Translation of Dragon Ball Book 30 Translated by Usagi North - A Division of Z-TV Enterprises AtomicFractal 801.377.2180 Dragon Ball Book by Toriyama Akira Book 30 'An Evil Premonition' Inside Front Cover Toriyama Akira I can't believe that Dragon Ball is already up to book 30. Not only has little Gokuh grown up but he's become a father. It's only through the help of a lot of people that this 'manga' has lasted this long. I would really like to thank them. But what really surprises me, is that I was able to keep this up for 7 years, and I have perseverance. I've gotten a new respect for myself Page 2 Bottom: This is a work of fiction, any similarity to any person or even is entirely coincidental. Page 3 Title: Dragon Ball Title: Book 30 'An Evil Premonition' Title: by Toriyama Akira Page 4 Top: Cast of Characters Tag: Son Gokuh Tag: Kulilin Tag: Son Gohan Tag: Bulma Page 5 Tag: Vegeta Tag: Piccolo Tag: Trunks Tag: #17 Tag: #18 Tag: Artificial Human #16 Page 6 Top: Dragon Ball Title: An Evil Premonition Title: Table of Contents Title: Chapter 350 #17,#18 and also #16 7 Title: Chapter 351 The Mystery of #16 22 Title: Chapter 352 Vegeta vs. #18 36 Title: Chapter 353 Incredible Vegeta 50 Title: Chapter 354 The Confidence of the Artificial Humans 64 Title: Chapter 355 Piccolo's Decision 80 Title: Chapter 356 Kami-Sama's Conditions 99 Title: Chapter 357 News from Bulma 114 Title: Chapter 358 An Evil Premonition 128 Title: Chapter 359 Kami-Sama Saw 142 Title: Chapter 360 Kami-Sama and the Arch-Demon Rejoin 156 Title: Chapter 361 The Mysterious Monster Shows Up at Last 170 Title: Cover Page Super Collection XXIX 185 Page 7 Top: Dragon Ball Title: Chapter 350 '#17, #18 and also...#16' Page 8 Piccolo: Crap! We were late!! Vegeta: Outta my way asshole!! Trunks: Don't do it!! Let's get out of here while we can!! Trunks: We can wait until after Son Gokuh gets better and then... Vegeta: Unnecessary!! Page 10 Vegeta: Are you sure it's them this time!? Trunks: Ye...yes Page 11 Kulilin: Are those two #17 and #18? Trunks: Don't be fooled by their appearance, they're terrible monsters!! #20: It's them!! Those are Son Gokuh's allies I was telling you about!! Don't underestimate them, they destroyed #19!! And they almost killed me!!! #17: Number 19? #17: You made that!? You must have used him to turn yourself into an Artificial Human. So what kind was he? An energy absorption type? #20: Yes #18: If he was a new model why did you use an energy absorption power supply? Because he'd have too much power and be too hard to control? That's why he was destroyed Kulilin: 'Be unable to control...?' #20: That doesn't matter now!! Take care of them now!! Page 12 #17: Shut your yapping. When we want to do it, we will #20: What did you say!? #18: Number 16? #18: This is an eternal power source type as well #18: But he looks like a different model than us #18: But he's pretty big. I wonder how he's different Page 13 #20: Stay away from him Number 18!!! Trunks: Did she say #16!? Trunks: I never heard of a #16 #17: He looks interesting #17: Shall we start him up Number 18? #20: Don't do it!! Do you want to destroy the entire world!!? #20: Number 16 was a failed experimental unit!!! Whatever you do don't activate him!! #18: If he was a failed experiment, why did you keep him around? #18: It looks like you disposed of all of them up to Number 15 #20: I was getting ready to rebuild him!!! #20: But don't activate him!! He might kill you and me!!! Kulilin: Hey, let's get away now while they're arguing!! Vegeta: Go ahead Vegeta: They're probably too strong for any of the rest of you to fight Page 14 #17: You think that he can kill us? Are you saying that he's stronger than us? #17: I don't care, activate him Number 16 #20: you dare to disobey my commands!! You're the same as Number 16!! Failures!! #20: I don't care what you do!! I'll stop all of you!! #17: But we destroyed the shut off control #20: I'll build another #20: WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO BEFORE YOU UNDERSTAND!!! DON'T PUSH ACTIVATE HIM!!! Page 15 #20: Damn you!! What are you..... Page 16 #20: Damn you!!! #20: you're trash!! Page 17 Kulilin: What are they, they killed their maker.... Vegeta: That's nothing unusual. You should always kill anyone you don't like Vegeta: We Saiyajin are the same, the unusual ones are you Earthlings #17: Push the switch Trunks: I won't let you!!! Trunks: We can't let there be any more Artificial Humans Page 19 Kulilin: You idiot!!!! Page 20 Kulilin: If you're going to do stuff like that, warn us first!! Vegeta: You shit!! Why did you do something that stupid!!! Trunks: That stupid? #17: You should hurry up and do, the pipes and cables have been cut Page 21 Vegeta; That was just a waste of energy Kulilin: They've opened it Kulilin: There's another one now Bottom: Next Chapter 351 'The Mystery of #16' Page 23 Kulilin: Is that #16? Kulilin: This is bad, he looks pretty strong Trunks: I don't know... Trunks: I've never seen him... Page 24 #17: Number 16, try moving about #17: How's it feel being outside for the first time in years? #17: It looked like Dr. Gero didn't want us to activate you #17: He said you'd destroy us #18: I want to know what he meant. Do you have any ideas? #17: Don't you want to tell us? #17: Or are you a mute? #17: Whatever #17: Do you want to go? Page 25 #17: Were you made to kill Son Gokuh too? #16: Yes #17: Well hey #17: So you can speak #17: It makes me sick to do what