Dragon Ball volume 40 summary and personae list. New Characters: Old Kaiou-shin: A faded Kaiou-shin, whose name is never given. He had been trapped in the Zet Sword by some other creature, for 15 generations. Claims to have a talent that will help Gohan defeat Buu. Is very weak, and pitiful. [fa:v40] Later, he is referred to as Dai Kaiou-shin (Big Kaiou-shin.) Gotenks: The character that results when Goten and Trunks complete their Fusion. Has an outfit similar to Buu's, and while initially cool-looking, is still no match for the monster. [fa:v40] Majin Buu: This is what everyone was really afraid of. Buu can do a power upgrade on himself. The first Buu we see is "Stupid Buu", a childish, naive version. Later, "Stupid Buu" creates "Evil Buu", which is a thin, starved, nasty version of Itself. Soon after, "Evil Buu" eats "Stupid Buu" to become "New Buu" (AKA: Majin Buu. That is, there is no real name change.) "New Buu" is lean and mean, loves killing, but is still very uneducated. More powerful than Cell, but with no purpose at all, "New Buu" is the ultimate mindless destruction. [fa: v40] Comments: Super Saiya-jin 3: The level "beyond the level beyond Super Saiya-jin." Gokuu uses this for the first time against Buu. He calls Super Saiya-jin mode == Super Saiya-jin 1. Chou Super Saiya-jin is SSJ 2. Gokuu's hair grows longer, and his face becomes leaner and more chiseled-looking. However, SSJ 3 is still not powerful enough to defeat Buu. Chapter 473: "Son Gokuu contacts Magical Being Buu" "Son Gokuu, Majin Buu ni Setsushoku!" Gokuu tells Trunks and Goten that there's no time, and that they should switch to Super Saiya-jin mode. They do so, and Gokuu tells them to up the power. Trunks and Goten act smug, and go full on. Piccolo is surprised at the force, but Gokuu continues. He notes that Trunks is a little stronger, so he tells the boy to power down just a little, to match up with Goten. Trunks does this, but complains that it's difficult. Gokuu is satisfied, so they go back to normal. Trunks complains about Goten not being as strong, and Gokuu comments that Trunks is one year older than Goten. He gets ready to describe more of the process of achieving Fusion, but is interrupted by Babi-di. The wizard has learned that Trunks lives in Capsule Corp., in the western province. Babi wants Trunks to come forth, or the city will be destroyed. Trunks fumes, and Buruma rages over the imminent death of her parents. Gokuu replies that the Dragon Balls can bring them back, but Piccolo rebutts this, stating that with one wish down to bring back a whole bunch of people, they can't use the same wish twice. Buruma caps it off stating that the Balls have dispersed, and the only way to find them again is with the Dragon Radar, which is located in Capsule Corp. Gokuu decides to have Trunks rush home to get the Radar, while he himself will delay Buu. Trunks asks if this is safe, and Gokuu replies that he only has to delay the enemy for a short time. Gokuu teleports out, and Trunks runs off wondering if this is really a good idea. Meanwhile, holding precariously to Buu's cape, Babi-di is berating the monster for nearly dropping him on its way to the target site. Buu is getting annoyed with Babi, but has to screech to a halt to avoid smashing into Gokuu. The hero greets them with "Yo." Babi realizes that Vejiita hadn't killed Gokuu, and the hero answers that Vejiita and he share the same goal of stopping Buu. Babi and Buu are amused, and Babi asks where the three victims are. Gokuu won't tell him, adding that one of them is his son. He wants to make a deal; the three will show up if Babi and Buu will only wait a bit (similar to the arrangement that led up to the Cell Game.) With a little delay, Babi will have the fun of watching a great battle, that will include Gokuu. Babi likes the idea, but Buu is acting bored. Gokuu tries to drive a wedge between the two, by asking Buu if it likes being Babi's minion. Buu is thinking along similar lines, and Babi threatens to reseal Buu. The monster is becoming more talkative, and gives a veiled threat to Babi. Babi is starting to sweat, but Buu also wants to fight Gokuu right now. Gokuu resigns himself to doing some premature combat, while Babi telepaths to everyone on Earth that Buu is about to fight an enemy. Gokuu powers up. Goten and Piccolo are watching with their mind's eye. Some distance away, Trunks stops, feeling that Gokuu's power level is about the same as his father's was. Babi is saying that this is useless, as Vejiita's resistance was also futile. Gokuu replies that he is about to go beyond the stage of being beyond Super Saiya-jin. Chapter 474: "The Limit!! Super Saiya-jin 3" "Rimitto!! Suupaa Saiyajin Sree" Piccolo is listening in to Gokuu's