Dragon Ball Book 32 Draon Ball Book 32 Translated by Usagi North - A Division of Z-TV Enterprises Inside Front Cover: Recently I met an old friend. He pretty much said the following, "It looks like you put on some weight." He was right. I have gotten a little pudgy. I'm only 174 cm. [5'9"] but I weigh 73 kilograms [161 lbs]. It might not seem like much, but when I was younger my arms and legs, and chest and everything was on the skinny side so I really seem fat. If I don't exercise more, I wind up like the picture above. And I'll probably have to diet too. Sighhhhhh I ate too much again. Page 4 Cast of Characters: Son Gokuh Kulilin Bulma Son Gohan Page 5 Cell Artificial Humanoid #16 Trunks Vegita #18 #17 Synopsis of Previous Books This happened long, long ago. Seven balls, the Dragon Balls, that if collected will summon the Shen Ron [Dragon God] who can grant any one wish. Son Gokuh left his home on an adventure to collect all seven Dragon Balls. At the end of the adventure in order to avert having the wish used for evil purposes, the wish was used for a trivial matter. After the Shen Ron grants a wish, the dragon will not appear for at least a year. While waiting, Son Gokuh trained under Kame Sennin [The Turtle Sage.] He again searched for the Dragon Balls and became the champion at the Tenka Ichi Budokai [World's Best Martial Arts Competition.] Afterwards in an Apocalyptic battle fought over the Dragon Balls Gokuh transformed into a Super Saiyajin, the most powerful warrior in the universe. However, three years later, in the middle of a battle with some artificial humanoids Gokuh was felled because of a heart disease. Does Gokuh stand a chance against the more powerful artificial humans, and the "Ultimately Powerful" monster Cell...!? Page 6 Dragon Ball 32 Cell's Ultimate Form Completed!! Table of Contents Episode 374 Gokuh and Cell's First Confrontation 7 Episode 375 Vegita and Trunk Appear 22 Episode 376 Vegita has Confidence! 36 Episode 377 Son Gokuh and Son Gohan 50 Episode 378 Super Vegita 64 Episode 379 Is it Completed!? Cell's Ultimate Form 78 Episode 380 Run Away!! Number 18 92 Episode 381 Vegeta's Curiosity Saves Cell 106 Episode 382 The Ultimate Form Completed!! 120 Episode 383 The Situation Reverses!! 134 Episode 384 Vegeta's Determined Secret Measures 148 Episode 385 Trunks Opening Moves 162 Cover Page Special Collection XXXI 177 Page 7 Episode 374 'Gokuh and Cell's First Confrontation' Page 8 #18: This is our chance, let's go!! Tenshin-Han: HA.. HA.. Page 9 Tenshin-Han: HA.. HA.. Gokuh: Stop it!! I told you to stop it!! Gokuh: Don't use the Kikoho!! Page 10 Tenshin-Han: HA... Tenshin-Han: Huh uh huh huh uh Page 11 Cell: Hmmm Cell: Shit Cell: He must've gotten away Cell: Huh...? Page 12 Cell: Bastard! Tenshin-Han wasn't much, but he did get in the way. Cell: It looks like he's going to die anyway but... I'll vaporize him anyway. Page 13 Cell: Son Gokuh!!! Gokuh: So you're Cell. Cell: I wonder how he got here. Gokuh: The way I am now, no matter what I do I won't be able to win. Page 14 Gokuh: Just wait one day!! Gokuh: And I'll be able to beat you myself!! Cell: Ha ha ha...I must have misunderstood you. Cell: Did you say you could beat me in a day? Gokuh: Yes Gokuh: Huh? Page 15 Gokuh: It's Piccolo's spirit!! Piccolo's still alive!! Cell: What? Gokuh: Hang on. Gokuh: Here he is. Page 16 Cell: How did he move like that? Cell: In that instant Gokuh: You two are going to be okay! Gokuh: After we get back to God's Temple I'll give you some Senzu I got from Kalin. Cell: Are you trying to escape!? Cell: I won't let you! Page 17 Cell: Huh?? Cell: He disappeared!! That's an odd technique. Cell: When did Son Gokuh learn that? Page 18 Cell: First I have to catch #18, it doesn't matter what happens to Son Gokuh now. Cell: She's with the disabled #16, and couldn't have gotten that far. Page 19 Kulilin: It's Bulma!!! Bulma: Ahhh Bulma: Kililin-kun Kulilin: I was trying to get the remote control to shut down #18, so I flew here. Bulma: Okay Bulma: Here it is. Page 20 Kulilin: So this is the controller. Bulma: You have to be closer to her than 10 meters or it won't work. Kulilin: Only 10 meters, that's close. Bulma: Also... Bulma: I made some battle suits like Vegita asked for everyone. Will you give the suits to everyone? Kulilin: The people who need the suits are with Gokuh. Kulilin: They should be at God's Temple now, so will you take the suits to them? Bulma: God's Temple... That's right above Kalin Tower, isn't it? Kulilin: Yes Bulma: Okay, I'll do it. Just be sure to destroy the artificial humanoid, okay. Page 21 Piccolo: Cell's gotten unbelievably strong. To tell you the truth I don't any of us have a chance. Piccolo: That's my opinion. Mr. Po Po: Hey! Trunks and Vegita came out of the room!! Gokuh: Really!? Bottom of Page: Next, in Episode 375 Vegita and Trunks attack! Page 22 Trunks: I sorry we kept you waiting. Gokuh: we've been expecting you. Trunks: After 2 months in the room, it looks like Vegita overcame the Super Saiyajin's limitations, but... Trunks: it took us until now before he got proficient in using it. Page 23 Vegita: Trunks! Vegita: Don't waste words on them. Gokuh: Did it go as planned. Vegita: You'll see. Vegita: If you go in that room and train, you'll just be wasting your time. Vegita: I'll clean up this mess by myself, Cell and the artificial humanoids. Piccolo: What !? Gokuh: I just checked out that thing after it sucked in number 17 Gokuh: It's become an incredible monster. Page 24 Bulma: Hello ! Is everyone here? Gohan: That's Bulma's voice. Bulma: There you are. Gokuh: Bulma, why'd you come here? Bulma: Kulilin told me everyone was here. Bulma: So I came. Bulma: Huh!? Page 25 Bulma: What the heck? Bulma: Aren't you Trunks? Trunks: Uhhh, Ya Bulma: Why'd you change your hair style!? Is it a wig!? Trunks: Uhhhhh Bulma: Ohhh, You've gotten taller too! Trunks: There's a mystical room here, a year in there is only a day in the outside. Trunks: My father and were training in there. Bulma: Really Bulma: But Vegeta's hair hasn't grown at all. Vegita: A pure Saiyajin's hair once it's fully grown doesn't go through any bizarre transformations. Bulma: Heee Gokuh: Really? I guess that's how it is with me too... Vegita: We shouldn't be standing around talking about things that don't matter! Vegita: Why in hell did you come here? Page 26 Bulma: Oh ya, you know the battle armor you asked me to make for you, it was so good I decided to make one for everyone. Gokuh: This is a lot lighter than I thought it'd be. Gohan: I wore this armor on the planet Namek so it's like meeting an old friend. Bulma: Aren't you going to wear one? Piccolo: I don't think I could stomach wearing wearing the same clothes that the Sayajin and Freezer's gang wore. Page 27 Gokuh: You shouldn't be so picky. Gokuh: It's a lot easier to move in than it looks. Vegita: I told you before it doesn't matter if you wear those clothes or not, you're not going to have a chance to act. Gokuh: Because you're going to defeat Cell. Gokuh: That'd be the best solution. Vegita: Are you going? Gokuh: I'll take you there with my instantaneous movement. Page 28 Vegita: Don't be an idiot, I won't borrow your strength. Page 29 Bulma: Why doesn't he let anyone help him? Trunks: Well, I'd better get going. Gokuh: Just a second. Gokuh: Here's your and Vegeta's share of the Senzu. Trunks: Thank you. Gokuh: Do your best but don't do anything stupid. If it gets dangerous it's okay to run away. Trunks: Thanks for everything. Good luck with your training. Bulma: Whatever you do don't