Dr. Gero wanted us to do, but even artificial humans need goals too, eh Page 26 Kulilin: They... Kulilin: They're gone.. Kulilin: Thank goodness Tenshin-Han: What are they up too? Tenshin-Han: Where did they go? Piccolo: It doesn't look like they're going to attack the Northern Capitol Piccolo: They went the wrong way for that Kulilin: It's Gokuh!! Are they planning on going to Gokuh's house!? Kulilin: Dr. Gero's goal was to kill Gokuh for crushing the Red Ribbon Army Tenshin-Han: But do you think that they'd really do what Dr. Gero wanted? Vegeta: That... Vegeta: That doesn't matter Page 27 Vegeta: I was here. Were they trying to say that I wasn't even worth noticing!? Vegeta: That pisses me off Trunks: Don't chase them!!! Trunks: just...just wait a little!! Page 28 Vegeta: Until after Kakarotto get's better? Vegeta: I hate Kakarotto much worse than the artificial humans Vegeta: I want to take care of them without his help Vegeta: And last I'm going to take care of Kakarotto Vegeta: If you understand then got out of my way Trunks: That's impossible! You can't defeat them by yourself Trunks: you're just going to your death Page 30 Vegeta: Who cares about Kakarotto!? I can change into a Super Saiyajin too!! Vegeta: Under the same conditions since I'm the Saiyajin prince, I should be much stronger than him!! #18: Why did we land number 17? Page 31 #17: I thought we should take our time getting there. There's no reason for us to rush? #18: Are you going to walk all the way there? #17: Let's take a car #17: A car should be here soon enough, we'll take that #18: Why do men like meaningless stuff like that? #18: You still have some very human traits left #17: you understand don't you Number 16? You started off as a man too didn't you #16: you're wrong #16: I was made from nothing Page 32 #17: Weren't you made from a human base? #18: It looks like there is a basic difference between us #17: That's odd, if Dr. Gero had the ability to make an artificial human from scratch... #17: Why did he go back to using a human base? Vegeta: Hello Vegeta: I wasn't expecting you to still be here wasting your time Page 33 #17: What? You look different than last time Vegeta: It's more than just that Vegeta: By the way, where were you planning on going? #17: To kill Son Gokuh Vegeta: I thought so, but you won't be able to Vegeta: Because I'm going to take care of you Page 34 Vegeta: Did you think that was funny? Vegeta: Laugh now while you have the chance #17: Saiyajin must be very over confident. It sounds like Son Gokuh is too Vegeta: You've pissed me off even though you are just puppets!!! I'm going to grind you to bits!!! Vegeta: Which one of you wants to die first? The boy!? The girl!? The big one? Or do you want me to kill you all at once? #18: What a fool #18: Hey Number 16 #18: I want to see how strong you are #16: I refuse Page 35 Vegeta: It looks like he knows... Vegeta: How strong I am #17: What an odd fellow #17: I wonder why he refused #18: Okay #18: I'll do it Vegeta: I won't hold back just because your a girl Vegeta: But you're an artificial human, not a girl Bottom: Next Chapter 352 'Vegeta vs. #18' Page 41 #17: I'm surprised #17: He's much stronger than Dr. Gero told us #17: Vegeta's pretty good! Page 42 Vegeta: I don't know if you rickety puppets get damaged Vegeta: So I'm going to have to blow to bits Vegeta: So that I'll never have to see your smirk again Page 43 Driver: You assholes! What the hell do you think you're doing out in the middle of the road like that Driver: If you don't move your asses if you don't want to die Page 45 Vegeta: It looks like you're faster than I thought #18: You weren't serious with that attack Vegeta: Of course not.... Vegeta: If I really got serious I'd blow up this planet Page 46 #18: Did you know that I wasn't serious either Vegeta: Oh Vegeta: Go ahead, if you're not serious now, you'll regret it #18: Okay I'll do it Page 48 Trunks: Are you okay Vegeta? Vegeta: You stupid bastards... Vegeta: Did you think you could fight these artificial humans Bottom: Next Chapter 353 Impressive Vegeta Page 48 #17: Hmmm, the help's arrived #17: I don't think that Number 18 could take them all on herself #17: Oh well, do you want me to fight them... #17: Or do you want fight them, Number 16 Page 49 #16: No #16: I won't fight them #17: You won't fight them, you lazy bastard #17: Why were you made #16: I told you. I was created to defeat Son Gokuh #17: Okay #17: Fight your hardest okay Tenshin-Han: Hey, #17's coming this way! Trunks: Run away Vegeta!!! Trunks: What good's your pride going to do you when you're dead!? Vegeta: Do you want me to hit you again? Vegeta: You're in the way, get outta here!! Page 42 #18: If you want to run away, go ahead #18: We have no interest in people that run away Vegeta: Don't make me laugh, I'm going to kill you both now... Vegeta: So why would I want to run away!? Vegeta: To tell you the truth, I'd rather die than... Vegeta: have to rely on these Earthlings, or the Namek-seijin or Kakarotto's help #17: Nice speech #17: You've got a nice fighting style. You're a pretty good prince of the Saiyajin Page 53 Vegeta: you rickety puppets have no right to say that Vegeta: Especially a brat like you #17: It looks like you value the spirit of Bushido, but just in case.... #17: If any of you try to get into the fight to help Vegeta, I'll have to get involved too Vegeta: These jerks are peaceful cowards... Vegeta: They wouldn't have interfered