conversation with Babi-di and Buu, and he's repeating the bit about "beyond the beyond Super Saiya-jin." Babi just says "what are you babbling about, beyond the beyond "Super"... whatever it was." Gokuu realizes that Trunks has stopped moving, and he quietly urges the boy to keep going, since he'll be fine here with Buu. Trunks disagrees, so Gokuu yells at him to go get the Radar. Startled, Trunks gets moving again, while Babi is confused, wondering who this guy is talking to. Buu can't see anyone, either. Babi doesn't really care, because whatever it is, it's powerless against him. Gokuu resigns himself to doing a stalling tactic, and powers down. Buu asks if Gokuu is giving up, but the hero replies that since they don't know anything about Saiya-jin (and Babi isn't interested in knowing any more,) he's going to show them a sample. Gokuu switches to Super Saiya-jin 1, and his hair turns golden. Beyond Super Saiya-jin, is SSJ 2 -- his face becomes leaner, and his hair looks more spikey. Babi still isn't impressed, but Gokuu starts taking the next step. Kuririn is rooting for him (Kuririn, Kame-sennin, Yamcha, and Beederu are all shown at Kami-sama's palace, listening in with their eyes closed.) Gokuu starts yelling, pushing himself harder. Kaiou-sama is pushing for Gokuu as well. The force of the energy is blowing against Buu and Babi, and Piccolo is stunned at the level of power. Gokuu's hair is already growing down to his shoulderblades. And, in the mountains of (probably) Tibet, Tenshinhan is wondering what Gokuu is trying to do. There is a bright flash, and the Ultimate Gokuu is now looking at the enemy with a mean glare; his bulky hair at least waist length, and his face is now more menacing, and dominated by heavy eyebrow ridges. The aura around him is crackling. There are a number of surprised reactions, and Gokuu states that this is "Super Saiya-jin 3." Kame-sennin, Kibit, and Gohan can't believe that this is Gokuu, but Kaiou-shin claims that this awesome energy is really coming from the hero. Gohan wonders what has happened to his father. Buu says that the guy's face has just gotten a little bit scary. But, not much. Babi refuses to be impressed at the "Super whatever-it-is-you-said 3." He hides behind Buu, issuing threats against the world. Buu is pumping his arms, ready to fight. And, Gokuu zips in, grabs the monster by the top-knot, and bashes it around. Buu replies with a few energy balls that Gokuu bats away. Now, Babi is getting scared, and Buu is about to get more serious. Gokuu is noticing that Buu hasn't taken any real damage, and he understands what Vejiita had been facing. Buu attacks with an enlongated arm, punching Gokuu in the face. The hero and the monster both grin at each other. Meanwhile, Kaiou-sama is yelling that enough's enough. He wants Gokuu to run away to teach the two boys about Fusion. Chapter 475: "See Magical Being Buu's True Power for the first time." "Mie hajimeta majin buu no shinka" Gokuu and Buu bash each other around for a while, and are apparently evenly matched, when Gokuu uses Kamehame-ha (he just goes through the action, he doesn't need to say the words) and blows a hole through Buu. The monster heals itself, and to Gokuu's amazement, uses Kamehame-ha right back at him. Gokuu bats the blast back at Buu, and the monster spins out of the way, helping the blast along past him. Gokuu is pissed, and Buu grins evilly as the energy ball explodes on the horizon, and sends out a shock wave strong enough to be felt in Kami-sama's palace. Buu looks evilly pleased with itself, but Babi-di rants at the monster to take more care at keeping his master out of danger. Then, the little magician rants about the destruction, and the greater threat facing the Earth. Gokuu replies that Babi-di is indeed frightening, but only because of his face. Buu pulls a Pinocchio routine in response (his nose grows longer.) Gokuu checks for the location of Trunk's ki -- it's moving fast away, implying that the boy has found the Dragon Radar and is returning to Kami-sama's. So, Gokuu powers down (looks like being SSJ^3 takes some work,) and Buu asks why. The hero answers that it's been fun, but he's run out of time and has to leave. Babi-di thinks that this means Gokuu is going to try to run away, which is pointless; he orders Buu to kill the guy. Gokuu wants Babi to wait 2 days, then someone really powerful will come to kill him. Babi is incredulous, and Gokuu prepares to teleport out while telling Buu that it will being going to hell. He 'ports, to Buu's puzzlement, and Babi's complete disbelief. In a rage, Babi insults Buu about letting the guy get away. Buu gets mad, then suddenly, sweetly asks Babi for a favor. Babi is preoccupied, and asks what it is. Hesitantly, Buu