die. Bulma: Okay Page 30 Gokuh: Ready Gohan? Gokuh: Now it's this father son team's turn to train. Gohan: Yeah Page 32 Cell: At the speed they were going, they couldn't have gotten away. Cell: And since I don't see them... Cell: They're probably hiding on one of the islands around here. Page 33 Cell: That's okay with me. Cell: CAN YOU HERE ME #18, SHOW YOURSELF. IF YOU DON'T SHOW YOURSELF I'LL DESTROY THESE ISLANDS ONE AT A TIME!!!! Page 34 Cell: YOU'RE PROBABLY THINKING I DON'T DARE KILL YOU BECAUSE I WON'T BE ABLE TO ASSUME MY ULTIMATE FORM!!! Cell: BUT YOUR WRONG! I'D LIKE TO GET MY ULTIMATE FORM BUT EVEN AS I AM NOW THERE IS NO ONE ON THIS PLANET THAT CAN STAND AGAINST ME!!! Man: What the hell was that loud voice? Man: It sounded like it was coming from up in the air somewhere. Page 35 #18: Asshole! #16: Don't worry number 18, he won't destroy you... #16: H..He wants to get his ultimate form more than you can imagine. Bottom of the page: Next in Episode 376 Vegita has Confidence! Page 36 Cell: Come out! Cell: Show yourself!! Cell: So she's not going to show herself. Cell: She's making this hard on me. Cell: Idiot Page 37 Cell: Well, let's start with that island. Person1: Isn't that where that loud voice is coming from? Person2: Huh? Person3: Why is it floating in the air? Person4: It''s a demon!! Cell: Suuuuuuu Page 38 Person: What!? Page 40 Cell: I guess she wasn't on that island. Cell: I'M GOING TO THE NEXT ISLAND. DO YOU STILL WANT TO TRY AND HIDE? Cell: THE ISLAND YOU'RE ON IS GOING TO GET DESTROYED ALONG WITH YOU!! #18: What should we o number 16? He's started blowing up the islands. Page 41 #16: You don't need to worry number 18, he's not attacking hard enough to hurt you. #16: It looks like he wants to suck you in. #18: Even if I survive there's no way you will. #16: Why does Cell want to get his ultimate form this badly? #16: He should be invincible already, there shouldn't be any one in the universe able to stand up to him.... Maybe he just wants to get ultimate power. Page 42 Vegita: He's started off flashy enough. Page 43 Vegita: Nya: Page 44 #18: He's gotten as far as the neighboring island. #16: He's just looking for people trying to escape, if you stay here you'll survive. #18: Ku:!!! Page 45 Cell: They're not showing themselves... They should be around here somewhere. They should know it'd be useless to hide under water. Cell: I'll just have to destroy this whole area. Page 47 Cell: You're... Cell: Vegita!! Vegita: Yeah and you're Cell... Vegita: Go down!! #18: Vegita Page 48 Cell: Why did you come all this way? Cell: It couldn't be to tell me some dumb joke like you're going to defeat me. Vegita: I didn't come to defeat you, I'm going to rip you into so many shreds that no one will even remember you. Cell: You're going to do that to me? Vegita: It was a big shock to me to learn that my genes were used to make an ugly monster like you. Vegita: I wish a better job had been done. #18: He's stupid!! #18: He couldn't do anything to me, why's he think he has a chance against Cell? Page 49 Cell: I see, you have someone to help you. Cell: It doesn't matter how many of you attack me, should we wait for more to arrive? Vegita: He's just here to watch. Vegita: I'm should be sufficient. At least to beat you. Bottom of the Page: Son Gokuh and Son Gohan Page 50 Cell: What do you mean, you're good enough to beat me? Cell: and to rip me to shred. Vegita: That's what I said do you have a problem with that? Cell: No, no problem. It was just so stupid sounding I couldn't believe my ears. Page 51 #18: He's right Vegita should stand no chance against Cell. #18: This is probably a good time to escape. #16: Wait... We shouldn't move until after the fight has begun. #16: But it's strange, Vegita fighting strength is a lot