even if you hadn't have said that #18: Are you ready to continue Vegeta: Of course Page 54 Then let's do it!! Page 59 Vegeta: You've really pissed me off Vegeta: Staying calm like that... #18: You've surprised me, even though you are an alien, I didn't think a natural human could get this strong #18: Is Son Gokuh even stronger? Vegeta: Don't be stupid, he was stronger than me for a little while, but things are back to normal with me stronger than him again Page 60 #18: What? That means he's not strong #18: Or you either Vegeta: What did you say!? Page 61 Tenshin-Han: Do it!! Tenshin-Han: Finish her off!! Trunks: He's incredible!! I never realized that father had gotten this strong Trunks: I didn't think he could fight that artificial human on an equal level Piccolo: Vegeta will be killed Kulilin: Eh!? Piccolo: Look! The artificial human is slowly getting an advantage Piccolo: She's not losing any power at all, but the more Vegeta fights the more he uses up his stamina Page 62 Trunks: Shit Page 63 Trunks: Dad!!! Page 64 Title: Chapter 354 Title: The Confident Artificial humans Page 65 Piccolo: That idiot!!! Page 66 You shit!!! Page 68 He felled Trunks with a single punch, and he was a Super Saiyajin Page 69 Vegeta: Damn you!!! Page 76 #18: I thought it would be best if he couldn't use that arm any more Page 77 #17: his hair colors returned to normal and his odd light when out #17: It was an odd development #17: That other guy was the same #17: Who is he, he's not in my data banks #17: Oh well it doesn't matter Page 78 #17: Don't worry, he's not dead either #17: Hurry and give them the senzu, it should them up #17: And tell them if they get stronger we'll be glad to fight them again #17: See ya' #18: Aren't you going to ask him where Son Gokuh is? Page 79 #17: Don't worry #17: Don't you think it'd be more interesting to find him ourselves, and if we start to destroy stuff he might find us #18: Hmm #17: You're childish Number 17 #17: Really? #16: What are you looking at Number 16? #16: The little birds flew off because you made a commotion #17: Little birds? #18: There doesn't seem to be much traffic here. Let's fly to somewhere a little more active Bottom: Next Chapter 355 Piccolo's Decision Page 81 #17: It looks like cars only rarely come by here #17: Oh, well we'll have to fly somewhere a little more populous #18: That sounds good, I want to get some new clothes #17: Okay, let's go to a nearby city or village Kulilin: Wait!!! Kulilin: Stop!! #17: What is it? What do you want? Page 82 Kulilin: What is your goal? What do you want!? Kulilin: Are you trying to kill Gokuh!? Are you planning on messing up the world? #17: Oh, first I guess we'll defeat Son Gokuh, and then we'll see what happens Kulilin: Why!? Why are you after Gokuh!? The one that hated Gokuh was Dr. Gero and you killed him! #17: Dr. Gero doesn't matter. This is just a game #17: Isn't Son Gokuh the strongest person in the world? At least for humans.... Kulilin: This is a game!? That's it!? #17: That's why we didn't ask you where he is. That's part of the game Page 83 Kulilin: if I asked you stop, you wouldn't would you... #16: We wouldn't #16: We were created to destroy Son Gokuh #17: That's what the man said #17: You should give your friends the senzu before they die #18: Bye #18: Jana! Page 84 Kulilin: I've got to save them Kulilin: Uh.... Kulilin: There's still 6 senzu left Kulilin: Piccolo. Tenshin-han and I each had 2 Page 85 Kulilin: I guess I should give one to Vegeta too Piccolo: What!? Piccolo: Did you say they even knew about the senzu? Tenshin-Han: What does that mean? If they knew about the senzu why didn't they kill us? Piccolo: Were they trying to say that we weren't worth the effort to kill? Piccolo: Of course, they're incredibly strong...they're too strong... Piccolo: I didn't think they could be that strong Page 86 Piccolo: Stop it! Don't chase them!! Piccolo: Leave them alone for now!!! Page 87 Piccolo: After he became a Super Saiyajin his absolute confidence and pride in himself returned Piccolo: So when he was beat by the girl artificial human he received a huge shock to his pride Kulilin: I'm sorry I wasn't even able to fight Piccolo: Don't worry about it, even Trunks who was a Super Saiyajin was pretty much taken out with a single attack Tenshin-Han: He's the guy that was able to defeat Freeza easily Tenshin-Han: But he wasn't able to do a thing to the artificial humans Tenshin-Han: To tell you the truth, no matter how strong Gokuh's gotten I don't think he can be much stronger than Trunks or Vegeta Tenshin-Han: Not even Gokuh could beat them Trunks: They are a little different than the artificial humans I'm familiar with Trunks: They weren't that strong, I could fight them both for a while... Page 88 Tenshin-Han: no matter, our future's black now... Tenshin-Han: What should we do now? Piccolo: You should go the Son Gokuh's house and move him somewhere safe Piccolo: Our only chance to do anything depends on him healing Kulilin: you're right Kulilin: What are you going to do Piccolo? Piccolo: I have an idea... Kulilin: Why do you look like that? Do you have some kind of plan? Kulilin: Tell us Piccolo, we are on your side Piccolo: You're on MY side!!? Don't piss me off!! When did I become your friend!? Piccolo: Don't be foolish!! I'm the devil!! I'm just using you to help me conquer the world!! Never forget that!! Page 89 Tenshin-Han: That's right, he was The Arch Demon Piccolo wasn't