whispers a little, and Babi wants him to hurry up with it. Then, Buu grabs its master by the throat, commenting that Babi can't talk now. And, as Babi can't talk, he can't invoke the spell that will seal Buu away. Babi-di is in a panic, choking. Buu says, "Die, stupid," and punches Babi in the face (this is a long camera-shot, implying that Babi's head has exploded.) Chapter 476: "Son Gokuu's Remaining Time" "Son Gokuu no nokosareta jikan" Buu punches Babi in the face, leaving just the lower jaw and some throat still attached to the magician's neck. Happily, Buu blows up the body, and then rejoices at it's new freedom. Piccolo wants to talk to Gokuu, and the hero tells the Namek that Buu must have just killed Babi-di. Piccolo is surprised at the news, and the two of them are concerned as to what the monster will do next. What Buu does is to blow up the city with his energy breath. It then enters the city (as people are madly fleeing away) and tears up the streets like a happy little child. Stopping to laugh at the destruction, Buu notices a woman cowering in front of him. She pleads with it to not kill her. It asks her if It is cool, and she agrees. So, Buu asks for a kiss. The woman screams in horror, and Buu gets annoyed. However, it notices a magazine in the woman's bag, open to a page featuring an article on a handsome star. Buu decides that this is the way to impress the woman, and changes it's face like silly putty. The handsome version again asks for a kiss, and the woman again screams in horror. Pissed at the "arrogant woman," Buu yells out "become a caramel." He eats the sweet, and then shows off how strong he is by creating a fusion explosion to destroy the city. Piccolo feels the deaths of the people, and can only gnash his teeth. He and Gokuu discuss the fate of the planet, and Gokuu assures him that it'll take time for Buu to stop having fun and get serious. And, it'll take only two days to impart the knowledge that can be used to defeat the monster. Piccolo growls that this must mean HE has to teach the two brats "fusion." Gokuu acknowledges this, replying that he only has 1 hour left on this world. Piccolo can't believe this, demanding that there must be more time left than that. However, Gokuu answers that SSJ 3 is a no-no in Heaven, so he wasn't able to use it before. On Earth, SSJ 3 used up a lot of energy, and ate up some of the time allowed to him here. Piccolo wants to argue the validity of this, but Uranai Baba appears on her crystal ball, and tells them that Gokuu only has 30 minutes left. Gokuu is frustrated, and wants Trunks to hurry back to Kami-sama's palace. He and Piccolo then talk about Gokuu's battle with Buu; Gokuu was uncertain about Buu's power, and ran the risk of being destroyed while being already dead. This is a bad combination. And now, Gokuu "thinks" that "fusion" can make the boys strong enough to destroy the monster. They then speculate that Gohan has died, and will be waiting for Gokuu in the other world. Meanwhile, Gohan is on Kaiou-shin's planet, practicing with the sword. Kibit can't believe that Gohan has gotten as far as he has with it (but, it's still not good enough.) Gohan thinks that his father has probably returned to the other world, so he is Earth's only hope, and therefore he has to push himself to the limit. Piccolo senses the return of Trunks, and the boy holds out what he's been told is the Dragon Radar. (It's the correct thing, all right.) The two boys line up in front of Gokuu, and he tells them that they have to hurry, because he doesn't have much time left. Trunks and Goten bark out, "Yes, Sensei." Gokuu is dumbfounded at this response, and Piccolo replies that the boys are standing in front of a SSJ 3. So, Gokuu determinedly tells them "Right, let's go!!!." Chapter 477: "Son Gokuu. Return." "Son Gokuu, kaeru." Gokuu is telling the two boys to get ready, and they bark out "yes!!!" But, Piccolo is concerned that Gokuu is feeling the effects of having switched to SSJ 3 mode on Earth. Gokuu asks if the boys really want to learn fusion, and they reply "yes," a little more slowly. Then, the hero tells them that once they have perfectly matched their energies in SSJ 1 mode, they have to do the "fusion pose." He does a little dance, explaining the hand motions, and ends in a silly angle, pointing his fingers to the side (actually, this is a variant of an actual karate attack, simultaneously punching to the head and stomach.) The boys are less than impressed with this pose, and rather than doing it themselves, ask Gokuu to show it to them one more time. The hero has Piccolo team up with him, but the demon is not at all happy with the situation. Right at the end of the move, as Gokuu and Piccolo touch fingers, Gokuu