higher than it was before. #18: Huh? #18: There's no way it could have changed that fast. Before when he was fighting us he couldn't even get out of my grip. Vegita: Take a good look Cell! Vegita: I'm going to wipe that dumb grin of your ugly face. Page 52 Trunks: Is he going to "Change"... Trunks: already? Vegita: Haaaaaa Page 53 Cell: Hmm Hmm Page 54 Piccolo: It's begun Piccolo: His "Ki" is getting stronger by the second. Teshin-Han: That's a powerful "Ki." Page 55 Gohan: Everything's pure white. Gohan: My body's gotten heavy, it's hot and it's hard to breathe. Gokuh: As soon as the door was close the outside world was completely shut out. Gokuh: See, you can't feel Vegita or Cell's "Ki" Gokuh: On the left is the bath and the toilet and over there is the kitchen. Gokuh: And if you look in front of us you'll see why I stand being here after only a month, when I was a kid. Page 56 Gohan: Ahhhh Gohan: What happened!? Gohan: We should be in that room, how'd it get so big? Gohan: And there's nothing here. Gokuh: It's supposed to be the same size as the Earth. Gokuh: If you go to far away from here you might get lost and die. Gokuh: The bad thing is the temperature ranges from 50 degrees (122 F) to minus 40 degrees. Gokuh: And in this pure white world the air pressure's only a quarter of what it is on the earth's surface, and the gravity is 10 times the Earth's. Gohan: We're going to spend a year here? Gokuh: Let's begin training, we didn't come here to play. Gokuh: First we have to change you into a Super Saiyajin. Page 57 Gohan: A Super Saiyajin... Me? Gohan: Do you think I can do it? Gokuh: Of course, you're part Saiyajin. Gokuh: Anyway, we can't really start training until after you become a Super Saiyajin. Gohan: I'll probably get in the way of your training. Gokuh: Yeah at first. Gokuh: But after you become a Super Saiyajin, you'll help my training a lot. Gokuh: That's my plan. Gokuh: I want to overcome the limitations of the Super Saiyajin, and become stronger than anyone else. Gokuh: But I want you to become even stronger than me. Gohan: Huh!? Gohan: You do !? Page 58 Gokuh: Of course! Gokuh: I sure you can do it. Gohan: Really? Gohan: But Trunks said that in the future, even though I was a Super Saiyajin, the artificial humanoids killed me. Gokuh: What are you talking about? Our world's already a lot different than Trunk's world. Gokuh: But even so, the future you didn't train in this room did he? Page 59 Piccolo: He's still getting stronger! Page 61 Vegita: Haaaaa! Page 62 Cell: Ehhhh? Bottom of Page: Next Episode 378 Super Vegita Page 63 Bottom Chapter 378 Super Vegeta Page 65 Vegita: You can do better than... Vegita: Cell Cell: So, you can fight a little. Page 68 Kulilin: That's it!!! Kulilin: That incredibly large 'ki' belongs to Vegeta!! Kulilin: It's even bigger than Cell impossibly large 'ki' Kulilin: What's going on? Page 69 Kulilin: Is that the result of the place Gokuh told us about, where you can train a years worth in just a day Kulilin: I have to go look #18: I don't believe it #18: This is... #16: Strange Page 70 Cell: It looks like he wants me to get serious Page 71 Vegeta: I thought you already were serious Vegeta: But if you're not, go ahead. Don't worry about me Page 72 Gokuh: No, that's not it. You're just making you 'ki' larger Gokuh: The first thing you have to do to become a Super Saiyajin is to use your anger Gokuh: Get angry! Really mad! Gohan: That's easier said than done Gohan: I can't get angry like that Gokuh: That's it! Gokuh: Imagine me or Piccolo getting killed by Cell Gohan: I've never seen Cell Gokuh: It doesn't matter, imagine Freeza doing it then Page 73 Gohan: Darn you Gohan: I couldn't do it Gokuh: I wasn't expecting you to change that easily. It took me and Vegeta a lot of hard