he Tenshin-Han: Even I forgot that Tenshin-Han: Is he still planning on taking over the world? Kulilin: I think he was lying about taking over the world Kulilin: He's like Gokuh and Vegeta Kulilin: He just wants to be stronger than anyone else Kulilin: So he flew off to take advantage of his last secret weapon Tenshin-Han: What's that? Tenshin-Han: What is his last secret weapon? Page 90 Kulilin: Piccolo flew off in that direction...Do you know what's in that direction? Tenshin-Han: In that direction? Tenshin-Han: I can't think of anything. Is it somewhere I know? Kulilin: It's Kami-Sama's house Tenshin-Han: God's house? Tenshin-Han: What's that mean? Kulilin: When I was on the planet Namek, the Great Elder told me that if he hadn't have split into God and Piccolo, he would have been able to easily defeat the Saiyajin Kulilin: So I think he's gone off to rejoin with Kami-Sama Tenshin-Han: What!? Trunks: God and Devil are going to rejoin to become the warrior of the Namek-seijin Kulilin: And since Piccolo's gotten strong, he'll become a Super Namek-seijin like Gokuh's become a Super Saiyajin Page 91 Tenshin-Han: But if Kami-Sama is gone, then the Dragon Balls will be gone as well!! Kulilin: Ya, you're right, however if Piccolo or Kami-Sama get killed the Dragon Balls will disappear anyway Kulilin: But if he really is going to rejoin with Kami-Sama then he must have felt that the artificial humans are really incredible opponents Trunks: But where did fath...err I mean Vegeta go? Kulilin: You don't need to hide it anymore. We all know that your that baby that Bulma was caring after he grows up. The only one who doesn't know is your father Vegeta Trunks: Eh!? Trunks: Really, I'm sorry Tenshin-Han: You don't need to apologize Page 92 Tenshin-Han: Vegeta doesn't strike me as the type to runaway after he loses a fight. He's like a solid ball of hardened pride Tenshin-Han: He's going to come up with new techniques and defeat the artificial humans later Page 93 Vegeta: Damn those artificial humans!!! Vegeta: I'm going to make them regret that they let me live!!! Kulilin: Trunks, how long will it take for the medicine you gave Gokuh before he's healed up? Trunks: It should only take son Gokuh about ten days before he's cured Kulilin: Ten days... Kulilin: We should be able to hide him for that long Kulilin: But even with Gokuh I'm starting to doubt that we'll be able to win Page 94 Kulilin: But it looks like we were lucky that they don't have power level scanners Trunks: Yes Chi-Chi: Uh, where is it!!? Chi-Chi: It's not here where is it!? Yamucha: Haven't you found the medicine yet? Yamucha: He might die if you don't find it soon!! Page 95 Chi-Chi: It doesn't help when you say that chi-Chi: Gokuh's the one that put it away Chi-Chi: Here it is!! Chi-Chi: I found it!!! Yamucha: Ya!! Yamucha: Gokuh, it's the medicine!! Take it!! Page 96 Yamucha: Phew, it looks like the medicine's starting to work Yamucha: It sounds like a viral disease, so I'm going to take a little and you should too Chi-Chi: by the way what happened to Gohan Yamucha: What!? He's not back yet? Yamucha: He must be off somewhere playing Page 99 Chapter 356 'God's Condition' Page 101 Piccolo: You know why I came Kami: I know Kami: You, or I should say your parent, and I used to be one person I think I know what you're going to tell me Kami: To tell you the truth I never thought the day would come when we'd be rejoined Piccolo: We're not going to rejoin. You'll just be a tool I use to power up. You're only reason for existence anymore is so that we can have the Dragon Balls Mr. Popo: But that's... Kami: He's right. The difference in our power grew without me even realizing it Kami: In the face of these new enemies I've become useless Page 102 Kami: They were even able to defeat Trunks, who was able to beat Freeza and his father. They even beat Vegeta who was stronger than Trunks Kami: When Son Gokuh overcomes his illness, I think the same thing will happen to him Kami: At last.... Kami: The time for God and the Devil to become one has come Piccolo: You're right. What the world needs now isn't a God Piccolo: It needs me to get super powerful enough to defeat them Kami: understood, I'll give you my body Mr. Popo: Kami-Sama.... Kami: However... Kami: I need to look things over a little more Page 103 Piccolo: What!? You need to look things over Kami: yes Kami: I need to see if those three are really going to destroy the world Piccolo: Why are you wasting time they almost killed.... Kami: You were the ones that started that fight! And even so they didn't try to kill you Piccolo: You have a lot of nerve saying that. You should have been able to hear what Trunks told us from the safety of this perch Piccolo: Because of them the world of the futures been destroyed!! Kami: I also heard that the artificial humans that Trunks knew, and the ones here are slightly different Piccolo: So what? Are you going to say that they're 'cute!?' Kami: I'm not saying that, it's just that if I'm going to make the last decision in my life, I want a good reason Page 104 Piccolo: Coward....Okay, but I'll wait here Piccolo: Until something bad enough happens so that even you will have to agree #17: It's a car, at last Page 105 FatMan: Is that story true? ThinMan: Ya it's true. It took me off guard too #17: These boxes are in the way FatMan: Hay you FatMan: What are you doing there? Page 107 #17: Okay, let's go #18: But I still want some clothes #17: Okay already FatMan: Is this a dream? ThinMan: I think so Page 108 Tenshin-Han: Hey Tenshin-Han: I'm going back to where I left Chaozu Tenshin-Han: He's probably worried about me Tenshin-Han: If it looks like the winds about to blow bad again call me Tenshin-Han: I don't think I'll be any help, but I have to... Kulilin: Okay, we'll take Gokuh to Master Muten Roshi's house Kulilin: That should by us a lot of time Page 109 Tenshin-Han: Tell Gokuh not to do anything foolish Kulilin: Okay Kulilin: 'Don't do anything foolish,' You're right, no matter how strong Gokuh's gotten even he... Trunks: Why has history changed this much Trunks: The artificial humans weren't that much stronger than me... Trunks: And there were only two of them.... Kulilin: How would I know... Kulilin: But anyway in this time it's the facts Page 110 Kulilin: There it is Kulilin: That's Gokuh's house Kulilin: Say... Kulilin: Mind if I ask you a question Kulilin: Are the artificial humans really that evil? Page 111 Trunks: They are incredibly cold blooded Trunks: At least they were in my time Trunks: Why do you ask? Kulilin: No reason Kulilin: I was just thinking that if they weren't that would help a lot Trunks: I wouldn't count on that if I were you Kulilin: Ya, you're right. I'm sorry I asked Kulilin: I shouldn't have even thought that chi-Chi: Is that you Gohan!? Chi-Chi: Wah!!! Chi-Chi: Oh, it's just Kulilin Kulilin: Hello Page 112 Kulilin: It's Gokuh's wife Trunks: Glad to meet you Chi-Chi: Huh? Who's that? Yamucha: Kulilin, you're safe!! Yamucha: Thank goodness, I was worried Kulilin: How's Gokuh!? Yamucha: He's okay, he's taken the medicine and now he's asleep Yamucha: Oh! Yamucha: You're the guy from the future Yamucha: You must have defeated the artificial humans Kulilin: We'll tell you the details later, but , but we all have to go to Master Muten Roshi's house Yamucha: Why!? Kulilin: Three new more fearsome artificial humans are on their way here Yamucha: That's terrible Page 113 Chi-Chi: Is that true, this is horrible Kulilin: It's not just a matter of strength Kulilin: Now we just have to wait for Gohan Yamucha: Wasn't he taking Bulma home? Chi-Chi: He's back!! Gohan: What? Gohan: Why is everyone...!? Gohan: What's happened!? Yamucha: I'll tell you, but first get in the plane!! Bottom: Next, a message from Bulma Page 114 Kulilin: it looks like this is a game to them, but they still intend to kill Gokuh Gohan: Are...are they really that strong? Kulilin: You can assume that they are stronger than Trunks warned us about Page 115 Yamucha: So what are we going to do? Kulilin: That's what I want to ask Kulilin: What can we do? Trunks: How about this, I can get in the time machine again, go farther back in time and destroy them Trunks: I already know where Dr. Gero's lab is Yamucha: I see... Yamucha: What's wrong with that? Kulilin: Wait, wasn't that time machine still imperfect? Kulilin: Also Gokuh told us that it was hard to get enough energy to operate it Kulilin: And if you go farther back in time can you still go back to your future? Trunks: You see... Page 116 Gohan: I've been thinking....If Trunks goes back in time and destroys the artificial humans Gohan: What will happen to the ones now? Trunks: I forgot, if I go back in time and destroy the artificial humans, I'd save that time-line's future Trunks: But this time-line will remain unchanged Kulilin: What are you saying!? Trunks: Well, for example...I was able to able to save the Son Gokuh of this time line by bringing back medicine for his heart disease Trunks: But in my future Son Gokuh was a person who died of a heart disease Trunks: In other words, there's one future with a living Son Gokuh and another future where he died. Just by doing that I created a number of futures Kulilin: Wait just a second Kulilin: Well, uh....If we destroy the artificial humans the ones in your time will still be there Trunks: you're right Yamucha: Therefore... Yamucha: Why did you come back into the past, it won't change your world a bit Page 117 Trunks: When I heard the rumor that mom was killed by the artificial humans, I thought it would be nice if there was a future where they were defeated Trunks: But my major goal in coming here was to see if I could find a weakness by watching Gokuh fight the artificial humans Trunks: Or if that's impossible take Gokuh back to the future in my time machine and have him kill the artificial humans Trunks: However it looks like I came to a past that's different than mine Trunks: The timing with Gokuh's heart disease is off, there are three artificial humans, and they are a lot stronger than the ones I knew Gohan: But why is it so different? Trunks: I don't know Trunks: It's probably because I came back in my time machine Chi-Chi: It doesn't bother me at all Chi-Chi: If you hadn't of come Gokuh would of died! I'm really grateful Page 118 Gohan: That's right! Something good'll turn up!! Dareka: Ha ha ha ha.... Kulilin: Do you really think so....? Page 121 Vegeta: Wasn't a Super Saiyajin supposed to be invincible!! Vegeta: So why did you let that happen!!!? Why did I let myself get defeated!!? Vegeta: I'm the Super Elite Prince of the Saiyajin... If I become a Super Saiyajin I should be the strongest in the universe... Vegeta: Is it because I was fighting artificial humans...or have I just reached my limits... Vegeta: That's not right!!! Page 122 Vegeta: I won't let this happen!!! I'm Vegeta!!! Vegeta: No matter how