shouts out "Fu -- shion". Piccolo mutters as an aside that if Vejiita were still alive, he'd refuse to be a part of this stunt. Gokuu doesn't understand why this would be. Meanwhile, flying over the countryside, Buu gets sleepy. It stops in a little country town, causing the people to shout out "Magical Being Buu", and run away in terror. It likes the area, but considers it a bit too noisy with all the screaming. So, it levitates all the people, and turns them into putty. After blowing the town flat, Buu uses the putty to create its idea of the perfect house (looks a little like a crawling alien larva baby.) Crawling inside its new abode, Buu stops in all the rooms and announces what each one is for (dining room, bath, toilet, bedroom.) It creates a pair of pajamas, and takes a refreshing 5 second nap. After which, Buu returns outside, repeating the phrase "Kill, kill." Gokuu is berating the two boys for getting the pose wrong, and tells Trunks to concentrate on his footwork. Kamesennin and Kuririn enter the room, and wonder why Gokuu is teaching a dance class at a time like this. Everyone else files into Kami-sama's palace, and Uranai Baba says that it's time for Gokuu to return to "the other world." The hero replies that he understands, and instructs Piccolo to keep teaching Fusion to the boys. Goodbyes are said, and Gokuu reassures Chi Chi that Gohan will be ok (but, Chi Chi is afraid that Buu may have already killed him.) Trunks asks Gokuu to say "hi" to Goten if the boy is waiting in the other world. Beederu is also concerned about Gohan, but won't elaborate on it to Gokuu. Kuririn and Gokuu do reassure her a bit, though. Then, it's time. However, Goten is starting to realize that his father, who he has only known for less than 24 hours, is about to be taken away from him. The boy breaks down and cries in Gokuu's arms. The others are crying too, and Gokuu shouts out "we'll meet again when you die," and follows after Kamesennin's sister. Then he blips out. Chapter 478: "Where Son Gohan is" "Son Gohan no Yukue" Uranai Baba has taken Gokuu to the gates of the Other World, and asks if he can complete the journey on his own. He thanks her, and cuts ahead of the line of dead souls waiting to be processed. He reaches the front desk, and asks Enma for a request. The Other World bureaucrat is a bit annoyed at the sudden influx of dead from Earth, and wants to know what's been going on down there (must be a combination of Vejiita, and Buu.) Gokuu says that there will be more soon, and asks if Son Gohan had arrived before the first big wave. Enma checks his book, but Gohan doesn't seem to have died yet. However, there was this really impressive guy, called himself Darbura, King of the Evil Magic world. He arrived first in heaven, before being redirected to hell. Gokuu is happy that his boy is still alive, as should be the girl, Beederu. But, he wonders where the boy could be, and why he couldn't feel Gohan's ki. Suddenly, he senses Gohan's energy, and is puzzled that it's around the Kaiou world. He teleports there. Gohan is busy swinging the Zet sword around, in normal Saiya-jin form. Gohan is stunned to see his father, and asks why he's here. Gokuu wonders at the presence of Kaiou-shin and Kibit, too. Kibit, on the other hand, is floored at the possibility of another human wandering around on his world. Gohan again asks why Gokuu is here, since it's been less than 24 hours on Earth since Gokuu first arrived. After getting an update, Gohan is saddened to hear of Buu's running around on Earth. Gokuu, though, wants to try his hand at the Zet sword. He's amazed at how heavy it is, as he swings it a few times. Then, he asks a favor of Kaiou-shin, assuming that Gohan still has a bit more time for training before fighting Buu. Kaiou-shin assents, and Gokuu asks to have something to eat, as he is feeling peckish. Kaiou-shin agrees, and Kibit keeps staring at the two Saiya-jin. As the group flies off, Gohan wants to hear more about SSJ-3, and Gokuu says that he'll show it off when they eat. One day passes, and Trunks and Goten are exhausted. Piccolo barks at them to wake up and eat. They only have one more day to master Fusion. They are pretty groggy, and lose concentration as they chant "Fu---", "shun," "Fu --", "shun." On Earth, Buu has destroyed 2/3 of the people in town. It zips off, and finds a lone traveller on the roads. It swoops down, to get the one trying to escape. But, the dirty little boy It encounters just greets It nicely, and asks who It is. Buu takes some time to understand what the boy means when he says that he is blind. Pissed that someone isn't running away in terror from It, Buu touches the boy's face, and heals his eyes. Buu now tells the boy to look at him, but can't