training Gokuh: Don't be disappointed, you've made a good start Page 74 Vegeta: Your fighting strength has gone up a lot Vegeta: But it won't make any difference Trunks: It looks like father's going to win Page 75 Kulilin: That really is Vegeta Kulilin: And the other one is Cell Page 76 Vegeta: I thought that was as good as you could do Vegeta: It looks like I trained too hard and got too strong Page 77 Cell: That's impossible Cell: You're Vegeta aren't you, am I wrong!? Vegeta: You're not wrong Vegeta: I'm now.... Vegeta: Super Vegeta!! Bottom: Next Chapter 379 Achieved!? Cell's Perfect Form Page 78 Cell: Super Vegeta!? Cell: What's that!? Vegeta: It'd be too much bother for me to explain it Vegeta: I'll let you imagine what it could be Vegeta: You should worry more about what's going to happen to you Vegeta: With all your might Page 79 Kulilin: Cell's changed a lot since last time Kulilin: Has he achieved his Perfect Form!! Kulilin: We went to all this work for nothing!! Cell: I... Cell: I won't.... Cell: I won't let this happen!!! Page 84 Kulilin: Incredible Kulilin: They can't possibly be that strong Kulilin: he's even gotten larger, is that the new Vegeta? Page 85 Kulilin: Is that Trunks!? Kulilin: I wonder if he's gotten that strong too Kulilin: Gokuh and Gohan.... Kulilin: ...are gone....why? Kulilin: It's the Artificial Humans!!! Kulilin: Why are they there!? Page 86 Kulilin: What's going on? Kulilin: Haven't Cell, Vegeta or Trunks noticed them yet? Bulma: This won't work unless you're closer than 10 meter to them Kulilin: Okay Kulilin: I'm going to turn off the Artificial Humans Page 87 Kulilin: Since the Artificial Humans are still here, then Cell hasn't gotten his perfect form Kulilin: The male, #17 is gone. Cell must have absorbed him and got stronger Page 88 Vegeta: Now I'll tell you something that'll really shock you Vegeta: That guys name is Trunks....He's not quit as strong as I am but he's pretty close Page 89 Vegeta: It looks like you've shown me as strong as you can get Vegeta: I'm disappointed! I was hoping to find a really strong opponent here Page 90 Vegeta: It'd be silly of me to kill you now cell: Damn it!! Cell: Damn you!!! Page 91 Cell: If only... Cell: If only I had my perfect form!!! Cell: I'd never loose to someone like you!! Kulilin: I've got to get to within 10 meters of them Kulilin: !0 meters.... Bottom: Next Chapter 380 Escape #18!!! Cell: Damn it!! Page 93 Vegeta: So you're saying that if you got your perfect form... Vegeta: ...that you wouldn't lose to me? Cell: That right! I wouldn't lose to anyone!! Cell: I'd have perfect power! Perfect speed! A perfect brain! Perfect reflexes! I'd be perfect in all ways! Cell: That's what the computer told me!! Page 95 #18: Incredible! #18: Was he trying to make us think he was weak when he fought us?> #16: That would have had no meaning #16: What's happened in these past few days Kulilin: Only a little farther until I'm 10 meters away from him Page 96 Kulilin: Okay Page 97 Vegeta: Are you saying that even though there is this big of a difference between us, you'd beat me if you got your perfect form? Page 98 Cell: How many times do you want me to repeat myself Cell: of course I could beat you trunks: Father couldn't possibly... Page 99 Kulilin: If I don't use this controller to stop #18 and destroy, she'll be absorbed by Cell Kulilin: I think I can destroy her, #16 can barely move Kulilin: This is my only chance Page 100 #18: You! Page 101 #18: That was an emergency shut off controller #18: Why did he break it? Cell: It looks like you're thinking it over Cell: How about it Vegeta. You're a member of the Warrior race of Saiyajin. You love to fight Cell: But the stronger your opponent is, the more you enjoy the fight Cell: Well? Am I wrong? Cell: Wouldn't you love to fight me!? Cell: After I achieve my perfect form? Page 102 Vegeta: Impressive! You know a lot about us Saiyajin Vegeta: I'll fall for your trick. Go ahead, get your perfect form Trunks: Dad!! Vegeta: There would be no glory in my defeating you like this Vegeta: I'm looking forward to it Cell!! Page 103 Trunks: Even though dad's going to let you get away, I won't Vegeta: Trunks, stay out of this Page 104 Kulilin: Bulma went to a lot of trouble for this controller. I'm sorry Kulilin: Escape!! Kulilin: Whatever happens don't let yourself be absorbed by Cell #18: Why!? Why did you destroy that? You had a chance to use it didn't you Kulilin: You see... Cell: Vegeta, do something about this Page 105 Cell: Number 18!!! Cell: I found her!!! Bottom: Next Chapter 381 Vegeta's Curiosity. He helps Cell Page 106 Cell: I've found you #18!!! Cell: So that's where you were hiding!! Page 107 Trunks: Those are the Artificial Humans, Kulilin's with them!! Trunks: They haven't noticed us!!! Page 108 Trunks: Hey!!! Trunks: Cell's found you!!!! Vegeta: What!? Page 109 Kulilin: Crap!!! Page 110 Trunks: I won't let you get your perfect form!!! Page 111 Vegeta: I see Vegeta: We were lucky the Artificial Humans were there Vegeta: Stay out of the way Trunks!! Page 114 #18: Damn you!! Cell: Don't be foolish #18, there's nothing you can do Cell: Vegeta's helping me achieve my perfect form Kulilin: Damn that Vegeta Page 115 Trunks: Dad's mistaken, I can't let him get his perfect form Trunks: What will you do if he gets stronger than us? Trunks: Humph Vegeta: Wimp, don't you want to see how strong he can get? Trunks: I don't! Trunks: I've had enough of a hellish futures Page 116 Trunks: Even if I have to beat my dad Trunks: I'll stop him from getting his perfect form Vegeta: You're going to beat me? Vegeta: I don't think you could even attack your father Page 118 Cell: Tai-You-Ken!!!! Kulilin: Crap!!! 318: MY EYES!!! Page 119 Kulilin: Stop it!!! #16: Number 18!!! Trunks: Crap!! Vegeta: Damn, Trunks really did it Vegeta: Hmm!? Vegeta: Cell's going to advance Vegeta: At last we'll see his perfect form!! Bottom: Next Chapter 382 Perfection Achieved!!! Page 121 Vegeta: At last he's going to transform into his perfect form Vegeta: Don't disappoint me this time Trunks: Damn you!! Trunks: We have to kill him now!! Page 123 Trunks: Crap Page 124 Vegeta: Are you finished? Page 125 Piccolo: Cell's achieved his perfect form Bulma: Didn't Kulilin use the controller I made? Piccolo: Kulilin crushed the controller himself Page 126 Bulma: Why? Piccolo: I don't know Piccolo: Damn you Vegeta!! Piccolo: This is your fault! Page 127 Gokuh: Way to go Gohan, you did it!! Gokuh: you've become a Super Saiyajin! Gokuh: Stay like that! Just release your excitement! Gokuh: A little at a time! Gohan: It's too hard father Gokuh: What are you talking about, all you have to do, is a little at a time Gokuh: Let's take a little break, I'll cut your hair. It's getting too long Page 130 Vegeta: not very impressive for a 'perfect form' Kulilin: Damn him!! Kulilin: How dare he do that to #18!! Trunks: Kulilin!! Page 131 Crap!!! Kulilin: That's impossible... Page 133 Bottom: Next Chapter 383 The Situation Reverses Page 134 Trunks: Kulilin!!! Page 135 Trunks: Hang in there!! Trunks: Kulilin!!! Trunks: Here's a senzu? Can you eat it? Trunks: Please eat it!! Page 136 Vegeta: Are you glad that you can defeat that kind of trash? Vegeta: It's just like I thought, even your perfect form is nothing special Cell: I'm sorry Cell: Will you help me warm up? Page 137 All right Vegeta: I kill you in that 'warm up' Trunks: Thank goodness, Kulilin!! Trunks: That was close, I was afraid you were going to die Kulilin: This is bad Kulilin: Vegeta's going to get killed Trunks: Eh!? Kulilin: Although I'm nothing compared to you Saiyajin... Page 138 Kulilin: but I can figure out how strong my opponent is. I know how terrible he is... Kulilin: It was just a slap to him, but I know how strong he is Page 139 Kulilin: the 'ki' we feel now is just a ruse Kulilin: He's hiding a lot more strength than that Kulilin: Just like you.... Kulilin: Trunks Trunks: So you knew Page 140 Kulilin: Vegeta's too stubborn to realize it, but I knew Kulilin: That you were holding something back from Vegeta Kulilin: You've overcome a limit that Vegeta wasn't able to overcome Kulilin: Am I wrong? Page 142 Trunks: Father was able to overcome the Super Saiyajin barrier Trunks: That's why he has that incredibly powerful form Trunks: But I was able to overcome even that form's limits!! Trunks: I think that's what Gokuh was talking about when he said I realized something Trunks: But I can't say that to my dad Trunks: I can't tell that to my prod father Trunks: Dad should have taken out Cell while he had the chance Page 144 #16: Cell has certainly gotten much stronger #16: But Vegeta is still more powerful Vegeta: damn you!! Vegeta: You're not even fighting seriously Cell: That's why I said this was a warm up fight Page 145 #16: What!? Vegeta: Fight me as hard as you can!! Vegeta: You've pissed me off by treating me like this!!!! Cell: Okay, but just a little Page 146 Vegeta: Wha.... Page 147 Cell: So that's what a Super Vegeta is like Kulilin: Aren't you going to help him with your hidden power? Trunks: Dad would rather get killed by Cell, than be helped by me or Gokuh. He's like that Bottom: Next Chapter 384 Vegeta's Obstinate Plan Page 148 Cell: What's wrong? What happened to your enthusiasm? Cell: Cheer up Vegeta Page 151 Cell: Am I going to have to give you back you words about there being too much difference between us for this to be an interesting fight? Kulilin: What are you doing Trunks? If you don't help him now, he really will die!!! Trunks: When dad get's knocked out, then I'll help him Trunks: That way he won't have to know that I'm stronger than he is Page 152 Kulilin: Let's hope he gets knocked out before he gets killed Cell: You know what's going to happen if you do that #16, so stop it Cell: You're nothing more than worthless trash now Page 154 Trunks: Dad!! Kulilin: What's he going to do!? Page 155 Vegeta: CELL!!!! Vegeta: Have you gotten perfect enough to take this dead on!! Vegeta: That'd be impossible!! You're just a coward!!! Trunks: He's challenging Cell.... Trunks: ...not to dodge his attack Kulilin: That's not funny! Is he really going to use that technique on the surface of the Earth !!? Page 156 Trunks: Stop it!! Trunks: Do you want to destroy the Earth!! Kulilin: Get outta her Trunks!!! Vegeta: Final Flash!!!!! Page 158 Cell: Oh no!! Page 160 Kulilin: We're alive!! Trunks: Dad did it! He made the attack smaller Vegeta: Does that answer you Page 161 Vegeta: Take that bastard! Bottom: Next Chapter 385 'Trunks Starts to Move' Page 163 Cell: I lost Kulilin: He did it!! Trunks: He really did it!! Page 164 Cell: I can't believe this happened Cell: not to my perfect self!! Cell: damn you!! Page 165 Cell: You're a fool for laughing Cell: Have you forgotten that I have Piccolo's blood as well Page 166 Cell: Are you disappointed? Kulilin: No way!! Cell: Well then Cell: Shall I kill you now? Page 167 Shit! Page 173 Kulilin: He's no longer a Super Saiyajin!! Kulilin: He's lost consciousness, but he's dead Page 174 Cell: You're slow, he's still alive Cell: I'll put you out of your misery now Vegeta Kulilin: Now's your only chance Trunks!! Kulilin: Change into that super Super Saiyajin now!! Kulilin: Hey Trunks: Okay Page 175 Bottom: Cell's Perfect Form Completed (The End)
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