strong my opponent is I'll surpass him!! Vegeta: I'll show them.... Vegeta: I'll absolutely surpass them Vegeta: And Kakarotto... Vegeta: After I defeat the artificial humans, it's your turn Page 123 #18: by the way #18: Do you know where Son Gokuh is? #17: We'll find out something soon enough #18: Don't you know? #18: Oh well, we'll find out sooner or later #16: His house is in a small mountain village in the 439th district of the eastern region #17: You know a lot, did you learn that from Dr. Gero? #16: Yes #16: If we flew we could be there in a few minutes #18: Probably, thank for telling us #18: So why are we wasting our time going by car? #17: Don't say anything #17: That 'waste' is fun Page 124 Yamucha: We should be at Master Muten Roshi's island soon Yamucha: By the way shouldn't we call Bulma and let her know what's going on? Kulilin: Ah...okay Kulilin: But do you want me to call. I don't feel like it Kulilin: You're mom can get pretty mean when she talks Trunks: Uh, that didn't change in the future Kulilin: Hello this is Kulilin, is Bulma there? Other: Oh, you want Miss Bulma Kulilin: Hello, Bulma? Kulilin: this is Kulilin Bulma: KULILIN!? IS EVERYONE OKAY!? Page 125 Bulma: Where are you calling from? I thought Gohan would be home and tried to call him, but no one answered!!! Bulma: Say, is my grown up son from the future there!? Kulilin: Ya, he's here Bulma: He is!? Bulma: Thank goodness, let me talk to him? Kulilin: You can just talk, he can hear you over the spear-phone Bulma: A few days ago there was a request for information to my company from a person from way out in the sticks. He was walking through the forest, found a strange vehicle and decided to take it! Bulma: He could figure out to make it move so he called us Kulilin: O...okay Bulma: When we didn't recognize it from his description over the phone we told him it we didn't make it Bulma: But he said that it had the Capsule Corporation mark on its side Bulma: So we asked him to send us a picture and he did Bulma: I just that picture and was surprised by what I saw Bulma: It was the time machine that Trunks rode back from the future! But it looked pretty beat up! Page 126 Trunks: Huh!? Trunks: That's.... Trunks: Impossible Trunks: No, it's right here. I reduced it to a capsule and have it Kulilin: He says he has it Bulma: Someone else must have ridden in it. It had moss all over it and felt really old so I thought something funny was going on Bulma: How many time machines did I make in the future? Trunks: What do you mean how many? Trunks: it was all you could do to build one Bulma: Hmm, that's odd, I'm sure it's a time machine Bulma: I saw you in the time machine before, so there's no way I could be mistaken... Do you have a fax there, I'll send you the picture Kulilin: Here it is Trunks Page 127 Trunks: Eh!? Bottom: Next Chapter 358 'An Evil Premonition' Page 128 Trunks: There's no mistake, this is the time machine I rode back in Trunks: What is this? Page 129 Trunks: Does she know where this picture was taken? Kulilin: Do you know where this picture was taken? Bulma: Not exactly but... Bulma: But it's up around the western regions 1050th district Bulma: Are you going to go there Trunks: Yes! I want to see it with my own eyes Bulma: Okay I'll go too, it's not far from here Trunks: okay Trunks: Okay, see ya' later Yamucha: Are you sure there's only one of those machines? Trunks: Yes I'm sure of it Gohan: I want to search with you, can I come along? Trunks: Of course! Thank you Page 130 Chi-Chi: Gohan!! Gohan: I'll be okay, mother Gohan: I'm not going anywhere dangerous Bulma: Mom, I'm going out. Take care of Trunks for me Mom: Okay Bulma. Where are you going? Bulma: I'm going to meet.... Bulma: ...the big Trunks Mom: Oh!! Page 131 Gohan: Gohan: Was you future really that terrible? Gohan: Because of the artificial humans? Trunks: Yes... The world population's dropped to only a few tens of thousand people... Trunks: Most of the Western Capitol's been destroyed, but we've been successful in hiding in an underground base Gohan: But that's... Gohan: I hope we can find the artificial humans' weakness Page 132 Trunks: Dr. Gero viewed the artificial humans rebellion to be their failure Trunks: But we forced him to use them, and in the end they killed him Trunks: But he found out how dangerous they were when he tested them Trunks: That means that he must have had some way to stop them at the testing stage Gohan: You're right! Trunks: It's only a slim chance... Page 133 Trunks: It should be around here Gohan: Let's search! Gohan: There it is!! I found it!! Page 134 Trunks: Thanks for finding it Gohan!! Gohan: That must be Bulma Gohan: I'll lead her here! Bulma: Trunks! It's your beautiful mother!! Trunks: Uh, ya Page 135 Trunks: Look, over there is the time machine I came in Bulma: Wow! That means this one can't be yours... Trunks: No, you only made one time machine in the future Trunks: This is also the time machine I came in Bulma: But that's... Trunks: Please look at this... I wrote this when I left Bulma: You're right Bulma: What does this mean...? It looks like this one's been here for a long time Page 136 Gohan: This hole is odd... It looks like it's been melted by a high temperature...But it looks like it was opened from the inside Bulma: What in the world came in that? Trunks: Anyway let's open it up, excuse me Page 137 Trunks: There's one here too Gohan: What is it!? Gohan: It isn't a coconut shell