understand how to react when the boy happily thanks Buu. The kid asks if Buu is a foreigner in these parts, and the monster asks if the boy thinks It is cool. The kid doesn't understand the question, but answers that for healing his eyes, that must be cool. Buu accepts this to be "I'm cool." The boy then remembers that he has money, and wants to go to a store to buy milk. Buu tries to eat the coin, and dislikes the taste. It flies off, and the kid is impressed that foreigners can fly. Buu locates a guy packing up to run away, and lands. The guy shouts out "Majin-Buu," before being turned into a carton of milk. Buu returns to the boy, saying that money takes bad, milk tastes good. Take this. The boy yells out "thank you," as the monster zips off to discover and destroy another city. Back on Kaiou-shin's planet, Gohan swings the Zet Sword through some tricky moves, and ends in a dramatic pose. Gokuu is impressed, and says that it'll only take one more day's practice to be ready. Gokuu then decides that he wants to see the impressive cutting power of such a sword, and picks up a boulder to throw; and Gohan says that he is ready, and Kaiou-shin looks worried. Chapter 479: "The Zet Sword, and one more Kaiou-shin" "Zetto Soodo to mou hitori no Kaioushin" Gokuu is getting ready to throw the boulder, and Gohan is convinced that the Zet Sword will easily cut it. However, Kaiou-shin wants to make things more interesting. He creates a VERY light, VERY strong cube (space craft material) that Gokuu proceeds to throw at Gohan. Gohan swings. The cube keeps flying past, as the sword shatters. Everyone is stunned that the ultimate in strong blades has broken. Gokuu reminds Kaiou-shin of who it was that created the cube, but the Kaiou god stammers about how strong the thing is supposed to be, according to the legends. Gohan tries to lighten up matters, by claiming that all the training with the heavy sword HAS made him stronger. Kaiou-shin grabs at the bait, and claims that if Gohan becomes Super Saiya-jin, he'll be the world's strongest person. Except, Gokuu thinks that Buu will still be stronger. An old man appears, saying "wr -- ong." He introduces himself as the Kaiou-shin who had been trapped for 15 generations -- released when the sword was broken (sealed up sort of like Buu was.) Long ago, the old man says, was a creature that was about as powerful as Buu. The creature was afraid of the old Kaiou-shin, so the old fart got sealed up in the sword. The old guy is happy to be free. Gokuu asks Gohan if the guy is really all that great, and decides to have a little test. He fires a small energy ball at the old guy, and drops his target like a stone. The current Kaiou-shin and Kibit run over to ask if the old one is ok. The old one comes up swearing, asking what the hell the shithead was trying to do. Gokuu has learned what he was after, but the Kaiou-shin states that that's not how his kind of fearful power works. His is "Nouryoku", which he isn't going to explain to anyone. ("Nouryoku" just means "ability.") He pouts, until Gokuu offers to give the guy an etchi magazine. However, the Kaiou-shin uses his Kaiou-vision to stare (and drool) at a distant etchi magazine that someone is reading (the current Kaiou-shin has trouble with this turn of events.) Gokuu offers to give the guy the real thing; a woman with big breasts. The guy is going for it, and Gokuu thinks that he's just like Kamesennin. Gohan asks how his father is going to do this, and Gokuu replies that he'll return to Earth to pick up Beederu. Gohan yells at him, and Gokuu decides that the boy should go to get Buruma for this. As Gohan is choking over having to ask Buruma for something like this, Gokuu asks the old man if his Nouryoku can defeat Buu. He says "no question." So, Gokuu tells Gohan to use his spaceship. But, Gohan didn't enter The Other World by ship -- he'd have to return to Earth and kill Buruma for her to come here. Gokuu and the old guy shake hands on the deal. [Note: this is like the time when the very young Buruma had to show Kamesennin her breasts, after the pervert blew up a volcano. At that time, Oolong was forced to change shapes and impersonate her.] The old one brags about how his Nouryoku is the greatest Nouryoku in the universe. Kaiou-shin and Kibit are impressed, but Gokuu has never heard of this Nouryoku before. The guy claims he was sealed up by this fearful beastie, because of his great power. But, he adds a dig about the shock he felt on being released from the sword only to find foreigners (Earthlings) on the Kaiou-shin planet. Kaiou-shin apologizes. Then, the fart tells Gohan to move out into the open, and not move any more. The fart starts a rain dance, saying "Let's make you able to beat Majin