chi Chi is peevishly asking #18's daughter if it'd be nice for her mommy to win that money, and Kamesennin is already thinking of ways to spend it. Yamcha tries to put a damper on things by reminding them that they don't know what's happening to Gokuu and friends. Over the ocean, Trunks is upset at being found out, while Goten recognizes Beederu. He calls out, and the girl flies over to them. In the ring, Satan is quaking with fear, then #18 attacks. She grabs the champion, and he pleads for her to not kill him. She tells him that if he doesn't settle down, she WILL kill him. Then, she offers Satan a deal -- #18 will allow herself to lose if Satan gives her $20 million zenii. The announcer tells everyone that Mr. Satan is in a headlock, and asks what will happen next. Satan whispers back, complaining about the price of the deal, and #18 threatens to knock out the man. Then, she throws herself backwards. The crowd goes wild, while Satan tries to figure out what just happened. When he recovers, he goes through some punching moves, and blusters over his great prowess. However, #18 gets annoyed, calling the man an idiot and telling him to attack her. He's shocked, but is also a great actor -- he lunges forward with his "Satan Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch." The crowd goes wild again, but #18 just stands there with Satan's fist in her face. She asks if that's the best he can do, then throws herself backwards out of the ring. So, Satan yells out "Did you see that? I beat the nasty girl with one punch! The "Satan Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch." Everyone yells out that Satan is #1. The crowd is screaming, as is the announcer. #18 walks along the side of the ring, stating that she'll drop by Satan's house tomorrow for the money. If she doesn't get it, she'll kill him. Satan weakly replies that he understands. Over the ocean, Goten and Trunks are ecstatic at learning that their fathers have found some evil magic users. They locate the Z Fighters' ki's, and fly off before all of the fun is over (Trunks asks if Goten really wants to see this "Buu", and Goten frantically tries to assure his friend that he wants to see "Buu.") Beederu stares after the boys' water trails, and whispers "Uso." ("It's a lie", or "No way.") Chapter 455: "Discovery of a Wicked Heart. "Mitsukerareta jashin" Gohan is fighting Darbura (in Super Saiya-jin mode.) The demon is getting bashed a bit, but he fires back with a breath of flame. Gohan gets faked out with One Pattern, and blown into the nearby river. The boy gets angry, and Gokuu comments that what Darbura is using is magic. Vejiita believes that Gohan is going to lose, and the demon notices something. Gohan rushes in, and Darbura spits at him. Shin shouts out a warning about turning to stone, and Gohan blocks the gob with his glove. The glove is ripped off, and shatters on impact with the ground. (This explains what had happened to Piccolo and Kuririn earlier -- they have indeed been turned to stone.) Darbura creates a huge sword, which Gohan catches between his hands and breaks. Babi-di is berating Darbura for running the risk of damaging Buu's possible energy source. Then, an argument breaks out between Vejiita and Gokuu. Vejiita is tired of this screwing around -- he wants to join in and finish off the demon so that he can return to what he really came for: fighting Gokuu in the Budoukai. Darbura stops fighting (confusing Gohan,) and telepaths to Babi-di that he may have found a way to help with reviving Buu. Babi-di teleports the group back to the rocket room, and Darbura escapes. But, he claims that he's not really escaping, he's just found the next fighter to do combat with the group. Darbura then tells Babi-di that one of the group has a sufficiently evil heart to supply Buu with the type of energy needed to revive the creature. Babi is very happy. Chapter 456: "Fate's Confrontation: Gokuu versus Vejiita." "Shukumei no taiketsu, Son Gokuu tai Bejiita" Gohan and Gokuu are trying to figure out what Darbura meant, and Shin thinks he knows. Babi is staring at Vejiita through his crystal ball, and realizes that the Saiya-jin prince has the perfect type of evil heart. The transformation starts, as Shin feared. Shin warns Vejiita that Babi can use the evil in people's hearts, but Vejiita tells him to shut up. Babi is cackling over how well this is going. Then, Vejiita turns Super Saiya-jin, and now has a scrpt "M" on his forehead. Babi is very pleased, and decides that they now need a good place to hold the battle. With a "Papparapa!!", the group is teleported to the Budoukai site. The crowd is confused, the announcer is wondering how Gokuu and company got there, and Babi tells Vejiita to have fun, use energy, and that killing is ok. However, Vejiita tells Babi to shut up, since his only interest is Kakarot. Babi is surprised that his control over his creation isn't complete. Yamcha and Kamesennin notice that their friends are back, but that something's wrong. And, Satan has recognized the guys that had really been responsible for defeating Cell, and is in complete shock. Vejiita launches an energy blast at Gokuu, who calls the guy a bastard. The blast knocks Gokuu aside, and plows through the crowded stadium. There's a huge hole in the building, and probably a few hundred dead bodies. The survivors all yell to escape, Vejiita grins like the evil minion of Babi-di that he is, and Gokuu just utters "Vejiita." Chapter 457: "Vejiita's Pride" "Bejiita no Puraido" People are screaming and running