is it? Bulma: Let me see!! Bulma: I'm sure of it! Bulma: This is an egg shell Gohan: An egg... Bulma: I've never seen an egg like that Page 138 Gohan: Whatever opened that hole.... Gohan: Must have come from this egg. What could it be... Trunks: The energy gauge is almost at zero Trunks: It came from.... Trunks: ...age 788 Trunks: That's three years later than when I came from Trunks: And it came to.... Trunks: ...four years ago Page 139 Trunks: It came back to a year before the last time I came Trunks: What in the world came here, and why? Trunks: It must be what's responsible.... Trunks: ...for changing history so much Page 140 Piccolo: Are you still peeking at the lower world? Piccolo: That's not a very good habit Piccolo: After we rejoin we'll lose that ability Piccolo: So enjoy it while you can Kami: So my feelings of unease these past four years wasn't just because of the artificial humans Kami: Even I don't know what came back in that time machine Piccolo: What!? Kami: The only thing I know is that there's a life-form that's much stronger than those artificial humans Page 141 Piccolo: What are you saying!? Piccolo: What are you talking about? Kami: The time for me to rejoin with you, give up my position as god and take up the mantle of a warrior has come Kami: Presently...Presently something terrible's going to happen to this world Kami: This isn't a danger that we won't be able to defeat...This is the kind of danger that will destroy everything!!! Bottom: Next Chapter 359 'Kami-Sama Saw' Page 142 Trunks: Anyway we can't just leave the time machines here, let's return them to capsules Bulma: But I must really be a genius if I can make a time machine in the future Page 143 Trunks: This one too Bulma: I'll take this strange egg too Trunks: Good Gohan: We're gathering at Master Muten Roshi's house Bulma: At the Kame-House? Bulma: Why? Gohan: To put it simply the three artificial humans have been activated and they want to kill my father Gohan: But because my father's sick we've moved him somewhere to hide Bulma: Hmmm, Why don't you just beat them? Page 144 Trunks: Don't be silly Trunks: Father and I and Piccolo and Tenshin-Han all attacked them, but we were unable to do a thing against them Bulma: Are they really that great? Bulma: So is Vegeta okay? Bulma: Is Vegeta at the Kame-House too? Trunks: He was healed by the senzu beans... But dad doesn't want to work with us Bulma: What are you doing Gohan? Gohan: I thought I saw something Bulma: What? Where? Gohan: Come here and take a look!! Bulma: Hmm? Page 145 Bulma: What is it? What's happened? Trunks: What is it Gohan? Gohan: look at that Bulma: What is that? Page 146 Bulma: Is it dead? Trunks: It's big Trunks: What is it Gohan: It's not dead, it's a shed skin Bulma: A skin!?? I didn't know cicada's could get this big Bulma: At least around here Gohan: There are no cicada's Gohan: Not like this Trunks: Probably... Trunks: It's probably what came out of that egg in the time machine Gohan: It grew out of this shell Page 147 Trunks: What does this mean!? What came out of this shell? Gohan: I don't know, I've never seen anything like it Trunks: How did it come to this time... Who sent the egg back in the time machine, and did something come back with the egg? Trunks: And why? I don't understand at all Trunks: Whatever it was... Trunks: It just left this shell Bulma: Huh!? Page 148 Bulma: Wha...!? Bulma: Don't you have a bad feeling about this!? Trunks: yes Bulma: We should leave here fast!! Bulma: You're all at Kame-house right!? If anything happens I'll call! Trunks: Understood Bulma: If you have any time come by okay, Trunks!! I'm sure grandpa and grandma will be overjoyed!! Page 149 Trunks: What in the world is happening Trunks: I don't understand at all Page 150 Tex: It looks great on ya' missy Tex: Do ya' like 'em? #18: Do you think I'd like this!? This is ugly #18: but since I'm this far out in the boonies I'll just have to live with them Tex: Hey, you haven't paid yet!! Tex: Hey!! Tex: Hey you!! Page 151 Tex: Damn you!! Tex: he was scary Tex: Hello, police Tex: I've just been robbed!! The car is... #18: Look at these hick clothes #17: They look great on you number 18 #18: Crap #18: I'll have to look again in a bigger city Page 152 #17: It's the police #18: What a bother Cop: Huh!? Page 153 Cop: Don't you think this is a little painful for a dream? Page 154 Piccolo: What's happened!! Mr. Popo: Kami-Sama Kami: What's that!? Kami: What is that monster!!? Piccolo: A monster!? Page 153 Piccolo: What do you mean by a monster!? Say something!! Does it have anything to do with that time machine peter: Sorry to interrupt the program but we have a news update Peter: About an hour we started receiving a number of calls from a small suburb of the western capitol named Ginger Town. We sent a team to investigate and found out that all the inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared Peter: There was no trace of anyone. At this time we have no idea what the cause... Bulma: That's near where we found the time machine Bulma: I don't believe it... Bottom: Next Chapter 360 'God and the Devil Rejoin' Page 156 Bulma: Hello! This is Bulma Bulma: Is that Kulilin? Kulilin: yes, this is Kulilin Kulilin: What, they aren't back yet Bulma: Turn on the TV, this should be on all of the channels, but try channel 872 Kulilin: Did something happen? Channel 872, okay Page 157 Yamucha: What is it? Who is that? Kulilin: Uh, it's