Buu!!!" The dance looks pretty stupid, and the rest of the group just stares. Gohan wants to ask what the point is, and is told to shut up. After a while, Gokuu asks when something is going to happen, and the fart replies that it's only been 5 hours; the power up occurs after 20 hours. So, Gokuu leaves to take a nap, to the boy's chagrin. Kaiou-shin and Kibit are also embarrassed, while Gohan fumes. On Earth, Goten and Trunks are still practicing the fusion pose. Piccolo tells them that it's almost perfect. Now, it's time for them to power up, and match their levels completely. Goten says "ye, yes!!", but Trunks thinks to himself that they're not going to be able to pull this off. Piccolo yells for them to start. Chapter 480: "Fushion works!!" "Tsui ni dekita fyuujon!!" At Kami-sama's palace, as the group plays cards, Yamcha tells them that the two runts apparently have completed the Fusion training. They talk about the possible power about to be tapped, as they walk to the training area. Chi Chi suddenly speculates on what to call the new Saiya-jin -- "Gotenks", or "Trunten." Both sound weird. Buruma berates Chi Chi for screwing around 30 minutes before the problem becomes an issue. At the site, Piccolo tells the boys that their energy is matched, and they should now start. They go through the moves, and there's a bright flash. They merge, and the group stares at the results -- a fat, Buu-like weirdo. The group speculates that maybe this is a case of looking like what you intend to defeat. However, the fatso has no power or endurance. Piccolo states that Trunks had his index fingers extended at the wrong time during the posturing. He tells them to try it again, but the fatso reminds the demon king that they have to wait 30 minutes for the Fusion to expire. During this time, the group comments on the strange clothing that resulted from the Fusion, and they ask what the Fatso's name is -- Gotenks. Chi Chi comments that she was right. 30 minutes pass; there's a bright flash and the two boys fly apart. The group comments on the ki that they felt, but Piccolo states that there'll be time for talking after the fight is over. The boys are told to try again. They do, but they fail to touch their fingers together properly. Piccolo sees it happen, and is disgusted. Another flash reveals an emaciated Gotenks. Piccolo tells the wheezing invalid what went wrong. They wait another 30 minutes. The boys try again. Kuririn comments that the artist probably wants to mess with some gags, and Toriyama appears (as the robot) to say "it happens for sure on this page." There's a flash, and a really cool-looking, powerful Gotenks results. (Still has an outfit similar to Buu's.) Buruma and Chi Chi are disappointed in his appearance, while Beederu thinks that Gotenks is REALLY strong. Piccolo wants to wait for 30 minutes, then have the boys do this as Super Saiya-jin. But, Gotenks is convinced that he can defeat Buu now. They argue, and Gotenks flies off to bring back Buu's corpse. Piccolo yells for Trunten to wait, and Mr. Poppo corrects him. The group waits in suspense, until the bashed up Gotenks returns. Piccolo yells at them -- they've got one day left to prepare to fight Buu. On the Kaiou-shin planet, the old Kaiou-shin is still wheezing away, in his 20-hour dance. Gohan's endurance is quickly fading. Chapter 481: "Earth's Soldier's Final Secret Weapon!!" "Chikyuu-gun, saigo no himitsu heiki!!" The narration describes the destruction to all the cities by the child-in-appearance monster, Buu. However, there is one last ray of hope for mankind. Earth's greatest, no... the universe's greatest warrior is about to set forth. The man who defeated Cell, and won the latest Tenkai-ichi Budoukai. Yes, it is MR. SATAN... Satan is driven out to Buu's house. He tells his escort to return home, and one of them fearfully asks what is in Satan's carrying bag. He replies that it's his secret weapon, which impresses the escort. Then, in a thundering whisper that can almost be heard from 2 feet away, Satan challenges Buu to come out and face him. One escort asks if Satan's throat is sore from the budoukai, and offers to help him out. He yells for Buu to come fight their hero. Satan berates the man for running the risk of actually attracting Buu's attention. He tells the escort to return, and assures them that peace will soon be at hand. With a bit of sneaking in, Satan reaches the house, and discovers that Buu is out. He then taunts the image of the nasty monster. Until there's a snapping sound behind him and he pleads on his knees for mercy. But, it's just a lizard crawling around. He berates the lizard for scaring him. And Buu drops in. Satan introduces himself very sweetly. Buu asks what to turn Satan into -- a