away. Buruma wants to know what Vejiita is trying to do. Babi-di is ecstatic, with 200 dead. Satan panics, while Gohan asks Vejiita about all this. Vejiita replies that he'll fight Kakarot, or the mountain of bodies will grow. Gokuu wonders Vejiita got caught in Babi-di's trap on purpose. So, Vejiita kills a bunch more people (the survivors yell for help.) Gokuu powers up, but Shin tells him not to do this. That the fighting here will only generate energy that Babi-di will use to resurrect Buu. Gokuu asks Vejiita if he'd gotten caught just to fight full out. The Saiya-jin states that he wants to defeat Gokuu, but that there's only one day to do this in. Shin goes ballistic over such petty concerns. However, Vejiita goes equally ballistic, raving over his need as a prince to be stronger than anyone. Gokuu yells out to Babi-di that he'll fight Vejiita if they're taken to a place with no people. Shin tries to stop him, saying that Gokuu will have to defeat Shin first. Gokuu readies a blast at Shin, panicking the Kaiou, and Gohan. So, Shin gives in, telling Gokuu to do what he likes. Gokuu apologizes. Babi-di laughs hysterically, and chooses a good place for the combat. With a Papparapa, the group finds itself on an empty planet. Satan states that he was planning on whaling on everyone, but they's escaped. Shin decides to take Gohan through the hole into the rocket ship. There, they'll face Babi-di and Darbura. He may wake up Buu that way, but it'll be better than if Buu wakes up because of receiving "damage energy." Babi-di tells Vejiita to kill the interlopers. Vejiita struggles a bit, but answers that Kaiou-shin doesn't matter to him -- he only cares about fighting Kakarot. Chapter 458: "Two Battles to the Death" "Futatsu no shitou" Babi is stunned at discovering that Vejiita can disobey his orders. They argue, and Darbura says it doesn't matter, since they'll still get the energy. Babi opens the portal to let Kaiou-shin and Gohan enter, and Gokuu tells Gohan to remember the anger from the Cell game. Gohan also gets the second to the last Senzu Seed. Gohan gets to see the case holding Buu for the first time, and Babi and Kaiou trade insults. Gokuu and Vejiita want to get things over with quickly, so they go full power and start battling. They bash each up a bit, and generally enjoy themselves. Chapter 459: "Countdown" "Kauntodaun" Babi is explaining that they'd brought the rocket to Earth so that Buu could be brought up to full power. After that, Magical Being Buu will emerge from the container behind Babi. Shin plans on beating Babi and Darbura first, to stop Buu from coming out. Then, Babi giggles and, with a "papparapa --- !!", he teleports them to a vacant planet of Darbura's liking. He asks if Darbura can now defeat Gohan, and the demon answers that he can beat that garbage. Gohan hears Gokuu's voice, reminding him of the anger he'd had when fighting Cell, adding that with that rage Gohan is the strongest one on Earth. The boy powers up, trying to remember that rage. At the same time, Babi dis's Shin, saying he doesn't need to teleport anywhere to beat the Kaiou. (The old Kaiou-shins had defeated Babi-di's father a long time ago; Babi claims that since his magic is stronger than his father's, he won't lose this time.) Suddenly, an alarm starts beeping, and Babi turns around in disbelief; Buu has been charged to full power faster than he could have expected. He shouts out "It's at full power!!!! Magical Being Buu is at full power!!!! Powerful Magical Buu is reborn!!!" Gohan doesn't understand, and Shin can't believe that this has come about because of Gokuu's damage energy. Then, Gohan pieces it together and realizes that if both Gokuu and Vejiita are fighting as Super Saiya-jin, the damage they're meting out to each other has to be fantastic. Babi and Darbura are ecstatic, and Shin berates himself for the ultimate screw-up. Meanwhile, Vejiita and Gokuu are smashing each other about the vacant countryside that Babi had provided for them. They are still within the influence of the ship, so the "damage energy" is somehow being collected as they fight. Trunks and Goten are racing forward. They become confused by the tremendous level of power they sense, and wonder if this is their fathers', and what is actually going on. Resolved, they keep moving. Gokuu comments that he's amazed -- asking if Vejiita trained just like him. Vejiita replies that he'd trained even harder in the past, but that Gokuu is a natual genius. He'd realized that when he saw Gokuu fighting the moster sent out by Babi. This was a great shock to him. He'd seen the two villians at the Budoukai, and noticed how much stronger they'd been made. He decided to allow himself to be controlled for that reason. He adds that it is exactly as he'd guessed. It's not soething he wanted to do out of his own choice. Gokuu comments on the fact that someone with Vejiita's pride would actually allow himself to be controlled like this just to become strong. Vejiita answers that he just wants to return to his old state, and just fight without thinking about it. "While I was with you guys, I became more human. I didn't like that. I even have a family, and started liking living on Earth." By being controlled by Babi, he'd returned to his old evil self, and he's happier about it. Gokuu replies "Is that really true?" And, Buu's container starts venting out the excess energy as Babi and Darbura wait expectantly. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Aug. 30, 1994
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