just Bulma Kulilin: She wants us to watch the TV Peter: This just in Peter: After further investigations by our team... Peter: It appears that the clothes of the victims are littering the ground Peter: A reporter has just arrived on the scene Kame: What's the news? Kame: What the... Donald: 15,000 people have mysteriously disappeared Donald: There has just been a new discovery in the Ginger Town area Yamucha: 15,000 people!? Donald: We've found lots of clothing like this. It's as if the people just melted! Looking at these particular clothes and this rifle it looks like he was fighting something Kame: This is... Kulilin: It's the artificial humans!! Kulilin: They've started their attack!! Page 158 Bulma: You're probably wrong I think Kulilin: Huh!? Bulma: Trunks and Gohan'll think that too Kulilin: Does this have something to do with that other time machine? Kulilin; I think that's right. Ask Gohan after he gets there, he'll tell you everything Chi-Chi: Gokuh's sleeping peacefully Chi-Chi: He looks a lot more comfortable Gohan: We're here Gohan: Sorry to bother you Master Muten Roshi Page 159 Kulilin: Hey you Kulilin: Take at look at this show and tell us what you think it means Gohan: It's the news Donald: Ah! What's that!? Donald: I can hear some shouting Donald: It's gunfire! I can hear guns! Donald: The police and the research team were over there Donald: What in the world... Donald: It's become quiet again Donald: I'm going to try to get as close as possible and see what's going on Yamucha: What the heck? Change the channel!! Donald: Wah!!! Donald: Help!!! Page 160 Trunks: His screams have ended Piccolo: Don't hog the fun for yourself Piccolo: Tell me everything you saw!! Piccolo: Hey!! Kami: Okay Piccolo: Good, what happened down there Page 161 I don't need to tell you Kami: After we rejoin you'll understand what I saw Piccolo: So you've come around at last Piccolo: It looks like you've seen some monster Kami: We must hurry Kami: We can't allow there be any more victims Piccolo: Good Piccolo: I'll be our base Piccolo: Okay! Kami: That's fine, you're younger and you are much stronger than I am Kami: I'll only power you up, and you'll benefit from my broader wisdom Page 162 Kami: Since you're going to be the base, place your hand on me Piccolo: Okay Mr. Popo: Kami-Sama!! Kami: Earth doesn't need a god right now Kami: It needs the strong Kami: Piccolo you've changed, you're evil heart has all but disappeared Kami: We probably won't split after we rejoin Kami: Thank you for everything... Kami: Mr. Popo Kami: HA!!!! Page 165 Mr. Popo: Farewell God, please don't die Page 166 Kamiccolo: I am no longer God nor Piccolo Kamiccolo: I'm a Namek-seijin who's forgotten his own name Kamiccolo: I'll be back Page 167 Walter: That is all that we've been getting from the scene Walter: All we know is that they've been involved in some event Kulilin: Are you saying it's the thing from the shed skin!? Trunks: Probably. That's what I think Trunks: it's not far Trunks: I... Trunks: I'm going to see for myself Yamucha: Hey! Kulilin: Stop it! Trunks: It'll be okay, I can become a Super Saiyajin Trunks: The only thing I fear are the artificial humans Kulilin: I...I guess you're right Gohan: I'm going too!!! Chi-Chi: Gohan!! Chi-Chi: I forbid it!! Page 168 Trunks: I can go by myself Trunks: Gohan, you and the rest need to stay here and protect Gokuh just in case the worst happens to me Trunks: Good-bye Trunks: I know pretty much where it is Page 169 Kamiccolo: So you've shown yourself, monster Bottom: Next Chapter 361 'The Mysterious Monster Appears at last!' Page 170 Kamiccolo: So you've shown yourself at last, monster Page 172 Hogg: He.... Hogg: Help me!!! Kamiccolo: Why does his 'ki' feel like that!? Kamiccolo: What does this mean!? Hogg: If you want money, I'll give you all you want. Just save me!!! Hogg: I'm the richest person in this town!! Hogg: Hey!! Hey you!! Page 173 Kamiccolo: I don't think that you'll be able to understand me but... Kamiccolo: Release him, even things like that deserve to live Page 175 Cell: You're going to be next... Cell: Arch Demon Piccolo!! Kamiccolo: How do you know my name!? What are you!!? Page 177 Kamiccolo: This is...!! Cell: I'm your brother Page 178 Kulilin: What's going on!? What is that 'ki?' Gohan: I feel Freeza's.... Gohan: ..Freeza's and Freeza's father's 'ki'... Page 179 Trunks: I feel Son Gokuh's 'ki' as well.... Trunks: And Piccolo's and father's too Yamucha: I feel it too Yamucha: But that's impossible, Freeza and his dad are dead... Gohan: Father's in the house Trunks: That's the direction... Kulilin: It's coming from the Ginger Town Trunks: I have to see what's going on now Trunks: I need to see what came out of that shell Page 180 Vegeta: What's is that!? Vegeta: That's impossible Tenshin-Han: I don't believe it!! Chaozu: Ten-san... Kamiccolo: Who are you really!? Kamiccolo: Tell me everything!! Page 181 Cell: I don't need to Cell: I'm going to be feasting on you soon Kamiccolo: I see, you don't want to talk Kamiccolo: If that's what you want... Kamiccolo: I'll just have to kill you without asking any more questions Cell: Ho ho ho, Arch Demon Piccolo, do you think that you can kill me? Kamiccolo: I don't know why you know Piccolo but... Page 183 Kamiccolo: However it's too bad... Kamiccolo: you're mistaken me for someone else Cell: What? Bottom: Book 30 'An Evil Premonition' The End 19
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