plum, a biscuit, gum... Satan tells Buu to wait, and gives It a great gift. Buu doesn't want anything beyond being able to kill stuff. But, the gift is a box of chocolate. Buu munches away -- they're poisoned. Buu likes the taste. It eats them all. Satan gives It a Game Boy. Buu is interested, but quickly loses and gets pissed. Satan tells the monster to try again at the simple game, runs away, and triggers the bomb hidden inside the machine. Buu easily survives. But, It considers Satan mildly interesting, and gives the hero some plum candy. Satan pretends that the candies are delicious, then pulls a "Look!!" gag on the monster to spit them out. He pulls the gag again, to hit Buu in the back of the head. Buu wants to know what's out there; just some people. Buu kills them. The explosion is so great, Satan's eyes bug out. He congratulates the monster. Satan takes the chance to get Buu's picture. Buu is posed, and the resulting snapshot implies that Satan has just defeated the evil creature. Later, Satan is stuck cooking It supper, and washing It's back. He thinks, to himself, revenge on the fatty. Chapter 482: "After a long wait, finally Super Fusion!!" "Iyoiyo kansei! Super Fusion!!" Under a tree, Kibit is reading a book, Gokuu is eating, and Kaiou-shin is staring at the ritual. Gokuu asks if the old guy can really give Gohan great power, and the Kaiou-shin replies "Probably, I guess." Gohan, sitting and meditating, opens one eye to discover that the old coot has fallen asleep. He shouts out "Kaiou-shin-sama", and the two of them argue over whether the coot was really sleeping. The coot reassures the boy, then promptly falls asleep again, under Gohan's frustrated glare. While, at Kami-sama's tower, Piccolo berates Goten and Trunks for their previous mistakes, and tells them to achieve Super Fusion this time for sure. The boys power up, the crowd watches on, and the two go through the motions again. This time, they turn into a cross between an old-style movie Arab prince, and Vejiita. The group is impressed, and Piccolo wants the Fusion Saiya-jin to stick around and show off his moves. But, arrogance overpowers the hero again, and he races off with Piccolo in pursuit. The boy flies around the globe several times, and comes to a halt to let Piccolo catch up. Gotenks is berated for just displaying speed without power and control, and Gotenks thinks that the testing phase is over. He flies to find Buu. Piccolo rages over how little time the idiot has left himself in Fusion form. Gotenks speeds along, shouting out a challenge to Buu. But, when he lands and calls attention to himself, the Fusion wears off, and the mortified Goten and Trunks realise that they are at a disadvantage again. They run away before Buu steps out of Its house, with Satan in tow. Satan says "see, Buu-sama, it's just the wind." Chapter 483: "Magical Being Buu, and the Gang" "Majin Buu to Nakama-tachi" The opening page has Mr. Satan blustering about defeating Buu, and giving the monster the finger. The story starts with Satan reading the "Dog of Flanders" outloud to Buu. He's crying at the sad parts, and Buu happily claps and declares the tragedy to be great fun. They step outside, and Buu declares that It's off to kill more humans, asking if Satan wants to come along with. Satan nervously declines, stating that he'll stay behind and make supper. Buu flies off, and Satan cries out "Ganbatte, ne" (Do your best.) But, with the monster out of sight, Satan yells out names, and pulls out a mass of dynamite from his bag. With one push of the remote control switch "it's 'The End' of the world's menace." (Note, he's only using 10 sticks, which is well below the level of force that Vejiita had attained.) He hides the bomb in a pot, and laughs madly while begging Buu to return quickly. In the countryside two old people are carrying their bags, escaping the city to hide up in the mountains. When, suddenly the old woman is shot in the head and killed. A ways up in the hills, one guy with a rifle laughs at having made his kill. His friend doesn't like doing this, but the rifleman replies that since Buu is going to kill everyone anyway, what's the harm in their picking off a few people in advance? He coerces his friend to take out the old man, which the reluctant one does. They laugh, and ride off to enter the city. Satan is cooking eggs, gloating about being a hero, before panicking at the sight of Buu's quick return. Satan leaps outside, and apologizes for not finishing supper. He asks why the monster is holding a puppy, and It wants to know why this thing doesn't run away in fear, and It can't understand what the puppy is "saying." Satan replies that the puppy's leg is injured. Buu checks, realizes that this is true, and heals the dog. It sets the puppy down, and tells the dog to run away so It can kill him. But, the grateful pup just rubs up against Buu's leg. Buu is confused, and Satan tells It that the pup is pleased at having been saved. So, Buu runs off (the logic is that if one of them is running away, it must be the pup that is trying to escape.) But, the dog pursues Buu, and begs to be picked up. Buu asks if the dog likes It, and Satan says "yes, notice that the dog is wagging its tail." Buu asks if Satan likes It, and Satan hesitantly replies "yes." Buu is a bit pleased, and offers the dog some chocolate. Satan interrupts, stating that chocolate is bad; dog food is better. He is then told to go buy some dog food. Some distance away, Satan evilly realizes that this is his chance. He gets off the bike, readies the switch, and stares through a pair of binoculars. But, the sight of Buu and the puppy playing so happily together causes him to postpone his attack. He goes to buy the dog food. In town, the two thrill seekers have racked up 40 kills, but the older one is afraid that Buu will show up soon. The younger one isn't worried, and they keep shooting. The dog happily eats the food, but Buu hates the stuff. Satan asks a question -- why kill everyone? "It's fun. Bibi-Di and Babi-Di said that it's a great game." Satan tries to tell It that killing people is bad, and then hastily retracts his reprimand. But, Buu says Ok, It'll stop killing and terrorizing people now. Satan eagerly thinks that he's become a True Hero. Savior of the World, Mister Satan!!! The two thrill seekers find Buu's house, and the younger one looks forward to some great times. Buu and the pup are playing fetch, and Buu throws the ball again. The pup runs into the focus of the crosshairs, and is dropped with one shot. The younger guy gloats, and the older one says "Hey, isn't that Majin Buu standing next to Mr. Satan outside the house?" Satan is shocked, and Buu is staring forward in intent confusion. Chapter 484: "What is Produced by Anger" "Ikari no umidashita mono" The two thrillseekers comment on the presence of Satan, and the younger one states that they are about to become the world's newest heroes. They start firing missiles and bullets as Mr. Satan runs away. But, the smoke clears to reveal a very pissed Buu. The two are surprised that Buu is still standing, and are going to resume shooting when the older one is blindsided by Satan. The younger one gets beaten up. Buu is watching this in puzzlement, and Its anger ebbs. The younger villian collapes, and Satan spits on him, complaining about "Earthling garbage." Satan curses as he approaches the puppy, then notices that it's not dead yet. Buu rushes over, and heals the dog again. On the Tower, Piccolo and Dende are watching all of this. Dende is relieved, but Piccolo still thinks that Buu is too dangerous. Buu, Satan, and the puppy are all happy with each other, and Satan is saying "it's great, it's great," as the younger villian recovers enough to shoot Satan in the back with a pistol. The villian runs away, laughing. Satan falls. Buu sets down the puppy, and heals Satan. But, Buu's anger is so great, that Satan asks It what is wrong. Buu manages to tell Satan to take the dog and escape. Then, It blows off some steam. It stares in anger as the steam starts to take shape. Dende, Piccolo, and Satan wonder what's happening. Chatper 485 "Two Majin Buu... and then..." "Futari no majin Buu... soshita..." Satan takes cover, and the steam takes the shape of a very emmaciated, old Majin Buu. The narration box tells us that while Buu was a naive, childish creature, the new monster is the epitamy of evil. The creature stares down at Buu, sneers, flies to the younger villian, and withstands some gunfire. The villian dies in a very huge explosion. The new creature trots up to Buu in a stupid fashion, and the two monsters proceed to fight it out. The original Buu seems to be losing, having only half the power as the evil one. When the original Buu uses Its magic to turn the other into chocolate, the evil one blows the magic back. The original Buu turns into a Buu-shaped chocolate bar, and is eaten. Recombined, the evil one makes the transition to Stage Two Buu. Piccolo is concerned about the increase in power, and Satan (not dead yet) has returned to his previous state of continual stunned-ness. The new Buu looks meaner and leaner; well-muscled. It glances at Satan (the hero is wondering what the weirdo will do next,) cracks its neck joints, yawns as if just awakening from a long sleep, then powers up. Satan and the dog are blown backwards, the monster looks happy, and Piccolo looks shocked. -- Curtis H. Hoffmann Aug. 23, 1994
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